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Arnav simply looked at her!
"What?"Khushi asked!

"You thought I will simply let you leave me?" he asked looking surprised...
"I didn't get you Arnav ji!" Khushi blurte out.

"Oh? Sure ok!" He made to leave and reached the door which was ajar!
She hesitated and asked ! "You didn't answer me!"

"Why should I?" He countered
"What? How can you say that!" she demanded.

"I can!!!! Just like you never told me about Malathi Jiji's sister Saroj chatting you up when I was in the States!" he supplied.

Khushi lowered her eyes!

Arnav had never seen her do that before! It must be something really serious that she did that! He went back and caught both her upper arms and asked her," What is it? What are you hiding from me this time?"
Khushi didn't move

"Khushi! Meri taraf dekho"( look at me) he said very calmly!

:She didn't!
"Jab my bath kar raha hun tho meri taraf dekho he yelled!"
( When i am talking to you! Look at me)
She just stood stiff!

Arnav turned holding her and backed her to the door and shook her saying! "Damnit! How can you be so stubborn!!! Answer me! Look at me."

Khushi was scared! If she told him what happened he would do something which again would bring more repurcussions!
She heard Shyam and Maan talking at Shanthivan and found out that Shikhar was hospitalised and his right side is badly battered... RIGHT side... like her! She instantly knew it was Arnav who got the accident done!!!

But if she won't tell him now, then? He is indomitable! He called Malathi Jiji! Oh God!!!! What should she do! A mess this has turned out to be! She closed her eyes and regretted immediately as Arnav's sucked in breath of anger reached her ears!

"How dare you close your eyes on me!"
Khushi decided to take a chance!

"So what?"she asked defiantly"... iiiff... I close my eyes..."
Arnav saw her! She with her chin up! Her hair loose and blown in all directions... her choli loose and hanging free at the back! She was weak and absolutely pale and was showing her claws to him! He just could not stop himselves...
He held her waist on the left side with his right hand in a pinching grasp saying! "That bloody chin!!! Thats the spoiler! And crushed her chin with his mouth moving it back!"

"So what? ... I told you not to close your eyes..." he said exasperatedly...
"Why can't I? ... iiifff... I ..." she gulped and said "...i...ff like it?"

"'Coz your every expression and feeling is mine! Your thoughts, dreams, memories and your day , night and your bed should be filled with me and only me!!"

Khushi was in a trans listening to that low voice that was so sexy,... yet like the same time, cutting her thoughts... she had to stand her ground for sanity!

Khushi gathered herself and said, " kkk...kyun? aapney un sab ko khareed liya hai kya?"
( why did you buy them off?)

Arnav was shocked by those words and pure rage filled him!
"How Dare you!" He said gritting his teeth!

"Kyun? Hum ne sahi hi poocha!!!" ( I asked just right!)

She said gaining in confidence with the affect her words had on him...

He inched his hand further up just holding her below her left breast, much to her shock and put his right arm tenderly towards her right jerking her forward and said slowly and deliberately... "YES!!!!"

"YOU ARE MINE!!! Do you get that?" He yelled out loud...

"I have bought you off from Destiny! By paying my destiny in return! Whether you want it or not... like it or not... I am your husband now and I don't intend to change that status ever! Understand?"

"You belong to me!I own you!  Completely! Everything! Body, Mind, soul and life and beyond! Don't you dare try to shirk me off like that! And If you deny me I am warning you!!! I will take more and more of it! I told you already! Try hiding any thing,,, "he looked at her blouse meaningfully...which was gaping open now showing her cleavage..
"...and I will make sure you will never forget who you belong to!! Don't test my patience Khushi! Its already long gone..." He was still talking when she dared him by saying...

"I don't belong to anyone but myself! Yes you married me! But to save your sister! So just forget it!!! Now you know I am harmless and leave me to my destiny... Good for you and Good for your family!" She forced those words out of her mouth while her heart shattered into a million pieces inside!

Why was she feeling this way!
It was LOVE!!!She thought!
No it can't be! she corrected herself but reluctantly... 
This man literally bought her! 
He humiliated her and also never loved her! 
So why would she be in love! 
She was made that way as her upbringing made her care for him naturally as he was her husband. Thats all! She justified to herself but still felt something was amiss...

Arnav who was more than patient than his usual self lost it then! He turned bolted the door to her annoyance, lifted her and almost threw her on the bed and was on her before she could even think of getting up!

"Meri taraf dekho!" ( look at me) He said with his teeth clenched!
"Nai!"( no) Khushi was adamant.

His hand cupped her left breast... from under her choli which was hanging loose still and said "Now!!!"

Khushi looked at him in panic and he saw her eyes then! They were red but teary! So anger and grief! He concluded!

