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"UMMMM........" She tried to open her eyes...
"Hey Shalu?"Rishi's voice....

Vaishali saw her brother Rishi carrying her to the car! She felt a chill and shivered!!!! 

"Rishi!!!" she breathed deep but could not ...and coughed! Lakshmi immediately pulled her sari over her head as Rishi entered the vehicle and put her on the seat!

Vaishali asked!

Tejas who came from the other side looked at her seriously and said "you slipped off the road and luckily fell on the small protrusion and we pulled you up! Are you ok?"

"Yeah!!!" she said catching her head in her right hand from behind!!!

"Shalu... What's this business I am noticing on this trip?" Tejas barked at her! 
"Why are you acting funny? fainting and getting lost? Care to share?" He asked.

"What are you saying that I am doing all this deliberately? half the time I dunno whats happening!!! Just now.... "She stopped remembering the Aghora's words...which echoed through her mind....

Let it not be revealed to the world! 
Let it not be revealed to the world!
Let it not be revealed to the world!

"Teju give her a break! She just had a harrowing experience and you are grilling her!" Rishi said putting an arm round her! 

Tejas just looked at her and said,"lets not tell the elders else they will make her life miserable and we will be in for a grill!!!" He said that looking at the maid and driver and everyone agreed in principle!!!

Tejas started driving after a few minutes as the fog completely cleared... and Vaishali was made to rest in the rear middle seat alone so that she could keep her feet up with a cushion to her back while... maid and driver sat at the rear!!!

As the car wound down the ghat, Vaishali closed her eyes and the entire scene at the cave came back to her! 

Was it her imagination? What was all that? who was that Aghora? What was he truing to do?What was it that she was being protected against?
Who was going to harm her?
Her head reeled thinking about it!!!

Then she remembered he tied a black thread with a trident on it and she slowly lifted the hem of her sari and checked...


The dark thread is to counter the dark forces...
Keep the trident always to ward off the evil....


Neel had his dinner with the entire family and It was a long time since they all sat and spoke to each other! Dinner was a traditional and mandatory affair but owing to the pressure of travelling, these days they all hardly met... one or the other was travelling... but today was an exception!!!

After  dinner... Neel took his granny to her room and settled her in and before that she checked once on the Akhanda Jyothi customarily and as he tucked her in... he said,"Sweet heart!!! My grand pa is very lucky! To have you!!! I would have really married you had you been younger you know? he teased her!"

"Oh! Is that so? she played along with him!!! Don't you think I am not following you young man! I saw that shot in the ZEST the other day where you flew your girl friend to her Bday party somewhere!!!! "

"Oh c'mmon Naina! "Neel tried to what he always did! He warded off any questions about his lifestyle.... he was a healthy male and wanted to enjoy his life his way and would not let anyone have a say in anything thats going anywhere near his leisure!!!

But Narayani was not to be thwarted so easily! Aferall she managed to win over the Neel Agnihothri Sr. So this grandson of hers was nothing!!!

"Is that what you are looking for Son? "she asked him quietly.

"What?" Neel deliberately misunderstood her!

"A quick roll and then goodbye and then pick another fancy chick off the rock somewhere?" she half explained, half questioned.

"Why do I need anyone when you are there?" He tried diverting her!

Narayani ran her fingers through his hair and said..." You need a partner.... who would not only mellow you but also bring a purpose into your aimless life!"

Neel just did not want to spoil it by saying what he wanted to! That he did not care much for marriage! He had his own views which were radical! But he simply said" You are planning is it not? you scheemer? Who is it this time? Colnel uncle's daughter?" 

Narayani said very squarely," I have decided not to suggest anyone!"

"I love you! Neel teased her!!! Lets get married!!! Believe me! I know myself!!! None can make it to me! I am strange ! Neither can anyone bear me... in more ways than one... he winked at her ! I am not satisfied easily and i don't stick to one! I loose interest! they are all worthless and depthless just lurking on the periphery! Just love 'em and leave 'em!!!"

