Wednesday, 22 May 2013



Pic Credit: SSNAIR

Khushi made to get up but Arnav just wouldn't let her!
"Rukiye! Darwaazey pe koi hain!"( Wait! someone at the door) She hissed.
"Let her wait Khushi! Tell her you are not free!Arnav said coolly.
"Haan?" Khushi looked at him... whatever he meant by that!
"Haan!I need to talk to you! Arnav said determinedly.

He then said softly taking her face into his hands,..." Khushi you understand that this is going to get dirty? Now that they are openly attacking us? So... I want you to promise me, you won't do anything idiotic! Let me take care of you!...and... and don't... he stalled what ever she was saying.. by saying," Don't ever think of leaving me! That is beyond negotiation now! so just be with me!"

"Aa... "Khushi opened her mouth to answer and Arnav swiftly closed her mouth with his!
Khushi widened her eyes for a minute and in the next she was slipping into a world of sensuous delight but only for a second or two... reality stuck and she quickly darted her eyes to the door... one push by the woman and it would open... She immeditely hit upon an idea...and simply lifted her hand and touched Arnav on his chest  and moved her palm lower feeling his hard torso!

"What The#$%%!!"Arnav left her mouth and swore catching her wrists...looking at her... with his eyes blazing!
In reply Khushi wriggled her fingers a little and raised her eyebrows challenging him...
"Khushi you will pay for this, I swear..." Arnav said with clenched teeth.


tanmay said...

i loved the entire fight between the frnds :) n the refree :)

its gd to see hw much he trusts both khushi n maan... n hw softly he handles the role of refree :)

n i hope the water helps her feet... coz by arnav's reaction.. they must b real bad..

luking fwd to next one :)

tanmay said...

"... itti si hai aa jayegi isme" was tooo cute :)

n "... ranaji aapna jara apne pair dikhaiye" awesome :) loved hw arnav said 'ranaji'

the tetnus threat was tooo cute n kiddish :) i imagined khushi sticking out her tongue at maan after saying it :) i wud hv :)

n injection se darr lagta hai.. was like u try to mess with me.. i let out ur secrets :)
soo kiddish.. n soo cute :)

n referee's decision was cute too :) he really must b feeling like he is stuck between 2 5yr old kids :)

n supplying swords was .. hahahahaa :)

Lakshmi said...

Maan and khushi's interactions are adorable...aslo disheartening to see Maan at such times....

Kaushu said...

Cute Cat fight. Arnav is a true refree. Inspite of fighting, both have each others concerns in their minds. I hope it is time for three of them to join forces.

Prabha L said...

Fabulous arnav is always adorable...luved maan-khushi convo ''...itti si hain aajayegi" dats superb update it soon

Prabha L said...

Fabulous arnav is always adorable...luved maan-khushi convo ''...itti si hain aajayegi" dats superb update it soon

stories.1408 said...

Loved khushi maan contest

Disha said...

Man this was such a treat !

Pehle Arnav aur Khushi ki nok jhok the khushi and Mann ki tu tu maim main ... loved this update !
I have to say though i am sure i have said earlier but still cant help repeating i really love the dialogues you make Arnav say .. they are just too good.
I am feeling so bad for Maan yaar uske liye koi nahyi entry kar do for love interest sake !!!!