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Khushi rotated the spoon so that Arnav gets a sparkle of it as light reflected on it! And she looked at him with narrowed eyes as he showed her his teeth! Arnav looked at the spoon and stole a glance at Garima and Shashi who were talking to Payal on the phone! He simply coughed!

Garima gave the phone to Shashi and came to him asking," Pani chahiye Babua?" ( Do you need some water?) and she saw Khushi with the spoon and said," Hath sey khilaayiyo Khusi! Dekh nahi rahi ho unhey khaasi ho rahi hain!" ( Feed him with your hand, don't you see? He is coughing?) She took the spoon off Khushi's hands who was breathing out fire!

Khushi looked at Arnav who looked at her levelly! She felt like throwing something at Amma and  punch him on his smug face!
"Abhi taq baithi ho?" ( You are still sitting quiet) Garima chided her!
...And said "Khilaao!!! Oo ka intezaar kitna karaugi?"(Feed him! How much more will he have to wait?)
Khushi turned red as Arnav's gaze skimmed her clearly taking the other meaning which Garima did not imply!

She took a piece of roti with some sabzi and slowly offered it to him looking down at the plate! She waited! Nothing happened!
She slowly raised her head and then her eyes and as she looked into his eyes he ate the first morsel and his lips sucked the food off her fingers making her to gasp! He was looking at her and Khushi never knew such simple things can be such a turn on!
Her heart beat paced up!She had to feed him the next morsel! her breathing grew heavy and her heart fluttered in her rib cage! She raised her hand and did the mistake of looking into his eyes!
He was looking at her and his eyes were smoky with desire as he lowered his lashes to look at her finger tips!
Khushi really felt like running away from there! Her parents were there and a dozen people including the cook Om Prakashji- all busy in their work and world, yet she felt so embarassed to be seated like that as he ate from her hand!
Her hand shivered and Arnav caught her wrist with his hand in such a way that his thumb was on the underside!
Khushi choked as Arnav's lips closed on her fingers and he moved his lips chewing the food as she hastily tried to with draw her hand but he held on and stroked her wrist with his thumb saying "ek minute Rani saa! Yeh sabzi bahut acchi bani hain" ( One minute Your Majesty! This curry is yummy) and licked her fingers one by one looking deep into her eyes!
Khushi knew what was going to happen if Arnav Singh Raizada made love to her! If a man could make love to you with his eyes infront of twenty people milling around well...!!! One can imagine what it would be with him in a much more intimate scenario.

Author's Note:
Thank you so much for visiting my blog and reading and supporting my work one and all! However, It is a tad disheartening that there are so many hits but few reviews! I never pestered anyone for commenting but it feels bad that after being disciplined in updating regularly( Read it as daily) very few feel the need to give feed back which might be encouraging and helpful to the writer! I also wish to thank all those who read and comment regularly and I am happy writing for them! 


Allison Mark said...

A fantastic story so beautifully written that it keeps you wanting more n more. The descriptions are so pictorial that you get transported to those places n become a part of the story. This is your magic dear Anu!!

GoldenHaze said...

Hey Allison! How hav eyou been! Nice to hear from you! Thank you so much for your feed back! You know it means a lot to me!

Sruthi said...

He tortured her and himself too...

Algol Betelgeuse said...

I am loving this secret game these two are playing <3

tanmay said...

hi di.. thank u thank u thank u...

i just told ppl here at home..tht i m going to b busy fr abt 30 min, since i m sure anudi had put a update...
n u did.. n i read.. like always 2 reads before my first comment :)

amazing.. swear. i hd no clue tht somethg as simple as luking at someone can b so seductive ;)

bt then i shudnt hv doubted my writer di n arnav :) both can actually use anythg to mk khushi blush :)

so this round goes to arnav.. lets see hw khushi reverts on this ..

dont knw sabzi kaisi bani thi.. bt khana mann se khaya.. tht is pretty evident :) :)

n "to deejiye" haye... whn u mk him say such cute simple thgs.. n tht too in hindi.. like her.. aaye haye.. it just forces me to smile :):D

n did i tell u this time tht i love buaji .. ok i love her.. i simply love her..
i think khushi is rt.. buaji does seem like a unsaid aly to arnav :)

as of holding on.. arnav i swear u hv a bad luck .. ur kismat is still being written.. n it luks like u r going to hv to hold on.. well atleast fr a week.. ;)

aur hum to har chapter me threats n intends padh hi rahe hain.. :)

waiting fr more di..
eagerly.. very eagerly.. very very eagerly :) :)

GoldenHaze said...

hey Devi mayya Abhi tho update kiya hain!

anamika said...

Haha he fat her that
But I'm sure she will play him back with intrest but he is too roughf for his own good ... I just loved reading the whole thing

Leena Rocks said...

Ohh my god! i cant believe i missed so many updates!!

awesome ... is the word

arhi - still stuck at kabhie main kabhie tum...
sweet nok jhok...
i really hope this trepidation ends soon!! i actually feel exhausted ... going round and round in circles!

lets see where and how this moves! :)
Thanks for the updte Anu!!:)
IF ID LeenaRocks

arhiforever said...

Wow, nice update, he has all the feelings bottled up, and her she is going thru so much

Disha said...

Wow,,,, Awesome update Writer Sa !!

I swear i never knew koi khaana khilane ko bhi itna erotic bana sakta hai .......
Like i have mentioned a million times before I LOVE ARNAVJI OF "THE PURSUIT" ! BAS BOL DIYA ;)

Lakshmi said...

Beautiful....they just had dinner.....God!!! u 've completely turned the picture.. each minute changes the way u write ..u r good in romantic scenes..lovely update...

Ranbir Singh Anand said...

Wow, I never thought reading about someone getting feed could be so exciting.

Lovely update.

Paramjeet said...

OMG !!! Eye sex specialty of Arnav Singh Raizada.. Mind blowing updates.. can understand what Khushi must be going through when Arnav was giving her those looks and eating his dinner by her hands.. i got shivers while reading it what Khushi must be going through while experiencing it.. Arnav is enjoying the plight of his wife.. but can understand he is hurt inside due to khushi's talk.. but he is trying his best to make her understand that she is important to him and will be.. hope Khushi gets the message..

you know what is happening not able to read updates daily just like now read three updates together.. it is by chance i visit you blog and come across an update.. i am not receiving any message about the update.. but will be checking on blog everyday from today.. as this is my favourite story.. loved all the updates and looking forward to the most happening week of Khushi's life with Arnav...
thanks for giving such a beautiful story dear..

aquariuslp said...

Lovely writing dii... but wenever i think they have progressd a little, they r bak to sqr one about thr feelings for each othr :( when wil they accept the love as it is!?

jyothi parsi said...

Wow...I'm reading these 3 chapters back to back...n each one has been better than the previous one....their relation is rite now in a very imp n delicate situation .....hope they both wont give up on one another n let the opponents win

Mithila Torr said...

Sorry! Life caught up!Read this part now. Beautiful ahem ahem ;) update Anu. Did Arnav go to seduction school? Can we get the reference please?I was hyperventilating...Think of poor Khushi!