Wednesday, 6 March 2013



Dil mein ek armaan hai... 
Sapney palkon pey hain jagi
Ki kabhi tho hogi woh subah
Jab yeh dil ki bujhegi lagi

Bachpan beetha kaisey
Hum jaan hi na paaye aisey
ki jab waqt aaya woh!!! tab mila humey ek gulab ka phool

Maa ney chodaa hath humaara
thaamey hum Pappa ki ungli
Khushi ko sath na tha gawaara
tho humesha woh humsey karthi chugli

Behthi hui Reva mein humney bahayaa aasun anmol
saath Maa key yaadon key... ek gulab ka phool

Jab thaami humney Bapu ki ungli aur socha thodha man behley
jhat sey ruk gayi zindagi do kadam bhi naa chali...
Suraj dhalgaya, Khushi ka savera honey se pehley
hum phir nikalpadey wahi gali
aagey badhthey gayein ...sab kuch bhool
thaamey huye yaadon ka ek gulab ka phool

Jaisey humney hosh sambhala
zindagi ne yahi samjhaya
Humesha sath rahega joh!
Bus baney ummeed humaari woh!!

Koyi na aaya bus hum chalthey gaye
yoohin soone raasthey pey
jispey tha sirf dhool
aur sath humaarey ...yadon ka gulaab ka phool

Ab armaan naye dil mein hai jaagey
bus koi hai jo apna laagey
Ummeed is qadar tha unpey
per woh issey pehle key sach baney
rehgaye humari yaad baney...

tho un yaadon ko woh bhaley hi jaaye bhool
hum neh thai kiya rehjaayien hum banke kisikey yadon ka gulab ka phool!!!

Barson beethey per humey na aaya nazar
jahaan hum rahey chain sey- woh manzar

Khushi ki jhoomey bahaar
aur apna ho ghar parivar
Hum akeley bhaley hamesha
key jo sath chaley woh banjaaye tamasha
Koi nahi bath agar na banpaaye kisikey hum
chalthey jayengey jab taq jaan mein hai dum

kaheen hamari reh gayeen duniya banthey banthey
bikhri hui zindagi humney sameta hasthey hasthey
Arman banien hai pankhuri aur junoon humaara rang lal 
hum nahi tho kya! chod jaa rahein hai yeh nishaan bemisaal

saath apne rakhna yeh humaara tohfa anmol
humaarey ummedonka bus ek yeh gulaab ka phool

Arnav read again ... the pink paper which was obviously torn from a diary was in khushi's hand writing and something fell as he opened it and he bent down to pick a dried rose with a long stalk and leaf! It appeared quite old!


"yeh leo babua samhalo apni sanka Rani ko humey khaneka bandobasth bhi tho karna hai!"
Buaji said coming out of teh Laad Governor ki kothi!
( Here! Please take care of your queen of the crazy kingdom as I need to go take care of dinner preparations)

Buaji went till the passage door and came back and Arnav looked at her inquisitively!
Buaji held his face in her palm and asked very softly with tear filled eyes..." sab theek tho ho jayega na babua?"
( Everything is going to be alright! Isn't it?)

Arnav felt bad! He simply put an arm round her and said "Haan buaji don't you worry!"
( Yeah! Don't worry).

"Ka sey hai ki... humri bhateeji jab sei aayi hai kuch naahi khaawat hain! Aur usey tho muskuraaye dekh key arsaa hui gawa bitua!"
( Its like this that... ever sice she came my neice has not eaten properly and Its been ages since I saw her smile).

"Meri bacchiko nazar lag gayi hain kisiki!"She then looked at him sharply and said seriously...
"Babua... woh tumsey bahuth prem karthi hain!"
( My child had been cast with an evil eye!... she loves you a lot son).

"Aap ko kaisey patha?" Arnav asked her with bated breath!
( How do you know?)

"In aankhoun ney bahut kuch dekhaa hai! Woh tabhi jeethi hain jab tum houthey ho! Ee char hafthey padi rahi laash ki tarah koi koney mein! Kisi ka kounu hosh nahi hain pagaliya ko" she said as tears rolled down her eyes.
( She is alive only when you are around! These four weeks that she was here, she was just like a zoombie with no idea as to what was happening to the world!)

"Ab my aagaya hun na Buaji!" he assured her!
( I am there now! So not to worry!)

"wahi tho!!! Oo ka sanak aur chad jayee hain Babua! Bahuth ziddi hain aur sabka bhalaa sochthi hai par apney baarey mein nahi! Tum ooko saath leney aaye hou na babua? she asked expectantly!
( Exactly! since you are here she will be crazier! She is very stubborn! She thinks for everyone but for her own self! Have you come to take her back to shanthivan?)

"Haan Buaji" (yes) he said firmly! "Per aapki madad ki zaroorath padegi!!"( But... I may need your help) he added!

"Hum tumrey saath hai babua! Kaunu chintaa karo nahi!" ( Don't worry! I am with you) She assured him.
Arnav looked at Khushi who now had been changed into a light blue lehenga and choli and Buaji had wrapped her in a blanket!

