Sunday, 20 December 2015

The Contrivance-7/2

Khushi was so disoriented, that she smarted and Devyani feeling encouraged said, “ Believe me I had my doubts but now… she looked at them and smiled and said,” I just don’t have any. You are perfect for my Chotey. He needs a woman who can match him and rule him. Stubborn that he is… and well…”she chuckld and looked at Varsha, who was trying her best not to fall over on to the hand-woven thick blanket that they were using as a carpet.
“Gran! Listen to me…” Arnav tried to speak, but she stalled him by the swish of her hand and said,” No! I want the your lady to speak. Tell me my dear, How do you manage this brat? I think I will take a tip or two from you. ”
Khushi was so much in shock that she forgot that she was sprawled on Arnav and she simply smarted and said,” I….I don’t manage him at all!”
Arnav went still under her and glared at her.
Khushi lowered her eyes at him and having seen his glare, panicked and looked at granny and said,” I mean…I just take him as he comes!”
She knew she said something wrong the moment she did it, as his hand on her wrist tightened so much that she winced, as Devyani guffawed saying,”Atta girl! That’s the way to handle him. So tell me do you usually scratch his eyes out and overpower him like now? Does he accept that? Usually he never lets anyone an inch you know?”
Khushi’s mind went numb. What was the lady saying! She was assuming that she was his… nooooooooooo! She shook her head in negation but Devyani understood differently and asked,” Then how?”
“How?” Khushi looked at her confusingly and just blurted out, “Stop! Will you?” as she found Arnav to be wriggling under her.
“What? You just get off me first!” Arnav finally spoke.
“You stay away! I just had enough of your arrogant snooty nose! And next time you come barging in, try to bring a better story” she said and moved to her left to allow him to get up.
“Move” he nudged her and Khushi was so upset that she swatted on his hand saying,” DON’T ORDER ME.JUST GET THE HELL OUT O HERE!”
She then remembered granny was watching and bit her tongue and sat up saying,” I am sorry. Its not how you think it is.”
“Then please explain” Granny said smiling.
“Gran…” Arnav tried again.
“Your times up young man. I gave you ample time and you never bothered then. Let your woman speak” she said beaming at Khushi.
Khushi flinched and said,” You got it all wrong Ma’am. He came here, just for me.
Devyani smiled and Varsha rolled her eyes! It sounded so RIGHT!!!! In the wrong sense.
“Ofcourse he would!” Devyani looked at Varsha for support nodding.
“You see he came here coz he didn’t like it that I refused to go with him to his weekend hideout last night… “ Khushi said and Varsha hissed, “Khushi what are you saying!”
“Good!” Devyani was happy.
“What good Ma’am? He just came barging in… “she supplied.
“I said good coz, don’t heed till he places that ring on your finger.” Devyani supplied.
“But… it’s not that. I just don’t want him to treat me without respect.”
“Aha! That’s the way…”Devyani was grinning.
Khushi both Arnav and Varsha called out making her flinch and say…”Let me talk to the lady and she went on in her mode…” You see things don’t happen that way for me. I am not like other woman who he meets. I just don’t care… and I certainly wont warm his bed for…”
That’s enough Arnav caught her by her arm and said,” Gran…now since you have had our fill? Can we have some privacy so that I sort this woman out?”
“By all means! But after I have my word with her” Granny said.
She stepped forward and extended a small wrapped box to her and said,” This is from me. I don’t know about him but I know that you are the woman for him. Just keep this with you and this she gave her an envelope and admonishing her protests said,” Tonight lets meet at our residence for dinner”She glared at Arnav smiled at Varsha and was gone.
Whoa! Is everyone like this at your place? Khushi’s question was met with a glare by Arnav as Varsha asked what is in that box?”
“What else some stupid ring I guess!” Khushi said and gave it to Arnav saying,” Take this and tell her I am not the your latest ninny.”
“Listen. This is going far!” Arnav quipped and he suddenly went quiet and said, “ Why didn’t I guess it before and tore open the wrapper much to Khushi’s and Varsha’s amazement and exclaimed,” I knew it!”
Nestled inside the small jewelry box was a small golden key.
“What is that?” Varsha asked nervously.
“The key to my life” he quipped with a frown.
Khushi took it and playfully turned it placing it to his right temple and quipped,” Sorry! You are rusted and it doesn’t open!”
What happened next sent Varsha scurriying behind the single recliner they had, as Arnav crushed Khushi to him by working his hand round her waist and growled,” Enough!”
“Wwwww hhhhhaaaaaatttttt are uuuuuuu you doing?” Khushi stammered.
“ Havent done any! But will, if you don’t stop being a nonsense! He growled and said,” Do you know what it contains?”
Khushi just shook her head in the negative petrified by his nearness.
“It is the key to my mother’s vault.” He supplied.
“So tattttake…iiiiitttt back.I don’t want it”she stammered.
“HA!” He tightened his arm further, giving her a punishing squeeze saying,”You think my gran is an idiot like you?
“I…. am…nnnnooottt an idiot” She managed.
“Shut up!” he said and looked at Varsha who was trying to grab a sauce pan and said,” Stop beinga n idiot and open that envelope!”
“What?” Varsha was taken aback.
“I said open it.” He said.
“Ok! I will but let her go!” She prevailed boldly.
Arnav glared at Khushi for a long time and let her go and ripped open the envelope himself and exclaimed,” Just as I guessed”
Khushi raised her eyebrows at Varsha who rolled her eyes in exasperation.
“Listen, you guys sort your family issues at your home and leave me to my fate.” Khushi said feebly.
“Sure. But now, my dear… you are family.” Arnav Sing Rajwada said smirking.

“Whhhhhhhaaaaaaat? Whhhy? But hhhaaa how?” Khushi felt a sinking feeling as she could somehow sense something very odd the way he said that.


sweetygirl28 said...

Rofl khushi has a very bad timing. . Nani is awesome and we'll this is getting crazier :)

Unknown said...

hahaha waow so amusing update..
granyy is a awsome woman by the way here..

much egar for next updatesss,,,,

keep it up and up

manju naidu said...

Really hilarious update dear.Loved reading the interaction between khushi and what's with the envelope and the key??eagerly waiting to read more of this story.Good work.

Unknown said...

Arnavs family is crazy like him
wht will khushi do now

jyothirockz said...

Looks like Granny is real sensible woman, she doesn't seem to have any ulterior motive like Arnav.. What is with this KEY AND ENVELOPE ? By the way Anu, I must give it to you for introducing more and more twists with every update you are giving in this story..suspense and mystery getting thicker, leaving us and poor Khushi without any respite or clue..

Unknown said...

Lol.. Luv this granny .. Well like to see what's in the envelope.

Uzmatarin said...

Hilarious arnav's granny is so fun to read, wat was in that envelope that after reading it he said she is family now.

Unknown said...

Awesome and funny Anu!! Granny is fun funny lady hahaha!!! Hmm now what is in the envelope?? Update soon. Happy new year Anuji!!!!

Unknown said...

Devyani is cute. Poor Khushi, pis gayi donon ke beech mein!