She ignored him and said," She will come you know?...She will come into your life and then will become such a part of you that you will end up eating your own words!..."

"Oh yeah? when???? may be for my 60th Bday if I live that lo..." she covered his mouth with her palm and said "No!!!Don't ever say that!!! And what were you saying Love them and leave them? You know why you are able to leave them? coz you never loved them at all! "

"Oho! Here comes my love guru he teased her!"

"No ji!!!  I can see her!!!!"

"Accha!!!??? Tell me what you see?" he played along!!!

"She..." Narayani looked him sharply"... she will set you right and straight!"

"Now whats that! Babes I will always be after curves!!!" He guffawed.

"Nope! My words never go waste! She will make you sweat!" Narayani coolly replied!

"UUmmmm You know what!!! You are x rated Naina!!! Ofcourse she will make me sweat! Well do you think I will just leave 'em without..."

"Chup! "Narayani scolded him!

"Yeah! I do not have anything to share with anyone that way ! These picks or chicks  are quite satisfying and I change them before they get an idea of settling down! I am enjoying my life ! Whats your problem Babe?" Neel countered!

Narayani smiled and said! "You have a problem not me... I find you lost... but you wll soon find yourselves in a woman who will make you feel complete and a day will come when you move heaven and earth for her!"

Neel looked at his granny who spoke with a quiet conviction! Everyone in his family knew her word always came true! They did actually! 

He smiled and said "fine and you know what??? I like the sweating part!!!Thats what is my cup of tea... Good night Sweety"he gave her a kiss on her forehead... and walked towards his room...


"What? Then you came with empty hands?"Bairi shouted!!!

"No... We have this ..."
Reni produced the scrap of the torn sari held in his hand which was shivering out of fear!

"You fools all three of you could not do a small job!!!" Bairi spit fire from his eyes!

Mara flickered his eyes in fear!

"Ok for now... this will do... but soon you need to do much more and then I won't spare you if you fail!" Bairi warned.

Bairi looked at the scrap of Vaishali's sari which was kept in a wooden urn before him and let out a shriek .... of triumph.... "KRRRRREEEEEEEMMMMM!!!!!"


Bhadra joined his hands and prayed and a haze was formed before his eyes in which THE SIDDHA appeared and said,"Puthra... bhalaa!!!!( Very good) But the forces of the dark are closing in... be on guard for the lady holds the key !"

Bhadra said "Asthu Mahaatma!" and said... "Kim Karthavyaa?"

Siddha simply showed his palm and Bhadra read something and said," "Karomi"( I shall do) and closed his eyes and said," Pranamaami!( Salutations)

The haze vanished and Bhadra walked towards the highway to hitch a ride to DELHI...


kars said...

A very nice update! but my appetite will only be full when main characters will meet eachother.....i loved grandmother-grandson bonding.Also eager to know about the key which vaishali holds....and neels connection to it. Have also noticed that your writing style has changed( in a better way)then before.I'm not an expert....but have been reading a lot of authors....You have caught my fancy for a while now....thats how i observed the changed. Thank for the wonderful update.

GoldenHaze said...

Thanks... well first, Thanks a lot... secondly, my writing style depends on the genre, third the main characters will meet and my job is to both create and vet the reader's apetite! Thanks so much nd happy reading!

tanmay said...

love the conversation of neel n dadi... amazing lady to hv such an open mind n to b able to balance the openness n liberty she gives her grandson, plus the respect tht the relationship demands :)

GoldenHaze said...

Yep and just wait and watch Neel SWEAT

Shreesha said...

No comments!!!!!!!!!

aquariuslp said...

lovely update... i too am waiting for neel n vaishu to meet. :)

Lakshmi said...

Nice update...not too scary as previous one. Like the conversation and comfort level btw Neel and his wise nani. The way u described her remind me of Sugumari actress in one of Makesh babu movie. I don't remember the name. It was a Telugu movie...story is slowly getting in me dear....enjoying it......