Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Goldenhazefiction 3rd Anniversary

Dearest Golden readers,

Thank you so much for your support without which I could have never ever made my dream come true and shared it with you all!

On the third anniversary of my website
...and the 6th anniversary of my entry into the world of fiction
I thank you for being with me.

Here is a humble offer from me to all my wonderful readers and hope to keep walking with you on this beautiful journey to the incredible world that you and me have created.

Enjoy and Express!

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Happy Diwali

Dearest Golden readers,

Happy Diwali to you all...

Its been a while since I conversed with you, and I miss you dearly!

Hope you are all doing good! Goldenhazefiction has come a long way thanks to you all and after several teething problems the website is functioning well without any hick ups.
I take this opportunity to thank each one of my Golden Readers who stood by me during this painful period. It was my dream to have my own site, and I now own one. 

The Mirage, the Pursuit, The Masquerade, An Evening with you, Vaishali-1and Chasing the Rainbow are  the completed novels!
There are quite a few that I left in between, coz of writers block.DYM, DID, IA are novels that I wish to complete ASAP!
The Whisper Valley is going to be completed in the next ten chapters and The contrivance is also a very contemporary novel and I don't want to write expansively.

My new Series Goldenhaze Destiny, is intense and red hot, and I enjoy writing it thoroughly. Please do buy, read, and give me a review and get my next novel free! 

Been thinking of writing intrigue with intense romance, and well, Chasing the Rainbow (CR) is just that! It is a two part series of how a woman runs away from her life to claim her destiny! This novel was  a tough one to write as I had to get the characters to speak without revealing the ultimate secret till the end. I hope I did justice to that!
Whats the plot?
Well, in book 1, I started with the lady on run. she is secretive and melds with the background, even at work. None had seen or heard of her or knows where she stays!
However, the owner of the Corporal Deepthimaan singh Rathore won't have an enigmatic employee gallivanting around his office, especially when she is so attractive, and has unusually high pain threshold levels!
Upon investigation, he finds that facts have no match to the personality!He realizes her craving for freedom, and offers the same, but in lieu of her being his woman!

The second book is a maze of emotions... with an interesting twist that appears in the form of a new character! The Novel has a handful of poems written by me in the second book and I am sure you would love to read them.
Above all, its the intensive and shattering romance that is expected to draw you into the web of love, intrigue and life in Chasing the Rainbow!
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Hope you enjoy reading it.
Please feel free to comment and ask me anything regarding my new release. Also would like you to tell me what you want to read as in genre...
Till then...
Enjoy and Express...

Friday, 1 April 2016

Remembering the Pursuit

Remembering the Pursuit...

Its been some time since I wrote The Pursuit, but I remember the poem that I wrote in the Pursuit! Arnav reading the poem and feeling the loneliness of a young woman! Her aspirations and thoughts! Her feelings and insecurities, and above all her hopes and her fears which makes him go to Sheesh Mahal in Pursuit of her...

Dil mein ek armaan hai... 
Sapney palkon pey hain jagi,
Jab yeh dil ki bujhegi lagi
Bachpan beetha kaisey
Hum jaan hi na paaye aisey
ki jab waqt aaya woh! Tab mila humey ek gulab ka phool!
Maa ney chodaa hath humaara
thaamey hum Pappa ki ungli,
Khushi ko sath na tha gawaara
tho humesha woh humsey karthi chugli!
Behthi hui Reva mein humney bahaye aasun anmol,
saath Maa key yaadon key... ek gulab ka phool!
Jab thaami humney Bapu ki ungli aur socha thodha man behley
jhat sey ruk gayi zindagi do kadam bhi naa chali...
Suraj dhalgaya, Khushi ka savera honey se pehley
hum phir nikalpadey wahi gali,
aagey badhthey gayein ...sab kuch bhool
thaamey huye yaadon ka ek gulab ka phool!
Jaisey humney hosh sambhala
zindagi ne yahi samjhaya…
Humesha sath rahega joh,
Bus baney ummeed humaari woh!
Koyi na aaya bus hum chalthey gaye
yoohin soone raasthey pey
jispey tha sirf dhool
aur sath humaarey ...yadon ka gulaab ka phool!
Ab armaan naye dil mein hai jaagey
bus koi hai jo apna laagey
Ummeed is qadar tha unpey
per woh issey pehle key sach baney
rehgaye humari yaad baney...
tho un yaadon ko woh bhaley hi jaaye bhool
hum neh thai kiya rehjaayien hum banke kisikey yadon ka gulab ka phool!
Barson beethey per humey na aaya nazar
jahaan hum rahey chain sey- woh manzar
Khushi ki jhoomey bahaar…
aur apna ho ghar parivar…
Hum akeley bhaley hamesha,
key jo sath chaley woh banjaaye tamasha!
Koi nahi bath agar na banpaaye kisikey hum
chalthey jayengey jab taq jaan mein hai dum!
kaheen hamari reh gayeen duniya banthey banthey
bikhri hui zindagi humney sameta hasthey hasthey
Arman banien hai pankhuri aur junoon humaara rang lal 
hum nahi tho kya! chod jaa rahein hai yeh nishaan bemisaal
saath apne rakhna yeh humaara tohfa anmol
humaarey ummedonka bus ek yeh gulaab ka phool!
(This poem is a creation by Goldenhaze, and any unauthorised reproduction is strictly prohibited)

