Monday, 24 February 2014


The Masquerade

"I want the veil down!" He purred his voice thick and smooth!
"No...." She said looking away!

"Now!" He growled.
"I told you No!" She said evenly.

"Why?" He asked.
"------------. No!"She said very firmly!

"I will give you a lakh more!" He baited her.
"Keep it and buy yourself a toy!" She said and pushed him away!

"No! You are not going anywhere until I am done with you" He said... holding her hand as she slided past him!
She tried to wriggle her hand free but he was far too stong in his hold on her hand, crushing it so hard that she winced!

"What Arnav Singh Raizada wants he gets!" He said very coolly!
"Well! You have news! He won't always! Not this time!" Khushi spat and said...
"Even if you pay me the double the amount... I won't!"
"Well thats bad isn't it coz I bought your company for the next three hours and you are supposed to be at my bidding!" He said smugly!

Khushi gasped and said,
" Right! But I am not a slave! I she just looked at him a she drew her closer to him and simply said," Aren't you?Then we shall make you one! You will make a ...lets say a very interesting slave!"He drawled!

She was drowned into his eyes! And just looked into their depths which she could not fathom!
"I want you! He said without any preamble! And thats why I bought you offering double the prize!"
"But this is not some....
It is..." Words failed Khushi...
She simply said,
"You can't make me..."

"I can! believe me! I can make or break everything!" Arnav said coldly!

"But I already belong to someone else!" She said.
"No you don't...not anymore! When I bought you... that very moment you are just mine and the others are eliminated by default!"ASR growled.

"You...arrogant..." Khushi could not think of a suitable word!
"Son of a $%^#&? ...or ...Whatever?" He supplied much to her annoyance
"Thank you but let me have you know that...

This Masquarade Ms. Mystery Harem girl is over!" Arnav Singh Raizada said folding his arms infront of him and then he said something which made Khushi almost to faint!
"Now you belong to me! And I am not letting you to go! Not now! not after three hours! NOT EVER..."


Starts tomorrow...


Paramjeet said...

well well very interesting prologue.. looking forward to The Masquerade.. Arnav-Khushi love them.. best wishes dear and Happy writing

GoldenHaze said...

Hey Param you are a darling!

subani jayasinghe said...

Whoa! What a start .. Eagerly waiting for the first chapter..
You rocks !!

Farhana Raheem said...

Looking forward for it!

jessjazz said...

Oh My God!!! What a prologue... definitely looking forward to it.

Shubhi Gupta said...

Simply awsme
Cant wait 4 next ud

Nadia Almeida said...

Lovely start, Anu........looks very interesting....looking forward to it.......

Anu Reddy said...

Awesome start to the story Anu!!! Cannot guess anything from the prologue :-) congrats on the new story, I am sure you are going to amaze us as usual!!!!

Prologue looks very interesting, cannot wait to see where you take the story!!!!! Waiting for the next update :-)

Swetha Rajulapati said...

Hey Anu, loved it yaar... Waiting for the story to start... Hope it's going to b another roller coast...

jahnavi tammareddy said...

Interesting start. He bought her.

dream light said...

IF ID angeldream14
loved it
dam curious n confused
no idea wht is going on
r they on some kind of paid date

Lakshmi said...

Interesting prologue...Bring it on...I'm ready for another Arshi ride:)

Disha said...


Questions questions and more questions !

Another super hit story coming our way i can feel it ! :)

Ps: Some paragraphs are not clearly visible due to the font color and background..if possible just put a darker color or some thing it will be easier to read.

Shubhanjli Saxena said...

Hey, very very interesting prologue.
Eagerly waiting to read our beloved ArShi once again. You are a darling Anu giving us treat without asking.
Thank you.

GoldenHaze said...

Hey Dishu thats the Masquerade you know! If you guys miss out on some lines....well jokes apart! I tried my best to make it look a little festive! Blogger does not have many font colours an dthoda bahuth bantha hain yaar!

Sadaf salman said...

You always choose different subjects hope this time is same as always .Ready to read something different but i must say writing romantic mystery is your trait .

Sajinabi Musthafa said...

Anu welcome back with another awesome story of Arshi and like always dis is exceptionally wonderfull no words to say how much Iam looking forward to read d story like hell.

WOW ASR wants Khushi at any cost and Khushi just like ASR all hell sturbborn wont bend to his rules and likes to be with him.

Continue soon Anu, can't wait to see how these hot-head ones r going to deal with each other. Thanks 4d mail buddy.

namendra shaz said...

Another story on Arshi. Nice intro...throws up interesting possibilities.

We are lucky to have writers like you who keep engaging us with your stories. Don't ever give up on this.