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The Whisper Valley-4/1


"No No!" Khushi squirmed and the  realised she was moving on her own and that was because she was being carried on  someone's shoulder!Her hands were tied...

"SHHHHH!!!!!! Make no noise!" The voice warned her again!
"WHo are..." she could not speak as his voice prevailed.
"SHHHHH!!!!" The man stopped and hissed angrily," Not one word...."
"" khsuhi tried still.
"Shut up!"He hissed! "Shut up and keep your trap shut!"
It was the same voice that said 'come with me!' Oh god! It was Mr.Foggy two eyes!
She opened her eyes wider and tried to see! Nothing! Thick darkness enveloped her and she was methodically moving as she was being carried by a man with her head almost reaching his waist on his back! She realised she was on one of his shoulders and he was a well built male with a set of broad shoulders and his gait told her he was robust in his form and health!
He moved swiftly and steadily and was in a thick blazer... she realised as her chin kept banging to his rigid back!

Hey Devi Mayya she tried to turn her head to see who it was!
A hand heavily gloved came and clamped her back to the shoulder as the man growled....just stay as you are! His voice was so muffled and gruff that Khushi could hardly hear him! But even in that she noticed that it was heavily accented!

After another five minutes Khushi realised she was blind folded! Oh! God! Thats why she was not seeing anything but she knew the outside was dark too as then she could actually feel lights around her, although she could not see!
Suddenly she was put down and the man suddenly clamped something like a belt that secured her to his back and he swore as he wriggled!" Stay still he hissed"
Khushi was now scared... was he going to throw her into the creek or what was it that he was planning to do with her!
She tried asking him..." What..."
She suddenly found herself being pulled by her hair as he growled," Quiet lady! Can't you get it?Just be quiet!"

Then Khushi's gut tightened in fear as ...The man started ascending something.... she could feel that he was going up a rope or something but definitely they were scaling some heights!
Oh! No! He would take her there and throw her into one of the gorges!
Khushi's hands bunched up on his front and he stopped and said," Hold on!!!"
Somehow that one word gave lot of hope to Khushi! Somehow it sounded like assurance! 
If he had to kill her then why would he be so!She debated!

There was a creeking sound and... she could feel him slowly descending on a flat surface... some kind of a tunnel or something as again she could feel darkness.... and also the footsteps of the man echoed making her wonder if it was some kind of a dungeon!

She then suddenly was set into an opening as he pushed her into the tight opening andhis body warm and hard egged her to mov ein front! Khsuhi moved and suddenly she felt better as if she was out into the open or a familiar place!

She tried to talk with the man..." Where...are....
The man's gloved hand closed o her mouth saying..." Quiet!"
There was a moment somewhere near by and she could hear the shuffling of feet...
Where were they? She wondered and it struck her that there were others around! That menat help was around! It could be his accomplice! But if it were so, then he wouldnt have asked her to kept quiet! So they were ordinary people... so if she shouted then someone might come to her rescue after all!

But it was almost seven...
The man's hand slackened on her mouth as he dropped something on the floor...he bent to pick it up... and taking advantage of it, Khushi tried to call aunty Rose.... may be she came in search of her...."AUNTY.....Ro..."

What happened next would always be remembered by her... Khushi thought as the man was taken aback by her sudden rebellion and a pair of warm lips descended on to her lips cutting her speech!Khushi felt every nerve of her body quiver as the man claimed her lips in a punishing kiss, barging in through her senses, and absolutely reigning over them!
Khushi felt strangely odd as her hands were tied in her front and she was blind folded and the man's lips first claimed her as a punishment, but the moment they touched her lips they went soft suddenly probing her lips and seeking access to her mouth which she tried her best to keep closed clamping her lips together! But the man pried them open and sought the hot recess of her mouth pushing her back and possessing her mouth completely!
Khushi realised there was a wall to her back and he pressed her to it and as suddenly as he started, he stopped kissing her huffing," If you value your life... leave the Valley and don't mention what happened today!TO ANYONE!!!! Just leave!"
Khushi realised that suddenly there was a tug and there was a thud and a creeking noise and then silence!
She deduced- the man left!!!.... and it took a full minute for her to comprehend that the man had loosened the knot on her wrists and so intricately it was tied that it took another two minutes for her to loosen it and slip it off her wrists and she realised she was in a dark place...She groped around and she collided into a chair...A chair!!!!
She then remembered she was blindfolded! She immediately removed the cloth and gasped as she was standing right in front of the window in her room, whose curtains were drawn out and the first thing she saw was a man with a hat and on a horse vanishing into the fog!A dark shadow followed him or was it her imagination?
Khushi looked around and switched on the light,...with the help of the faint light seeping in through the curtains.....
She closed her eyes as she was trembling all over in a strange sensation of fear mixed with a very forboding feeling of eerie sensation!
She was standing right in the middle of her room!