I had tears in my eyes when I wrote this! Every woman's aspiration is "Ek Gulab ka Phool," which is nothing but , the one chance that's given to live life to the fullest! The aspiration that flies higher than the sky, and the dream that fills hope into someone's heart!

I dedicate this to every woman out there! Each and every one! Saluting all the women, who make this world beautiful and lovable!
Enjoy & Express!

Monday, 28 March 2016

Cracking The WV

 From Goldenhaze...

Its been a very wonderful ride so far through the Whisper Valley! So I thought why not just find out what your view are on the same... before I churn out the next chapter...
So why don't you answer this small survey so that I get to know what you actually think about the whole thing!

Please do participate and its fun and well its also a kind of feedback to me.
Guys also please do review my website and do jot down a testimonial for the site!

Saturday, 5 March 2016

The inspiration to write-Chasing the Rainbow

Writing Chasing the Rainbow

Where do I get the inspiration to write? 
Many ask me, and I tell them...
From what I read obviously, and no not from the best articles or stories, but from the worst lot.
These days I see more and more stuff that is not at all convincing but comes with a fantastic cover page and the works.

But what does the reader in me want? 
The answer is simple an straight. A good read.

What do you mean by a good read? something that not only lets you pass time without thinking about how much time and money you spent on it, but also something that leaves an impact on you in someway!
I remember a few novels I read as a small girl still, and thats how I found out about what profound impact certain stuff has on you.
In all my books it is a conscious effort on my part to create a lasting impact on my readers.

My latest novel Chasing the rainbow is one such byproduct. Deepthimaan's character in the Mirage stirred my soul, and I gave him the main lead in my life time's work Destiny U&ME.
It was and still is a wonderful journey rediscovering so many emotions through this 196 chapter strong novel which is still ongoing on my private blog. Now I don't know if I am crazy or my readers, but the show goes on... 

Thats when I thought about Chasing the Rainbow. The name suggests running after something that is un attainable and I named it after the central theme of the novel that talks about a lady who lives her life in anonymity and never even thinks of an identity till someone makes her realise the strength and sweetness of belonging! Not that she doesn't know of it, but for the fact that her running away from life robbed her of this aspect of her life which Deepthimaan instills in her through his typical and inimitable ways!

The story is based in an office and many of my readers have asked me about office romance. But there is much more than red hot romance. There is suspense, intrigue...and most importantly there is a dark secret that haunts our lady.

Destiny U&ME is slow paced and there is a method in the madness as they say, as I wrote two months of time line as 200 episodes!

Chasing the Rainbow is something where I wrote about a gamut of emotions, upheavels, and turnabouts through to an year in time line in about 155 pages.

The first book is about the foundation for a relationship that blows up to engage two individuals from different backgrounds and different walks of life to come together to celebrate life.
Chasing the Rainbow is about life, living, trust and most importantly letting go and letting to live.
you can get it at my site...

Deepthimaan's character stands pivotal in this, while I experimented with Khushi's this time. Although book one does not reveal much about her, and shows her as a mysterious assistant at the corporal, her character comes across as a offshoot of lots of struggle in life and in a strange way her weakness for staying anonymous entices the reader to know more and include her into the Mehrangarh Royal Family.
well, so much for my musings on the new novel!

Here after I shall share my thoughts on my bog, and readers are welcome to participate by commenting and asking questions...

The best participant, would win a free copy of this novel.
So let me know how you like it...
More about my experiments with characters and plots in my next post!
Enjoy and Express,

Friday, 26 February 2016


Hello my dearest readers!

