Monday, 16 November 2015

Destiny Series

Hello Golden Readers!
Been busy and this week is hectic for me through the weekend till monday. So please bear with me.
In the meantime with the success of DYM, I started writing a new series called the Destiny Series featuring my character Deepthimaan.
However I have decided that I would share it only as a book. Would write it in two parts and the first book will be available on my revamped website which will be relaunched shortly. 
The Destiny series will be intense romance and mature content.
I hope you will support me the same way as you have supported DYM.

I already shared the prologue with DYMites... but thought would share it here on the main blog. Your views are welcome as regards to the novel. Since its non ARSHI I assume the Arshi followers would read and enjoy yet another love story.
Let me know your take on it...

From the beginning…

She was there in him as the breath that he inhaled and exhaled…
She was present in every thought of his…
She was the darkness in his shadow…
She was in his every mood and…
She was there with him as a dream…
She was his!
But where was she?
Why was she not with him!
His love! His life! His destiny!
Why did she never think for him…

“There you go Prince!” Major Chawla motioned to a lush expanse of land that seemed to stretch forever. It was amidst the picturesque setting of the Himalayas with the valley stretching before them…
“Is this Sunauli?” He asked the Army official who was sitting next to him…
“Yes sir! This is Sunauli and we are supposed to go to the Post office where…” The Major was still speaking when he stalled him and said,”No! Please! I can manage from here.” He did not want to bother Major Chawla more than he had already! His dad had called the Major’s dad his best pal to arrange for the trip and Major Aman Chawla had done more than enough for him to reach his destination.
“Are you sure?” The Army official raised his eyebrows at the man!
“100% Sure!” came the reply.
“Ok then I shall arrange for the vehicle to reach you in two hours!“ Major Aman said.
“Thanks Major!” he shook hands with him, and walked on… towards his destiny.
She looked at the tap that was leaking and shouted,” Dheeru Chacha Paani behrahee hai! Dekhiye tho!”
(Watch out Dheeru Uncle! Water’s leaking from the faucet)
She then collected her books and put them in the cloth bag hanging by her shoulder, and walked out into the cool evening breeze. She was delayed again. She promised to coach Baiju the village barber’s son. And she did not know how time flew by…She looked at the sky and it was heavily cast… a drop fell on her cheek and she looked up at the sky. She dreaded rain. She actually loved rain, but her life was so very woven with the rain that now she was wary of even a drizzle! It always brought life with it! One, which she dreaded to confront!
She walked into the dusty evening as the day wore the blanket of darkness slowly, and in the twilight she passed the market yard and walked on turning to her right towards the place called home. She was worse than a nomad, as there was nothing called permanency. Only one thing was static and that was her love for someone, who she would never ever get to see in her lifetime again, but who was very much a part of her as was the breath that filled her lungs and left it every second. A faint smile lit her face as the sadness of the whole situation enveloped her yet again…
She took the sharp turn to left and walked past the lush green fields and turned to watch the vast expanse of greenery and by habit mooned about a pair of intense eyes that would turn a deep blue when in thought. Yeah he would be standing exactly like that and…she smiled again and walked on only to stop frozen in her tracks.
She turned and looked back…Impossible! She shook her head several times as if that would make what she saw go away! He was standing by the truck, in his inimitably typical style! She gazed on…still, a part of her trying to reason it out with her saying that it was just a dream and a trickery of her eyes and mind.
He was standing there alright! In flesh and blood!
With his right leg folded and it’s sole resting on the side of the truck and his hands folded in front of him. He was dressed in faded golden brown corduroys and a white cotton shirt with the cuffs folded to his elbows! His frame, was rigid with anger no doubt she knew and his stance told her, he was absolutely mad! She stood rooted to the spot and after what seemed like an eternity, he slowly put his leg down and straightened, making her to panic.
What now!
He started walking towards her and she struggled to even breathe! No it couldn’t be happening! Her carefully erected defenses started crumbling as she drank in on his sight to her heart’s yearning. Strong lithe body that was well toned by rigorous and fanatic workouts! A handsome face that was a treat to watch with an aura that exuded his natural charm that was lethal! A slender waist that hinted at his regal bearing and a jaw that was firmly set on an endless expanse of shoulders that spanned forever! His hips swayed as he lazily walked to her, his eyes never wavering from hers, challenging her all the time to make a move! Her eyes filled up with love as he reached her and she held on tight to the cloth hang-on bag as if her life depended on it.
He looked at her then! His eyes raking her face and then lowered to the rest of her taking in every detail and as they came back to regard her with a quiet disdain, he simply said,” Chalo!”   
Khushi stalled and found her wrist clamped into the strong hand of the man who narrowed his eyes at her in a disdainful mute statement… (Lets go!)
“You know I can’t” she said in a low voice lest her voice might betray her shattered heart.
“You know that I can’t leave you alone too.” He said and dragged her with him.
“ Sir…” she ventured but gulped hard as he turned and glared at her, no doubt for the way she addressed him…
Ok! She had to first get to him to tackle him and it was impossible usually if the Prince chose to be dense.
She then called him,”Maan!....” And this time she paused, as he sucked in his breath and looked at her with such hurt in his eyes that she just could not take it and tried to stem the tears gathering in her eyes, but in vain…
“How could you?” He asked her letting go of her hand in one big shirk that made her to falter back and loose balance for a moment.
“I…I told you I…er… am like this only” she said adamantly.
Right that’s the idea just keep it up. It might just work!
Her inner voice told her. But something about him alerted her. He knew! She could see that! May be not everything but he knew she loved him heart of hearts!
“OH! You did alright!” He gritted his teeth and hauled her by her waist in an unexpected jerk saying,” But from now on… you won’t be that way… your put on self has to go! Forever!”
“How dare you! I have no intention to do what…er…ever” She said raising her chin in defiance when he looked down into her eyes and she lost herself as she drowned into the depths of his blue eyes! They were deep blue right then, as his anger was palpable! His body absolutely rigid with rage and she could sense that leashed aggression in him, which he kept under the garb of a very poised personality…
You will! Whether you like it or not! And may I warn you this is just the beginning Khushi. And I promise you that I will make every second worthwhile! Every second! He spat at her!
But I don’t want to go with you” she wailed helplessly as he dragged her…
“Tough luck! You don’t have a choice!” He sneered at her.
“What do you mean?” She asked him.

“I mean what I said” he said and added softly,” Stop chasing the Rainbow Khushi.


sweetygirl28 said...

Whenever I read this prologue I feel like both of them are back to square one.. Poor khushi she is made to run from one place to another by destiny and poor maan he is made to miss her time and again.. :(

subani jayasinghe said...

Interesting prologue.. Interesting conversation .. Wonder why khushi has to run a way from maan always .. What has she done now ?? Poor maan ..