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Khushi tried to turn away to hide her embarassment but her back felt cold and it dawned on to her that her choli was open at the back and the duvet was twisted between both of them! She tried to find her hands and in doing so she realised her left hand was tucked beneath his right and struggled to pull it back!

"Hi Khushi!How are you feeling now? "Arnav tried again and she frowned and tried pulling her hand childidhly without acknowledging him!
"Still in the illusion that you can manage every thing?" He taunted looking at her!

In reply she just tried pulling her arm out! Arnav tightened his right arm around her and also his left encircling her to her annoyance!

"Chodiye" ( let go off me) Khushi protested weakly!

"Nai"( nope) he growled very softly!

"Kya?"( what) Khushi looked up and her nose cllided with his forhead and she winced in pain!

"Keep looking down your nose at everyone and thats what is going to happen!!" Arnav quipped!

Khushi gave him a cold stare and struggled with her hand but Arnav just stayed-put amused!

"Aap has rahey hain? Yahaan hum Phas gaye hain!" ( you are laughing at me? when I am stuck here?) Khushi pouted!

"Nice!" He said And added to her chagrin" It rhymes!"

She tried kicking with her leg but nothing moved coz across her legs was Arnav's leg!
His chest was heaving with suppressed laughter! She got infuriated!

"Humey uthna hain Hum Phass gayein hai! Chodiye!"( I need to get up and I am stuck here! Let go off me) she said gruff with anger!

"My bhi tho phasaa hua hun! Dekho!!"( I too am stuck! Can't you see?) he said meaning more than what he said, looking innocently, at both of them making Khushi to take a peek at the over all sight! The bed was a mess and she felt disgusted with herself!

"Tho kuch keejiye!"
( Then do something! She yelled at him!)

My kyun karun? tum jo ho!... har kaam ko apney aap karne vaali Shakthi shali mahila!" Arnav said in chaste hindi!
( What can I do! There you are- The all powerful woman who can accomplish anything on her own)

Khushi was peeved! She just struggled to get up but realised that till Arnav tried she won't be able to move an inch as her lehenga was stuck under his weight!

"Uthiyena!"( oh!get up) She exclaimed exasperatedly!
"Nai!" ( no) Arnav said looking at her!

"Nai ka kya matlab! Humey uthna hain!" Khushi went on!
( what do you mean by no! I need to get up).

"Accha tho kaun roka hai?" ( Ok! Who stopped you?) He asked!

Khushi did not know how to react she felt helpless and more than anything heart broken! She was stuck with him! And most importantly he was stuck with her! He called her his responsibility...

He bent slightly forward...
"Aap humey jaaney deejiye!"( Let me go) She blurted irritatedly!

"Per aap kisike rokney sey thodina Rukthi hain Rani Saa!!!... aap tho humey chod key chali gayeen!" ( You wouldn't stay back and when should you listen to anyone stopping you?)he said and his calling her Rani Saa brought tears to Khushi's eyes!

"Aap sab uljhaakey jo rakhey hain tho humey jaana hi hoga!" ( You[your entry has messed up] have entangled everything and I have to leave] She said and it meant more they both knew!

"Idea" ASR said!
"What?" Khushi asked.

"Yeah! Since anyway you are in my arms You can tell me what happened as I know you are not telling me something" he said!

Khushi saw red! how dare he!
"Kyun? aapki zimmedari hain hum bus!!! tho usmey bolney sunneka kahan kuch rehgaya hain!!!" she poked him!
I am just your responsibility! Is it not? Then where is the place for a dialogue?)

"Carefull khushi I am in a very good mood to do something that we might regret later" he said warning her with a glint in his eye!

"Aranavji aap humko uthney dengey ya nahi!" ( will you let me go or not?) Khushi demanded!

"Nahi"(no) he said and pulled her closer!
Khushi could not contain her frustration and yelled! "Uthiye"( GET UP).

"...please bolo!: he said with an intonation to his voice that a teacher used for a kindergarten kid.

"kyun?Hum please kyun bolein?"  Why? why should I say please?) Khushi was mad at him now.

"Tho math bolo!" ( Then don't!) He shifted and Khushi realised till then he had not put his full weight on her! But then he did and she was unable to even breathe properly.

She wriggled and nothing happened!
He turned and looked at her! "This is better" he said staring into the mirror!
"Kya? aap kaisey...?"( What> How can you...) and then realised he was watching her bare back! Of course the MIRRORS!!!!

"aapki himmath kaisey huyi"( How dare you?)she said struggling to free her hands!

"Himmath ki kya bath hai Khushi! yahaan tho taaqath ki zaroorath hain!"( It's not about valour! Its about energy) He teased her smiling smugly!

"Kya! Aap aisey kaisey...?"( What! How could you?) words failed her!

"Tumharey Purkhoney jo sheesh mahal banwayee hain sab unki galthi hai! Myne kya kiya?" ( It's all the fault of your ancestors who made a castle embedded with mirrors! What have I done?) he asked innocently trying to keep a straight face!

