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The inspiration to write-Chasing the Rainbow

Writing Chasing the Rainbow

Where do I get the inspiration to write? 
Many ask me, and I tell them...
From what I read obviously, and no not from the best articles or stories, but from the worst lot.
These days I see more and more stuff that is not at all convincing but comes with a fantastic cover page and the works.

But what does the reader in me want? 
The answer is simple an straight. A good read.

What do you mean by a good read? something that not only lets you pass time without thinking about how much time and money you spent on it, but also something that leaves an impact on you in someway!
I remember a few novels I read as a small girl still, and thats how I found out about what profound impact certain stuff has on you.
In all my books it is a conscious effort on my part to create a lasting impact on my readers.

My latest novel Chasing the rainbow is one such byproduct. Deepthimaan's character in the Mirage stirred my soul, and I gave him the main lead in my life time's work Destiny U&ME.
It was and still is a wonderful journey rediscovering so many emotions through this 196 chapter strong novel which is still ongoing on my private blog. Now I don't know if I am crazy or my readers, but the show goes on... 

Thats when I thought about Chasing the Rainbow. The name suggests running after something that is un attainable and I named it after the central theme of the novel that talks about a lady who lives her life in anonymity and never even thinks of an identity till someone makes her realise the strength and sweetness of belonging! Not that she doesn't know of it, but for the fact that her running away from life robbed her of this aspect of her life which Deepthimaan instills in her through his typical and inimitable ways!

The story is based in an office and many of my readers have asked me about office romance. But there is much more than red hot romance. There is suspense, intrigue...and most importantly there is a dark secret that haunts our lady.

Destiny U&ME is slow paced and there is a method in the madness as they say, as I wrote two months of time line as 200 episodes!

Chasing the Rainbow is something where I wrote about a gamut of emotions, upheavels, and turnabouts through to an year in time line in about 155 pages.

The first book is about the foundation for a relationship that blows up to engage two individuals from different backgrounds and different walks of life to come together to celebrate life.
Chasing the Rainbow is about life, living, trust and most importantly letting go and letting to live.
you can get it at my site...

Deepthimaan's character stands pivotal in this, while I experimented with Khushi's this time. Although book one does not reveal much about her, and shows her as a mysterious assistant at the corporal, her character comes across as a offshoot of lots of struggle in life and in a strange way her weakness for staying anonymous entices the reader to know more and include her into the Mehrangarh Royal Family.
well, so much for my musings on the new novel!

Here after I shall share my thoughts on my bog, and readers are welcome to participate by commenting and asking questions...

The best participant, would win a free copy of this novel.
So let me know how you like it...
More about my experiments with characters and plots in my next post!
Enjoy and Express,

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the amazing part of your writing is that even your answers to the questions feels so connected ...