The Whisper Valley-4/1

"...Aron saw her at the library at half past two but he said she left immediately... oh God! Please! Help my child" Rose was crossing her chest when Khushi descended the stairs much to every ones relief and shock!
"Whoa! You were... up there?All the time?" Joel could not help exclaiming!
"Oh my God! Child! Whatever happened to you?" Rose rammed into her hugging her to her bossom!

"I am ok Aunty Khushi said hugging her and she turned to Devyani and said "Nani ji woh patha hain aapko... "and Devyani got up came to her one of her hands was in plaster and she faltered and Rose and Joel caught her on time as she fainted!

"How did this happen?" Khushi found herself asking as Rose Mary Sanders adjusted the pillow under Naniji's hand!
"I just don't understand myself! Madam was worried for you and she just happened to stand at the base of the stairs and the glass window she gestured towards the central hall.... the big one just behind her crashed with a huge noise and with the impact madam went rolling down the stairs! And now her blood pressure has shot up!"Poor Rose was almost in tears!

"Ohhh!!!!" Khushi could not say much!

Khushi closed her eyes and replayed the last ten minutes in her mind...

She realised the man whoever he was left her in her room and by a secret path! As she switched on the lights and opened the door to rush down stairs to inform everybody that she is back,... she heard Joel Mendosa talking animatedly to Nani ji!

"I have informed the Valley Police madam but they were very sceptical ...what with today being one of theose heavy fog days! Its nearing the Whisper Gala... time Ma' you know fog now would only thicken... but they promised to let us know as early as they can!" He was trying to put Nani ji at ease!

"Nahi! Bitiya aisan kaisan kahaan chali gayee hogi! Woh humaari zimmedari hain!Kal ko Garima ko kya jawwab dengay? Hum ... bilkul... aahhh! "Nani seemed to be in pain!
( No! How can she simply vanish! What if something happens to her! sh eis my responsibility! what would I say to garima!)
"Madam aap ko uthna manaa hain! Yeh,... come here let me put you to bed",Rose aunty's voice could be heard laced with concern!

"...and where were you my dear young lady?" Rose asked her sternly!
"My mister told me you left at half past two... and we were..." She could not go Nani ji lamented...
"Bahuth pareshan they bitiya! Aisan... kaisay aap...kahaa gayi thi?"
( I was very much worried for yoU! Wherever did you go?)

"Hum raastha... bhatak gayeen thi nani!But please don't worry!" Khushi said rubbing her wrists where there were faint marks that were left by the ropes tied to her!
( I lost my way Nani!)

What else could she say! Right then Nani ji was not up to the mark to listen to her adventure! If she knew what happened to her, No no! Khushi decided to wait till the morning an dinform the police! But that would again be reported to Nani ji!
"She is not doing well as such and ever since you went missing she was out of her wits then the accident happened! Oh god!" Rose was uncontrollable!

Oh! So she had to keep quiet! But what about safety! she needed to think deeper and act fast! Khushi knew she could not share anything right then! moreover the man too warned her! Oh! No! what if he harmed Nani ji!
She could not reveal! But she could not be a sitting duck with no security and she had already two incidents to her credit!
Who was trying to harm her and who was helping her! She did not have  a clue!
But whatever it was... right then she had to first take care of Nani's health by keeping quiet!

The Whisper Valley-4/1

Ok! Aunty since I was the reason for all the trouble, let me make ammends Khushi said amidst protests from Nani and Rose!
She said she would first make some tea and walked to the kitchen!
It was a medieval kitchen set into modernisation!
A stone top with yellow and lemon green tiles ensconing the cooking area made it look very very cheerful!
It was attached to a small garden and conservatory, in keeping with the British system!

