Monday, 10 June 2013



The lights came on suddenly and ...
"Arnav?..."Deepthiman's voice resounded on the stairway!

"What The $%#^! What are you doing here and whats this?" Arnav said pulling the pistol down!
"You thought I am  a fool?.... to leave you and Khushi when there is no Neeraj Mishra or his men? And no protection? Seriously the first thing I am going to do tomorrow is to move to the high court with a petition against the security arrangements for Khushi and you! Deepthiman said putting his gun back into his shoulder holster!

"Maan? Aap log...." ( Maan! You guys) Khushi's voice reverbarated in the long corridor and as she walked past she noticed that there was a mattress arranged on the far side of the corridor away from their bedroom, obviously for him to spend the night on guard!
"Aap mumbai jaaney waale they na?" Khushi asked Deepthimaan suspiciously...!
( You were supposed to start to Mumbai)

" Woh... Rani Saa... uh..."He looked at Arnav for support but Arnav was mad at him, himself! What should he do with this bloke who was sleeping in the open to protect them in his own house! "Oh God!" He swore inwardly!

"Nahi Rani saa humney socha..." Deepthimaan raked his brains for some smart retort!

"Kya?... Kya socha Aapney? Aap aur kya kya kariengey? ...Humaarey liye? Hadd hothi hain kisi bhi cheez ki!"
( What? What did you think?What all will you keep on doing?... for us?  There is a limit for everything!)

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tanmay said...

badhiya hai.. kaun kise jhel ra hai... sare sabko jhel re hain :)

khushi really is a kid... :) amazing kid :)

oh n maan ne arnav ke peeche museebat ki tokri ko chod diya... hmm... :D

next one di .. :)