"aap... "( you...)What ever she was about to say was stopped midway as he crashed his weight further on her!

"Look into my eyes and tell me that!" he challenged her.

Khushi looked at him and she could not open her mouth as she was not sure if she could control her tears if she opened her mouth!

"Nai..."( no) she managed to say just that which meant what she herself didn't know...

He moved a little off her and twirled his thumb on her nipple and said very huskily and with determination... "KHUSHI JUST REMEMBER THIS NOW AND FOREVER...You will not ever say that again..."

"Whhhaaat... ?"Khushi was lost in the pleasure his thumb was weaving on to her mind and his palm felt warm and very good kneading her left breast!!!

"...That you don't belong! I promise you Khushi! You will never ever say that again... Your life is now full of me! I want you to know that Arnav Singh Raizada keeps his word! ALWAYS!!!"He said very confidently.

"And... You will be paid back in kind with interest! Just let me get a clean chit from the doc! You will see... What I meant by ownership..." He looked at her with such intensity that Khushi felt a chill down her spine!!!

Khushi shuddered as he gently lowered his palm and stroked her belly...leaving a trail of fire on her sweat slick body...

And  as he remembered something he drawled..." and what did you say back then? That you are not cattle to be marked? Well I dunno about that, but my wife would definitely be marked by a brand called ME and MINE!!! She will dare not think of any other man or person than me... I would me in her life, thoughts, sleep and dreams and of course the bed!!!

You will breathe,eat, sleep and drink me! Just wait!!! As such its so difficult with all these issues and you are not making anything easier! Are you? He thawed a little as he saw that Khushi was getting agitated which was not good- keeping in view how weak she was!

Khushi closed her eyes in reflex and heard a "that did it.,," from him and felt his lips close on her  where his hand was leaving a trail of fire on her belly... hovering over her belly button!!!

"Nand Kishore aap loganka maha sangram khatam huyi hai ki naii!!!" ( Haven't you guys sorted out yet?)Buaji's voice made Khushi to jerk into a sitting position and Arnav immediately gathered her close yelling back" two minutes Buaji!!!"

"Nope! Told you !!!When you are in my arms, and always... you will leave when I am ready! Then he said I will be back and you mentally prepare yourself to be Mrs.Raizada" saying it in a way which did not leave any doubt in Khushi's mind about what he meant!

He flicked his thumb over her belly button and as Khushi shivered in ecstacy... his touch created,he softly threatend her,

"...Aur Rani saa... aapney humaare kameez ko apne paseeney sey geela kardiya! I am smelling of you... He smirked ... and said... Hum waada karthey hain ki hum yeh hisaab tho zaroor baraabar kariengey! Aap hamesha humaari khusboo odhey rahengi..And If I don't wet your body with my sweat... he paused and said I will not rest till then!"

(I also promise you... you wet my shirt with your sweat.. I am smelling of you... .. I will make sure I repay this debt soon... and see to it, that, you will eternally carry my scent on you! Always!!!)

"Arr ... nanvji!"Khushi tried to say something but nothing would come out of her parched lips as his righ hand played with her thoughts, stroking her belly button!

"A man can only take so much provocation Khushi! Just be careful what you speak with me!" Arnav said and put her aside and said! "Now! Five minutes...wash and change and come to the office!
He got up and she said "Rukiye" ( hold on).

"What?" he asked.
"Aap apni kameez nai badlengey... " ( won't you changeyour shirt?she said "geela hai!"( Its drenched in sweat) without thinking and then as she remembered his promise blushed a crimson!

Good!!! Arnav thought! Let her know who the master in this relationship is...! And let her get involved a little too! so he said! "Tho?(SO) Give me a new one to wear!"

"What? Me?" She was shocked!
"Then who is here?" he asked looking at the empty room... and added."even if there were any others! Its your duty!" 
Khushi made an 'o' with her mouth annoyed...

"C'mmon!" Arnav prompted her!
"Hum kyun karien? Aap leleejiye!" ( Why should I ? You do it).

He put one step forward and said "will you? or shall I make true of my promise... Medical opinion go to hell!"

Khushi said," you wouldn't dare!" and immediately was pulled towards him to crash into his hard chest as he ravished her neck and her left shoulder and bit her earlobe sharply making her to yelp"ouch"

"Get my shirt now or I shall forget you are not up to it "he growled.
Khushi thought the better of it and rushed to his case and tried to open it but her right hand was very weak!
Arnav came from behind and putting both hands round her pulled out a cotton shirt that was plane and white and said..."Just stop this Khushi coz I cannot take it anymore and If I am taking you to bed we are going to be there! That's why I want you to recover fully!"