Khushi saw that a mix of modern and traditional conservative gadgets was available! She liked the small breakfast table nearer to the conservatory and also the ceramic pots that were lined up on the low roof shelf and she guessed they must be full of pickles!

As she set the kettle to whistle, having filled it with water, she felt queer as she was sure she was being watched! She looked discreetely around without turning her head and as far as she could manage to see there was nothing! No one is there Khushi! You are just being paranoid...!.... she whirred around talking to herself and dropped the tray and cups screaming at the top of her voice!
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anamika said...

I'm in two minds of thinking it was ghost and naniji's grandson

namendra shaz said...

Is it a ghost? But it is solid, caoable of carrying, blindfolding & kissing some! Most likely a mystery man wanting to remain one! You have us guessing though Anu....difficult to comprehend.

Shubhanjli Saxena said...

Oh My God... these are the words which come to mind straight away... Will you believe if I say I had goose bumps again, while reading Khushi's adventure...
Its amazing Anu ji, every time i read it I want more and more. With great difficulty I make myself understand that I have to wait for few days before I read next update..
I am sooo loving it....Awesome..
Please update soon if possible..

Shubhanjli Saxena said...

Oh i forgot to write about Khushi's first Kiss.. that was amazing.. coz it was with a ghost, although now I am not sure and this suspense is killing me ;-)

manjula naidu said...

Suspense filled update.amazing eagerly waiting for further updates.

Paramjeet said...

the story is getting more mysterious after every update.. now one thing is sure the one who brought khushi home is her saviour but would like to know why he asked khushi to leave valley.. Khushi's first kiss.. well it sounds to be amazing.. but khushi didn't reacted much.. nani is tensed hope she gets well soon.. now whom have khushi seen in kitchen.. do continue soon.. loved the update.. it was intriguing..

Anu Reddy said...

Awesome update Anu!!!

Okay with every update I have more and more questions piling up and you are not giving me any answers lol!!!

Was that a ghost or Arnav is the descendant?? Poor Khushi is more confused :-)

Cannot wait fir next update!!!

Neha gupta said...

awesome update

subani jayasinghe said...

Whoa!! What an update.. Superbly written.. trilling Adventures and mysterious all together Wonder who is trying to kill khushi and why .. I wonder is it Arnav who saved her ??.. I think Arnav must be Nani ji 's grandson..
Wonder what happen next.waiting.

Russel Rodrigues said...

very interesting and confusing ... wonder who is behind khushi and why... loved the update

arnaushi said...

oh my god..khushi had her first kiss and that by a stranger...who is trying to protect her....very very curious...i love it...plz reveal somethings soon....and why did she again scream in the end!!
waiting for more!!

Sanghamitra Roy said...

Wow! Interesting..
Seems like that was arnav..
I thnk khushi saw something..
Plz update soon..

Lakshmi said...

Anu it's getting interesting with each update and above all the thriller quotient is also rising slowly.

Aditi kaushal said...

This is getting interesting update by update.. :) Is it a ghost or a person .. is that arnav who is warning khushi to leave the town????? so many questions...
waiting eagerly for next update.

cupcakzdps said...

very intriguing ..awsum

cuteazmi91 said...

Omg I dont know what to say its just amazing

jahnavi tammareddy said...

Another amazing updates. It gets interesting day by day. Why does the person want Khushi to get away from there.? Who is the one who attacked her? Too many questions. Hope I will get the answers soon in ur updates.

Thanks for the email.

Shalini_S said...

hmm.. so the glass broke because of the mystery man?? loved it..

Charu Bhatia said...

It has to be Nani's grandson. I am thoroughly confused.

sweetygirl28 said...

No no no anu don't tell me arnav is a ghost and khushi is willow's rebirth lol. Very gripping story

tessyrani said...


Recently i have started to read your blog. Actually I was searching you in IF.

Any way WV is intriguing. Let me read the remaining parts , since I don't get the plot yet.



Pinky BN said...

Gosh... It is scary. Very nicely written.