"Accha Babua hum khaneki thayyari karthey hain aur ...Hai Reh Nandkishore bolna tho bhool hi gaye! OO key kapdey jahaan taq hue pehnaye ka hai ki yeh hath wajan uthaa nahi paayyein hain! Baaqi ka zara sambhaal lena" and she left as Arnav stared open mouthed at her!
( I shall get dinner ready... And i forgot to tell you that I managed how much ever I could in chnaging her I could not take her weight! Just see to the rest!)

She was with high fever he checked her out and sat besides her on the bed leaning on to the head board and  looked at her sideways! Even in sleep her chin stood prominent! A smile played on his lips and he turned and adjusted her head and her hair was wet and since it was thick and very long it wouldn't dry and that meant more trouble!

He held her and lifted her slightly from waist up with both his hands round her and spread her hair up on the pillow with his right hand and as he turned to grab a cushion, his eyes went to the head board and he realised that her blouse was not secure and was gaping open!There was a mirror on to the head board as well as the side walls of the room and he just imagined Khushi's wrath if she came to know he was admiring what he was at that time!!!She was exquisite and her skin soft to his touch with her back bent in an uneven angle and he admired her beauty open mouthed and cursed when he realised what he was doing!

Her back was beautifully toned tapering into a tiny waist! so slender that it just fitted into his splayed hand!!! He shook his head trying to shake off the heady feeling that overtook him inspite of their situation! They were at logger heads and she was sick damnit! For crying out loud!!!!!!.... and he was leering like a.... Good God! Rani saa was something! She had a penchant for extracting the unexpected from him!

Khushi squirmed because of the inconvenient posture she was in and it was only natural for her to put both his arms round him!
Arnav immediately put her down and spread her hair on the pillow to dry! But he was locked now! He just tried to free himself and could not because of the odd angle!His back gave way and he jerked up and back to free the cramp in his back and Khushi opened her eyes ...

Arnav saw red eyes stare at him steadily and he knew she was delirious with fever and said "Khushi? pani piyogi?" ( Khushi? do you want some water?)

She simply looked at him and snuggled more -sighing!!!!... and then weakly lifted her head and touched her middle and index finger's to his face tentatively touching his cheek as if to test something and then touching his lips, blabbered... "subah hothey hi chaley jaayengey aap"( You leave as soon as its morning!) which seemed more like a statement than question and befor he answered she adjusted her face in the crook of his neck and shivered!

"Khushi!" He called her! she did not respond! He could feel her hot skin against him through his thin shirt and he tried again to pull her hair up by his right elbow and lower her on the bed but she held on to him tight and said "nahi!"
He tried again but she wouldn't allow him to free her at all!!! In the end, Arnav rested along with her and slowly eased to his side still tightly locked in her arms!

Arnav was exhausted and sleep took over! When he woke it was a few hours later!
"NandKishore! Yeh Ladki tho..."( This girl!!!)Buaji exclaimed walking in with a thali and some maid, who was holding a trolly laden with food...

"SHHHHHH!!!! "He silenced Buaji saying,"Koi bath nahi buaji! Let her sleep!

Mujhey Bhook nahi hain aur usko ithna bukhaar hai ki woh kuch khaane sey rahi! He shooed Buaji off!

The skies had cleared but a nippy wind blew and Arnav covered Khushi and looked at her sleeping snugly against him! She looked very innocent... child like and he thought who would imagine such a brave and stubborn  woman inside such a young and innocent lady!!!


A woman walked into her room and said ram ram Rani Saa! aukaath humaari tho naa hai per boley hai ki aap jaldi hi chotu baba sey byah karney thayyar ho jao ji varna abhi jo dus minute mein hone waala hai uska badaa asar aapke Rajaa saa per hoga! Ye deney ke liye humey bhejo hai... aur... she gave Khushi a package and she walked away even before Khusi asked her anything!

Khushi opened the packet and she found a white sari and a red bridal set complete with teh maang teeka!!! And the phone rang and Aman told her there had been an accident and ....

HHHHMmmm!!!! She just got up with a jerk but she could not completely get up cause there was something heavy across her waist... that prevented her from getting up by the sheer weight of it!

she turned and froze as Arnav Singh Raizada was next to her in deep sleep! His right hand was round her waist and tucked beneath her splayed on her belly was his left hand!!!!

Khushi closed her eyes and opemned them again willing for her hallucination to go away but it was sill there! He was still there!
Khushi was so closely wrapped into him that she could not move her head much and as she tried to move she realised she was locked in his arms and not only that her clothes, the duvet she was wrapped in were a mess and were all over him and he over them!