Khushi just pulled up all her strength and pushed him away...but he was literally lying on her lehenga and as she pulled fiercely it tore making a noise that made her stop wriggling! She looked up in anger her eyes spitting fire!

Arnav was in for a treat as the Jethwa jewels sparkled like rubies... red and Khushi just was struggling to control her temper! She never gave up! She was weak, but never bowed down! Taming her would be one heck of a job! But Arnav Singh Raizada always liked to make the impossible easy to achieve!

"Ye kya bachpana hai!"( whats this childish prank!) She said squirming!!!

Arnav just raised his eyebrow and she just tried to move away and realised her hair was stuck in his shirt button! She pulled hard and it hurt!
"Ouch!!!" she writhed in pain and thought she would atleast  move her head away from his shoulder...her dupatta was stuck under him! And added to that,she could now hear laughter rumbling through him!!!
Pathaa nahi kya sikhaayagaya gaya hain inhey bachpan mein jo itney dheet baney hain she muttered under her breath...
( wonder what they coached him in, while young that he turned out to be so stubborn!!)

Khushi just stared at him failing in all attempts to free herself and her head now ached in earnest!! She caught her head and Arnav immediately caught her head with his right hand and asked her, "sir dukh raha hain?" ( Is your head aching?).

Khushi could ease her left hand out and she tried to move farther and when he tried to stop her she said "nai!"(no).

The simple word infuriated Arnav!" What the #$%@!" he swore!!

"Arnavji hum thaq gayein hain! Paseena chootraha hai!aap samajhthey kyun nahi! Humey akela chod deejiye"
( I am tierd! Its sultry and why don't you understand! Just leave me alone).

She said feigning exasperation but in reality she was tierd of this cat and mouse game! It felt very good with him and his proximity was disturbing her and she did not have the physical and mental energy to fight her own weakening urge to wrap him up in her arms!

He looked haggard! and absolutely adorable with sleep ruffled hair!

"Akeley kaisey chodein?" ( how can I leave you alone?) he asked moving forward...

"Bathaa tho rahein hain hum chidey hue hain... " ( I am telling you I am cross)she shirked him off...

He chuclkled "tho chidey raho... myne kuch kaha?"( Do be cross! Dis I say anything) And saying that he tried to kiss her!

Khushi was now absolutely clueless about what she had to do to get out of that situation...
she just tried pushing him away...saying... "paseena hai Arnavji"( Its sweaty)

"Arnavji ponchney tho deejiye..."( Let me wipe)she feigned irritation!

"Hum ponchdethey hain..." ( let me) he closed the distance and rubbed his chin on hers on to her left cheek first and then propped up a little and then her right cheek... and then lower touching his lips to her throat just below her left ear!

"Ab theek hain?" ( alright now?) he mumbled with his lips still glued to her neck! Khushi did not know what to do as his lips were sending shivers down her spine when they moved!

He hauled her with both his hands and turned her on the her other side and carefully placed her half on him so that her right side was ok and said... "my shirt is wet with your sweat already! So!!! Stop fussing!"

Khushi was at loss for words! Jiji never told her that when he wanted, Arnav singh Raizada can be very patient! She simply said humey uthna hai!  and then when he gave her a -'you know what you have to do look' said with reluctance "!"

"Hmmm! Good!!! Ok!" he moved a little and said... "you may!"
Khushi tried to get up and was jerked back as when he turned her over her mangal sutra got caught on to his shirt button! She tried to free it and her right arm was still very weak! He sighed and heped her and when she sat up finally she remembered her choli and said hey Devi Mayya and grabbed her dupatta and wore it round her like a shawl while Arnav chuckled away lazily!

She moved to get down and her lehenga was stuck beneath him she pulled and it tore a little more making her to yell at him... uthiye!

He just got up muttering...

"Patha nai kya kya sikhaatey hain Jethwaa raja raniyonko... galey padgaye tho chudaana ithna mushkil hothaa hain" he muttered!
( wonder what they teach the Jethwa royalty... so difficult to get rid off them once you are entangled in their web!)

That hurt! Khushi closed her eyes and turned back and said loudly... "you were responsible for the mess!"
Arnav looked at himself and said "Am I wearing a lehenga?... dupatta?...aaaah mangal sutra? Tell me... I dont have even long hair!!!"
"By the way you have  a sexy back" he said

Khushi made an 'o' with her mouth outraged...
She went round the bed and stood before him her hands wrapped tight in the dupatta now"... aap humaarey...iska matlab hai... Arnavji aap..."
"I am not lying!" Arnav said knowing fully well that would infuriate her more...

Khushi stamped on the ground... and she realised her lehenga was tied loose and it was about to come undone while at the same time she heard Buaji say "NandKishore tum log uthke chai nastha nahi karogey!" ( You people won't get up for breakfast?)

Khushi looked stricken and stole a glance at Arnav and then her lehenga!

Arnav did not get it in the beginning but he did not have to think much to understand what was happening! As he moved forward Buaji entered and Khushi dived on to him and he circled her waist with his hands as if he was hugging her but  holding her lehenga in place actually!

