Friday, 1 April 2016

Remembering the Pursuit

Remembering the Pursuit...

Its been some time since I wrote The Pursuit, but I remember the poem that I wrote in the Pursuit! Arnav reading the poem and feeling the loneliness of a young woman! Her aspirations and thoughts! Her feelings and insecurities, and above all her hopes and her fears which makes him go to Sheesh Mahal in Pursuit of her...

Dil mein ek armaan hai... 
Sapney palkon pey hain jagi,
Jab yeh dil ki bujhegi lagi
Bachpan beetha kaisey
Hum jaan hi na paaye aisey
ki jab waqt aaya woh! Tab mila humey ek gulab ka phool!
Maa ney chodaa hath humaara
thaamey hum Pappa ki ungli,
Khushi ko sath na tha gawaara
tho humesha woh humsey karthi chugli!
Behthi hui Reva mein humney bahaye aasun anmol,
saath Maa key yaadon key... ek gulab ka phool!
Jab thaami humney Bapu ki ungli aur socha thodha man behley
jhat sey ruk gayi zindagi do kadam bhi naa chali...
Suraj dhalgaya, Khushi ka savera honey se pehley
hum phir nikalpadey wahi gali,
aagey badhthey gayein ...sab kuch bhool
thaamey huye yaadon ka ek gulab ka phool!
Jaisey humney hosh sambhala
zindagi ne yahi samjhaya…
Humesha sath rahega joh,
Bus baney ummeed humaari woh!
Koyi na aaya bus hum chalthey gaye
yoohin soone raasthey pey
jispey tha sirf dhool
aur sath humaarey ...yadon ka gulaab ka phool!
Ab armaan naye dil mein hai jaagey
bus koi hai jo apna laagey
Ummeed is qadar tha unpey
per woh issey pehle key sach baney
rehgaye humari yaad baney...
tho un yaadon ko woh bhaley hi jaaye bhool
hum neh thai kiya rehjaayien hum banke kisikey yadon ka gulab ka phool!
Barson beethey per humey na aaya nazar
jahaan hum rahey chain sey- woh manzar
Khushi ki jhoomey bahaar…
aur apna ho ghar parivar…
Hum akeley bhaley hamesha,
key jo sath chaley woh banjaaye tamasha!
Koi nahi bath agar na banpaaye kisikey hum
chalthey jayengey jab taq jaan mein hai dum!
kaheen hamari reh gayeen duniya banthey banthey
bikhri hui zindagi humney sameta hasthey hasthey
Arman banien hai pankhuri aur junoon humaara rang lal 
hum nahi tho kya! chod jaa rahein hai yeh nishaan bemisaal
saath apne rakhna yeh humaara tohfa anmol
humaarey ummedonka bus ek yeh gulaab ka phool!
(This poem is a creation by Goldenhaze, and any unauthorised reproduction is strictly prohibited)

I had tears in my eyes when I wrote this! Every woman's aspiration is "Ek Gulab ka Phool," which is nothing but , the one chance that's given to live life to the fullest! The aspiration that flies higher than the sky, and the dream that fills hope into someone's heart!

I dedicate this to every woman out there! Each and every one! Saluting all the women, who make this world beautiful and lovable!
Enjoy & Express!


anuradha said...

hi this was my favorite ff which I read time to time. I was hooked to it when it was being updated. Loved the poem and hoping some more fascinating writing from you

GoldenHaze said...

Thanks Anuradha! Enjoyed writing the Mirage as well as its sequel The Pursuit! Hope you are following Whisper Valley on my website.

Unknown said...

this is evergreen beautiful poem..
attached with lots of emotions.
despite being a fiction many things are relating with our life..
awesome.. worth reading THE MIRAGE & THE PURSUITE..
thank yu for giving such fantastic stories...
bless yu.. :)

maansi said...

Heyyy!!I was reading whisper Valley n found out abt pursuit n Mirage incidentally n I was hooked to the story since then... But m not able to read the full update tried purchasing the pursuit but thr is no price can u help me out with it....pls

Anu179 said...

Beautiful poem Anu, I feel like I'm stuck in the mirage...waiting for you to release The Pursuit... Hopefully soon!