Haa!! Look at the man's arrogance! How dare he tries to flaunt his physic on her! Well she is not going to bow down and she will figure out a way! Khushi thought stiffening her chin in defiance,,,

"You are not upto it!" Arnav purred!!! When she defiantly raised her chin again slightly... he said "NOT WITH ME SWEETHEART!!! You need lots of energy to bear me in bed or outside for that matter of fact!"

"Khushi get ready and come to the office ... five minutes!!!" and he was gone!


"Jai Sri Krishna Raaja Saa! Aapney Bulaaya!" ( you sent for me) Malathi Jiji got up and wished him!

"HI!!! Saroj kaisi hain?"( how is saroj) Arnav enquired!
"Ji Acchi hain!" ( She is fine)Malathi Jiji said a little unsettled.

"Accha? Aap kaisi hain?" He asked again...
"Rani saa ki daya sey sab mangal hain!" ( By the grace of her majesty everything is fine)
"Haan! Kitney paisey diye Bhairav ney aapko?"(How much di Bhairav pay you?) Arnav said curtly!

Malathi JiJi froze and sweat started beading on her forehead!

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Unknown said...

ooohh!! that was hot hot hot!! and surely the alpha is back!! well .. he was never gone!! KHushi baby... i guess its high time u realize this!

Malati jiji!! tumhaari kher nahin!!
lets see what we got next!!

Thanks Anu!! :)

IF ID LeenaRocks

tanmay said...

hey di... a major portion of detailed comment wud come in chat fr this one ;)
bt on the whole... everyone was absolutely in character... :)

i so love the way he mks his promises.. n though he does sound like he is talking of some inanimate thing he has bought... bt i guess its just his possessive nature tht mks him do tht..

though i can understand hw irritating it wud b fr a emotional person like khushi.

n m soo waiting to know wht arnav wud do to malathi jiji n saroj. n again.. i deliberately called him arnav here ,instead of ASR, since like i said in last chapter...
this arnav, who is in love with his wife.. is more deadly than the mighty ASR.

aap bhi asani se batane ni wali ho ki in ladies ki kaise class lagane wale hain raja saa :)

waiting fr more di..

Unknown said...

Awesome update.

Thanks for the PM

Unknown said...

its a damn hot n romantic update my god n yeah surely he will sort out all da issues i juzz wanna khushi to trust arnav for once hey upadte it soon

stories.1408 said...

the mirage had more of strong khushi nd pursuit is more of strong asr.i love it.nothing better than a strong nd powerfularnav

Disha said...

I dont know how to express myself but now i am thinking Arnav is going a little overboard with his reactions to Khushi.. i mean just by getting physical with her does not mean he can attain ownership ... of course i love this aggressive Arnav but i think abhi saath main feelings should also count... he cant just exercises his so called rights like this....
I have never felt like this in previous updates but now my thoughts are going in that direction!!
Ab yeh Malathi ka kya chakkar hai ??

GoldenHaze said...

For everything there must be a point reached where individuals understand in perspective... thats what I am building the story line on...

Lakshmi said...

Hi !!! Don't know what to say, I think it not easy for ur readers to stand the point ....really ur Rani saa is strong....nice& intense update....

Expressions said...

Ok I now know why you wanted the blog :)

It has almost become a grip of dominance ... They are giving a name to this feeling in their own way ... Should they realize that both are actually on the same page but in different languages...

Unknown said...

Hot. Hot. Hot.
He has a way with words that ll just melt her down

aquariuslp said...

Hey dii... i haven't seen or even heard of such stubborn ppl as Arnav n Khushi.. I have a question, why does Arnav always yell at Khushi? and force himself on her? Personally I don't like being yelled at and i'm sure thts the same with all of us. Yes, i agree khushi is strong n all, but arnav is not helping himself by shouting at her and manipulating her if he wants to win her back.. his respect for her seems to be only in his thoughts and not in his actions. He is literally abusing her. In the beginning it was OK as he was angry at her, but now whats his excuse? Pls don't feel bad dii.. but i felt bad for khushi as a woman... thts all.

Parramjit said...

oh God.. this was great... Arnav is mind blowing... love him and he knows this is only way to bring Khushi back otherwise she will keep on pushing him aside, not taking into consideration her happiness.. loved the update.. loved Arnav...

Unknown said...

loved it
missmk if

Unknown said...

Wonderful update, but isn't Arnav a bit too arrogant and importunate towards Khushi?

So Khushi now knows Arnav took revenge, shouldn't she glad about this? And who is this Malathi Jiji?

