Saturday, 29 October 2016

Happy Diwali

Dearest Golden readers,

Happy Diwali to you all...

Its been a while since I conversed with you, and I miss you dearly!

Hope you are all doing good! Goldenhazefiction has come a long way thanks to you all and after several teething problems the website is functioning well without any hick ups.
I take this opportunity to thank each one of my Golden Readers who stood by me during this painful period. It was my dream to have my own site, and I now own one. 

The Mirage, the Pursuit, The Masquerade, An Evening with you, Vaishali-1and Chasing the Rainbow are  the completed novels!
There are quite a few that I left in between, coz of writers block.DYM, DID, IA are novels that I wish to complete ASAP!
The Whisper Valley is going to be completed in the next ten chapters and The contrivance is also a very contemporary novel and I don't want to write expansively.

My new Series Goldenhaze Destiny, is intense and red hot, and I enjoy writing it thoroughly. Please do buy, read, and give me a review and get my next novel free! 

Been thinking of writing intrigue with intense romance, and well, Chasing the Rainbow (CR) is just that! It is a two part series of how a woman runs away from her life to claim her destiny! This novel was  a tough one to write as I had to get the characters to speak without revealing the ultimate secret till the end. I hope I did justice to that!
Whats the plot?
Well, in book 1, I started with the lady on run. she is secretive and melds with the background, even at work. None had seen or heard of her or knows where she stays!
However, the owner of the Corporal Deepthimaan singh Rathore won't have an enigmatic employee gallivanting around his office, especially when she is so attractive, and has unusually high pain threshold levels!
Upon investigation, he finds that facts have no match to the personality!He realizes her craving for freedom, and offers the same, but in lieu of her being his woman!

The second book is a maze of emotions... with an interesting twist that appears in the form of a new character! The Novel has a handful of poems written by me in the second book and I am sure you would love to read them.
Above all, its the intensive and shattering romance that is expected to draw you into the web of love, intrigue and life in Chasing the Rainbow!
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Hope you enjoy reading it.
Please feel free to comment and ask me anything regarding my new release. Also would like you to tell me what you want to read as in genre...
Till then...
Enjoy and Express...

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