I have been on a hiatus because of issues with my website, and here I am-back with a bang!
And what have I got with me?
A bunch of reads as usual!
First of all let me thank you all for being patient with me all through, and I want to thank all of you for being with me through difficult times. My website crashed several times and had to be shut down for three months. I had to take a very difficult decision to put it back in order. I have upgraded it to a secure site where my content is not plagiarized and where you can read, buy and also discuss to your fill. And Yes! This would cost me, a part of which I am requesting you to support me with, in terms of buying my finished works!
The ongoing novels- The Contrivance and The Whisper Valley would be free reads till May.
The rest of my novels would be put up for sale.
To commemorate the relaunch of my website I have written a new Novel under the Destiny series- Chasing the Rainbow! This is the first book of a two part series of Maanshi- intense and passionate, and would love to read your reviews on the same.
From now on, I would write every week on my blog and also try to update the ongoing novels weekly twice, while giving you new stories every couple of months!
Please register with my website and do let me know how the revamped site looks! Also its business at its usual at Goldenhaze! Read comment and review to your fill. The novel Vaishali Book-2 The revelation would be released next by April ending!
I so look forward to your feedback, comments and testimonials, and remember I am just a mail away for my loyal Goldenhazians!
So happy reading!
Enjoy & Express

P.s: Read Whisper Valley Chapter-32/1 at:

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The contrivance-7/2

“How? Here is how! He handed over the paper inside to her and said,” Read it!”
Khushi snatched the paper from him, and looked at it. It was a court order. It said, ‘By virtue of the authority vested in me by my client Smt. Mandira Neerav Singh Rajwada, I her attorney would like to hereby declare the twin assets in her possession to be the property of the owner of the stake not less than 35% of the AR Group, and the chosen heir of the Group as decreed by Late Shri Neerav Singh Rajwada, the founder of The AR Group. The heir chosen should hereby be given the status on par with that of the Rajwada natural heir, in the event of:
i. Possession of stakes in the AR Group of being not less than 35% of the group,
ii. Possession of any one of the following:
a.     The power of authority for the vault of late Smt. Vandana Neerav Singh Rajwada.( see annexure)
b.    The Rajwada family heirloom (details enclosed)
In the event of possession of both, or either of these, the person would be the family heir equivalent in taking decisions regarding AR group and its subsidiaries…until fulfillment of the clause 8.i(6)
Khushi shook her head as if dong that would make her shake-off all the confusion off in her mind. Varsha who was listening to it very intently said,” But what’s all this? How can this make Khushi the heir?”
“Are you nuts?” Arnav barked.
Khushi looked at Varsha and Arnav and asked, “No I think your family is. For making such a complicated will”
“Shut up! You are a dud, and on top off it you comment on me?” Arnav lost his cool.
“Now cool it! We…just want to know how she is family sir?” Varsha tried to be polite.
“Didn’t you read? Both or either of the clauses-If they are fulfilled, a person is on par with a Rajwada.
“Oh!” They both said simultaneously.
“But in your case u have one.” He said showing the key. “Key to my mothers vault.”
“But it says they must also have not less than 35% of the stake in AR Group!” Varsha said triumphantly.
“Oh Yes! Did you read the paper?” Arnav spat at her.
He thrust the paper on her. The full article detailed that Mandira Rajwada declared 36% of the stake out of 55% she holds in the name of her grandsons would be.
Varsha ‘s jaw dropped so much that Khushi had to close it and then she read the entire thing twice, and smiled and said, “Ahaa! There is a catch Mr. Rajwada.”
Arnav glared at her.
“What? See the annexure. It says Vandana Rajwada…”she paused, and asked your mother?”  And continued, “ Ok! She left it to her son’s wife. Aha! So I am not so…cool it Mr.”
“Do you both have any grey matter in your brains?” Arnav asked her.
Both the women stared at him.
“Yes it says the key can only be with my wife. And that would go if she has not less than 35% of the stake. You fulfill both now.” He said.
“But I am not the wife My dear sir!” Khushi said smugly.
“Then why did you get 36% Stake Ms.K? He asked.
“That too overnight?”
“What? How do I know? Ask your gran.” She said.
“She made a public statement that she is giving it to my would be wife.” He explained mock patiently.
“But I am not.” Khushi said.
“Good try telling to the other directors and stakeholders. Then they will ask in what capacity stakes went in your favour. Mind you, they must have all read todays head lines for sure.” He said coldly.
“We will tell them your grandmother transferred them on to my name.” Khushi said confidently.
“For what?” He asked her.
“For being your would be.” She spat back.
“Right! But you are not that! So who are you?” He demanded.
“I?...” Khushi did not understand.
What did he mean by who was she!
“You are a fraud. That’s what they will prove you to be. “ He smirked yet again.
Khushi sat on the bed saying, “ OH MY GOD!!!”
“That’s ridiculous!” Varsha came to rescue her friend. “Your gran did that. She didn’t ask for it.”
“Try convincing Vasisth Jhunjhunwaala!” Arnav threw another googly at them.

