Sunday, 22 December 2013


A Dialogue in the Dark


"What did he do K'rishna?" Arnav's voice boomed in the darkness!
"Ji abhinavji woh..." Khushi hesitated to tell him! Bathaayein ya nahieen!

"Did he do something? did...he do anything.." Arnav was incensed with the thought itself.
Damnit! That &*^%$$

Khushi sobbed...
Arnav shook her saying,"I am asking you something woman! Speak up?"

"Ji...Aaj office aaye they!" She finally said.
( He came to my office today)
Aranv said," I asked you did he you again...?" 
I will break his bones if he did!!

Khushi said "Suniye tho..." ( Listen first)
"Nahi answer me first..." Arnav rattled.
You better answer me!

"Ji... humnay... manaa kardiya" She said quietly!
( I forbade him to)
Thats a good girl!"Good ab bolo!"Arnav said... 
Lets have it off straight woman!


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