Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A Request


Guys please do Follow the blog to give me a feel of you being here! As I am used to you all on If mostly! If you press the follow button you will automatically get updates... Kindly do that! As thats all I ask you and that too for commenting and participating and keeping in touch!

Do leave a message or chat with fellow readers on the chat box if you wish to...!

Golden Haze


tanmay said...

di.. is it possible to mk a seperate topic of pursuit, like u hv done fr sargam's and vaishali???

so that all the pursuit chapters can b located easily.

GoldenHaze said...

I will eventually! For now I will post like this... and then make a different page for Vaishali etc... coz they are static once I get my website it will be easy...

Micky said...

I can't find the full chapter of The pursuit after the clicking the button of "read more ".....do help me!