Friday, 26 February 2016


Hello my dearest readers!

I have been on a hiatus because of issues with my website, and here I am-back with a bang!
And what have I got with me?
A bunch of reads as usual!
First of all let me thank you all for being patient with me all through, and I want to thank all of you for being with me through difficult times. My website crashed several times and had to be shut down for three months. I had to take a very difficult decision to put it back in order. I have upgraded it to a secure site where my content is not plagiarized and where you can read, buy and also discuss to your fill. And Yes! This would cost me, a part of which I am requesting you to support me with, in terms of buying my finished works!
The ongoing novels- The Contrivance and The Whisper Valley would be free reads till May.
The rest of my novels would be put up for sale.
To commemorate the relaunch of my website I have written a new Novel under the Destiny series- Chasing the Rainbow! This is the first book of a two part series of Maanshi- intense and passionate, and would love to read your reviews on the same.
From now on, I would write every week on my blog and also try to update the ongoing novels weekly twice, while giving you new stories every couple of months!
Please register with my website and do let me know how the revamped site looks! Also its business at its usual at Goldenhaze! Read comment and review to your fill. The novel Vaishali Book-2 The revelation would be released next by April ending!
I so look forward to your feedback, comments and testimonials, and remember I am just a mail away for my loyal Goldenhazians!
So happy reading!
Enjoy & Express

P.s: Read Whisper Valley Chapter-32/1 at:

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Uzmatarin said...

Hi dear,really I'm not able to post my comments on chapter 32/1 on new website of yours but i really wanted to express my opinion on it,i think the person with lalitta is not real arnav,he must be his twin evil brother or someone else look a like him bcoz he said that now i'm simbha so he is not the real one n willow knows bcoz I'm sure our hero is not like that n there must be a very big conspiracy,hope I'm right.