“Who is that?” Both the women asked.
“AR Group’s Chief Legal Officer.” Arnav said coldly.
They both exclaimed, “Vasisth JhunJhun waala! The Jhunjhun wala!!!!!Oh No! He ripped people apart! No way!”

“What….e.r…do… I do? Khushi said, and said, “I want some water to drink.” Varsha scurried to the mini refrigerator and pulled out a small bottled and handed it over saying, “Here!”
“What do we do Varsha?” Khsuhi asked.
Varsha shook her head in helplessness.
Khushi looked at Arnav and asked, “ What shoud I do?”
“Marry me!” He said very matter-of-factly.
“What?” Khushi got up coughing as the water she was drinking went into her nose as well.
“Easy!” He thumped her on her back and asked,” Are you all right?”
Khushi regained her breath and glared at him and hissed,” You swine!”
“Yeah! Thanks Ma’am!” Arnav said giving her a mock bow.
“This is all because of you!” Khushi went, on as Varsha stalled her, “ Khushi! Stop! Just …”
“You did all this coz I didn’t go to that farm house with you… you %$^#&!” Khushi shook with anger.
Arnav laughed out throwing his head back much to Khushi’s rising anger. “All this coz what? That you refused to go with me to my weekend hide away? What do you think you are? I asked you to go there to discuss legal repercussions and since Vasisth was chilling there with his family, I thought I will make you sit with him and discuss it out before we go further on it.”
“You…you %^&&*! You didn’t tell me that!” Khushi hissed at him.
Why should I? You should have trusted me K” he spat back! You think the whole world is after your smart little ass?
I wouldn’t even give you a second glance! And Believe me I have better hostesses in my guest houses than you.” He sneered at her.
“How dare you!” Khushi growled.

“I do! Coz, how dare you think that every man is a lech! Today morning I still came for you…to ask you and drill sense into you, but you had to make the scene and now look at what you have done! My name is now associated with yours and aaarrrgggh gran actually transferred…” he got a ping and checked it groaned aloud…”AAAARRRRGGGHHHH…. That’s the confirmation. Now you are officially the holder of 36% of the AR Group stake.”
“WHAAATT?” Both Khsuhi and Varsha yelled.
“Do you know what are the twin assets?” he asked them.
“No.” Khushi said closing her eyes.
“My ancestral home where my parents tombs are there and … he breathed hard and said,” …and he closed his eyes and said,” the antique gold statue of Lord Sri Krishna of the Rajwada Dynasty.”
“The one which they say is an original sculpted by Sudhama and passed through the generations!” Khushi said loudly. It was very famous.
“But I don’t want any of these. I…I shall return it back” Khushi said with conviction.
“Oh Yeah? And how may I know?” Arnav asked her.
“I shall return them! That’s all! There is no how and when in that Khushi declared.
“Do that!” he challenged her.
“I shall…to your granny” she told him.
“Go ahead!” He gestured by the sway of his hand. “Be my guest!”
“I shall be. Coz I will come for that dinner party, and return the entire thing!” She threatened.

“It is registered on your name. Are you crazy?” Arnav asked her.
“So I will get it reregistered.I am educated you know?” she raised her eyebrows twice in victory.
“Cant!” he said looking at her seriously, making her go cold in the pit of her stomach.
“Why? Even for reregistration you need her consent!” He said in a clipped tone. And added when she looked at him incredulously.
“Grand pa Rajwada was a genius K! He put some ground rules which all of us follow. You cant transfer you can avail the power but not sell or transfer till you become a member of family. Rule is the same for all of us!”

“Then what should I do?” Khushi asked loudly.
“You know what!” He smirked.
“No!” She slumped on to the bed closing her mouth in horror.

“Yeah! Now you have no choice! Marry me…
Sorry for the delayed updates...
Website will be launched in the first week of February and I shall update the status in my next post.
Till then keep connecting with me...