Unknown said...

absolutelyyyyyyyyyyyyy stunning updateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

tanmay said...

just a thot...
i agree arnav is being physical before being emotional abt his relationship with khushi..
i agree he kind of starts with forcing himself on her...
bt i dont see khushi refusing him ever...
i dont see she not wanting him, or not enjoying his proximity ever..

she is pushing him away as much as he is pushing himself towards her.

i agree noone wud like to b yelled at or controlled... bt is arnav the only one doing it??
he being a male, n all the male ego we knw of... he still has been patient fr too long, n she still goes on trying to mk all the decisions in THEIR life.. assuming them to b the best..
how justified is tht abt her??
n how many of us humans wud really like someone else deciding whts best fr us??

i knw i wudnt.. even if i hv to die or live... i wud prefer if i get to chose, n not someone else tell me tht u need to live this way to stay alive...

i think we need to get a clear perception of both their mental states...

no offence intended to anyone.. n sorry if i said sthg tht i shudnt..

GoldenHaze said...


Lakshmi, Ranbir(Mani). dishu and Thanmay! All of you are justified in your own ways coz this is a game called life that we all play!
Lakshmi u said what all of us feel ideal! But the reality is different! We do get shouted at and pushed around sometimes by people sometimes by situation! Dishu Arnav IS going over board dear!!! Coz Khushi he realised will even defy him if it comes to his and his families safety! She proved it by..defying his word so he is now worried and first want to tie her down..contd....

GoldenHaze said...

His behaviour is typical to his persona and most males who have power otherwise,,,
Ranbir( Mani) Tou are right pal... Arnav is being inopurtune but with due respect to men, they do what they deem fit when it comes to their ego and most importantly the security of their loved ones and they muster the necessary courage and also unreasonable attitude to fend off srguments as I noticed usually men loath arguments... they confront and finish either by overpowering or acceptance( Yes there are ... who accept too unlike Arnav) or they Avoid for ever!!
Thanmay You are bang on! We are what we are partly coz of what life teaches us and partly coz of how we evolve through personal experience...

GoldenHaze said...

His behaviour is typical to his persona and most males who have power otherwise,,,
Ranbir( Mani) Tou are right pal... Arnav is being inopurtune but with due respect to men, they do what they deem fit when it comes to their ego and most importantly the security of their loved ones and they muster the necessary courage and also unreasonable attitude to fend off srguments as I noticed usually men loath arguments... they confront and finish either by overpowering or acceptance( Yes there are ... who accept too unlike Arnav) or they Avoid for ever!!
Thanmay You are bang on! We are what we are partly coz of what life teaches us and partly coz of how we evolve through personal experience...

tanmay said...

just an addition... anudi i told u this last night...
cant help myself bt share it here..

let arnav consummate his marriage with khushi... n probably tht ways.. he wud realise tht tht is not the way he can mark khushi as his..
the only mark.. tht she wud willingly n lovingly carry all her life.. with submission mayb.. wud b the one he leaves deeper.. in her heart.. with either his acceptance of love fr her, or thru his actions convincing her tht even though he doesnt say it.. he is madly n deeply in love with her.

tht i think wud b the best mark to put on.. from both arnav and khushi 's perspectives..

Unknown said...

Why is so hot here!? OOh! ur update!?
Arnav is back in ASR mode ...flirting,flaunting,charming, what not! Wish poor Khushi cud stand it. Run for a cover Khushi. Let him earn it.

Thanks Anu!

Unknown said...

di it was awesome
do finish this dog and cat fight
and update soon
sorry if double posted
as i told you i dont know to run this site so
dont know whether it is posted or not.

Anonymous said...


Again, well-written.

Arnav really wants to get down to the bottom of this issue and I agree. This needs to be dealt with ... but I can also see why Khushi is a little hesitant to tell him about what he wants to know ... his temper can really mess things up for him.

I certainly don't like the underlying meaning of Arnav's words towards Khushi. She's his wife not possession!!! :@

Maz786 said...

Whoa!!!That was a lot lot of Hotness to take!!! Awesome update.

Anu179 said...

Whoa! What a roller coaster ride it has been for a new reader like me... Who stumbled upon this extremely exquisitely written FF quite accidentally..... The Mirage... Very gripping it in one go.... Sabh kuch bhoola ke....I just couldn't put it down, was reading with bated breath, hope it is a full story, fingers crossed that Anu( my name sake) hasn't removed it from IF and shifted to private block...thankGod The mirage wasn't ... And as I neared the end of The Mirage... the Pursuit loomed over .... And I was heart broken...well still am... As she gave a peek a boo till chapter 5.... Now it seems to lost... Pursuit for me has become.. Mrigtrishna..... The Mirage... I don't know how to find oasis...... Ab yahan Se kahaan jayein hum....
Anu.... Please accept my salutation lady.... I'm in love with your excellent command over both the languages... Every little nuance about each and every aspect of story has been par excellence.... Hopefully soon will be able to read the full story.... πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