She was sweating profusely and realised the temperature was coming down and his shirt was getting wet coz of her! She could not ease herself how much ever she tried! She gave up and gaped at him! How handsome he looked and how very warm it felt in his arms! no wonder women loved him So!!! He was charming and had a natural attraction to his persona! Who would have thought that such a lion hearted man would have such narrow outlook about life and love! She gingerly put her palm to his chest and tried to push him and realised it was futile as she with her strength can't even move him an inch! However she had the childish urge to check his heart beat! She muttered Arnav singh Raizada key seeney mein chalne waala dil hai Dhadakneywaaala nahi!!!Khushi was fascinated by his eyelashes and she dozed off staring at them!!!

A sudden clanking of a utensil somewhere... and the birds chirping woke Khushi and she was disoriented as her head throbbed with the aftermath of fever and she realised she again had temperature although not as high as before! Her whole body ached! She moved a little and then realised suddenly that Arnav was in bed with her the last time she opened her eyes! She turned and came face to face with Arnav who was staring at her! She immediately force closed her eyes and got a "Good Morning Khushi and don't bother myney Dekha hai ki tum jaag chuki ho!!!" from him!

( Good morning and Don't bother! I know you are awake!)

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Anonymous said...

nice update...
waiting to see how Arnav would make up for what he said before his trip..

GoldenHaze said...

you just watch....:_)

GoldenHaze said...

you just watch....:_)

Pihu gupta said...

Like it very much.keep it up

GoldenHaze said...

hey thanks... do read Vaishali...

kars said...

Nice update!

Unknown said...

nice update.thanks for the pm...hope khushi doesnt remain stubborn have such a nice writing skills

tanmay said...

amazing di...

he poem is urs naa... its too gd :)
i love this arnav.. ASR cant even match him, nt event he earlier arnav :) he fr nw seems to b the best :)

hope he remains the same.. n doesnt hv another relapse :) :)

n my dearest darling khushi.. pls b ready.. arnav seems all prepared, mentally n emotionally too .. fr once.. to tk u off the gnds n place u delicately rt whr u belong :)

waiting fr the next..

GoldenHaze said...

Hey thanks guys... thanks Geetha and Kartiki and Thanu yeah I wrote the poem for this update... glad u liked it

aquariuslp said...

Loved it!!! Wonderful update. I hope at least arnav has an idea hw khushi feels abt him...

Parramjit said...

Hey loved it.. also commented on IF... love rani saa and her raja saa very much... looking forward to see how their relation grow..

Lakshmi said...

Hey!!! Nice one will be an interesting hide and seek between these two...keep going....

Unknown said...

wonderful update.

Unknown said...

Just wonderful.

Unknown said...

Anu, this is another spectacular update. I love how Khushi clutched onto her hubby for dear life and didn't let him go. For once, Arnav was forced to obey his wife and not the other way around. I thought he would be rejoicing after knowing that his wife desired close proximity with him and yet the gentlemen in him wanted to get out of this situation. Khushi was so adorable when she listened to her hubby's heartbeat again and then fell asleep. She says that she wants to stay away from Arnav yet her subconscious in not willing to let go of him.

Unknown said...

hey anu dis is a cute update i liked it very much arnav is very cute n adorable update it soon

Unknown said...

loveddddddddddddddddddddddd itttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

dont stop from pminggggggg meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Unknown said...

Poor Khushi..She might have thought that Arnav is a vision that would just disappear in the morning. How can anybody live with such insecurities. how is that idiot ASR ever going to come to sense and say her that he loves her.
The poem was so beautiful, the hurt was so evident...u r talented anu.. Beautiful update..thanks

GoldenHaze said...

hey guys thanks...Ruby!!!! I dunno how I wrote that poem Dont ask me...

Unknown said...

lovd the update dear.....
eagerly waiting 2 knw hw arnv vl woo his lady love....

thnxxxxx 4 da pm....

Disha said...

Lovely Poem...
Not able to say much now...
Its good that he is taking care of her but this is just the beginning, he has a long way to go to gain acceptance... Right now Khushi is very vulnerable so i am not sure whether her composure shall remain the same when she gets better.

Unknown said...

This is archmink on IF ... n can't wait to read further
Exllent peace of work

GoldenHaze said...

Wow... Thnks Anamika yay u are here...

Maz786 said...

Wow. That was amazing. just as great as the first part- The mirage. keep up the great work and can't wait to read on....

GirlOfFire said...


I just found this blog - after following it from IF, and I usually comment but had lost track of this story.

Please don't mind. but can you change the font on the archive list? Make is something a little less packed? It's very hard to read.

Also - since I jumped from IF to this page - the links are not correct - it took me to the most recent post instead of the post that connects to that link. Which is why I had to search through the index.

Sorry for the inconvenience -

GirlOfFire (IF)

arnavini pareek said...

Chah kar be nahe ho paate hai pure har aas
kyu bs reh jate hu mei hai jaha pher ek talaash..

I can nt gt ovr this ff.. Amazing..

Jr said...

Hi Anu happened to stumble upon your amazing story. I didnt read all of Mirage cant get access. Seems i am able to read Mirage 11 actually sincerely hoping thaf I can . Thank you so much. Love it.