Buaji came smiling... and froze! Looked at Khushi and then at Arnav and then Khushi! "Lagtha hai humari madad ki kaunu zaroorath nahi babua..."
It appears as if my assistance would not be required).


tanmay said...

yay... another one.. demanding detailed attention :)

ok.. first.. i was lying down n reading this.. n abt 2-3 dialogues down.. i realised i really hv to sit up to enjoy it properly :)

di i cant copy it :( n i m too lazy to type all those beautiful dialogues .. so i will just say wht i want to :)

in the starting of the chapter.. whn he askd her hw she is feeling... swear.. he seems soo innocent.. n at the same time totally naughty.. knwing fully well wht wud irritate her, n doing the same.. :)
n everytime he said nai.. wow.. so clear.. exactly in character.. he knws wht he wants.. n he doesnt care abt hiding it :)

oh n it rhymes.. honestly.. hd i been in khushi's place.. irritated with someone.. who was talking this way with me.. flirting :) i wud hv felt like killing him.. at the same time.. i wud probably b hving a hard time controlling my urge to let a small smile creep :) :)

hai raja saa.. aap bhi fanse hue hain.. kasam se.. i hope is baar aapko pata ho ki aap pori tarag fans gae hain.. n aap use accept karne ko tayyar bhi ho :)

n i like tht he says why shud he do anythg.. she is all might one, who can do everythg on her own... so y nt start rt away :)

n his complaint.. aap hamey chod ke chali gayeen.. uff.. itne pyar se shikayat karenge arnavji.. to bechari rani saa kaise naraz rahengi :)

n i sooo love his idea.. God he is never going to leave his condition of hving her in his arms whn she speaks :) i sooo love him fr remembering n mentioning it everytime.. one way or the other.. n this idea was a very very cute way of reminding her of his condition

n khushi.. i felt like crying fr her whn she mentioned tht she is just a responsibility.. poor soul.. raja saa.. if only i cud catch hold of u.. i wud hv hd u punished well enuf fr putting her thru this..

though u really r a gr8 flirt (or mayb the writer has md u soo ;) ) n coz of tht i feel like forgiving u easier than i wud hv liked :)

n please bolo... gr8 start arnav.. i mean towards the goal of taming the princess pridechin :)

purkho bhi kya pata tha raja saa.. ki unki bitiya rani ka pala aise aashiq se padne wala hai :)

aur kitne dialogue likhen yahan :) sab hi too gd they.. :) as gd as promised :)
i love hw inspite of riling her up to the last limits.. he still tks care of her, n is concerned fr her.. in small ways n big ways alike..
they way he mks sure tht her lehenga is in place.. its beautiful understanding..

waiting fr more di.. :)

aquariuslp said...

he he... yeh arnav bhi na... :) I can't stop smiling. Good one dii.. loved it.

GoldenHaze said...

Thanu pitogi agar more bola tho! Yahaan sargam ka update atka hua hai aur Dishu mujhey khaa jayegi uska agar laughter dose nai mila tho!
But thank u so much fr ur review... bang on as always

GoldenHaze said...

oops Lakshmi... thanks...

Disha said...

Omg this such a cute naughty wala update!!
Rani Sa is beck in her old form and Arnav Ji too but they better get serious now .....
Bua Ji ke bhi entry ki daat deni padegi !! lol

Paramjit said...

wow once again very romantic update... love their closeness and khushi's small tussle to be freed by arnav... and arnav's stubbornness not to free her.. loved it.. hope they start getting serious about their feelings... thanks for pm dear...

GoldenHaze said...

hey Dishu... long time... but me sleepy yar will ctch up wth u pakka tomorrow

dream light said...

loved it

so sweet

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the PM.


I like the cameradie that they share at present. He does care for Khushi deeply. Her reactions towards Arnav are justified. She wants to keep him away from harms way. Having said that, she shouldn't have to sacrifice her happiness because of two dicks that seems to want to order her around and make her life a living hell!!!

Bless :') Khushi pretty much jumped on Arnav ... though she did it pretty much so her clothing don't fall around her legs, I'm sure he enjoyed it! ;D

Shoobie said...

I love this naughty and playful Arnav! Nice update

kaajal chauhan said...

wow di i just loved it....
n Arnav is gng tough time to woo his rani saa pridechin ..omg...
n ASR gts wht he wnts...lolZ
n how flirtly he was ....
poor khushi still she thinks her raja saa thinks her as responsibility...
sone pe suhaga ntry of buaji....!!!

tanmay said...

anu di... vaishali ka to hum bhi wait kar re hain...

bt here is sthg tht i m waiting fr more eagerly...


:) :)

PS jab mann kare.. jitna mann kare... bina soche maar lena aap :)

GoldenHaze said...


Prabha L said...

haaaa dat was a cool update uff arnav is too adorable n he understands each n every expresion of khushi n khushi she is too cute nice update dear

tanmay said...

di... 10 n counting.. :)

Maz786 said...

love this cat and mouse game. absolutely love Arnav in his playful character.