Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Golden Haze

From the heart of a writer... 

Dear friends You all like Deepthimaan's character in The Mirage! As a writer when I etch his character I see so much of potential for a plot! Being a Arnav Khushi fan I devotedly whip up chapter of chapter that makes them reach each other in ways that are  multitude !!!

However these days I have a strange yearning to write a different scenario( NOT PURSUIT) 
But Deepthimaan and Khushi as a parallel novel after the completion of Pursuit!

I sincerely seek to know how many of you would be interested in reading that if I come with a different love story based on the background keeping Khushi and Deepthimaan characters the same!

Please do understand that this is not against Arnav! Or Arshi! Its just a writer's whim to expose my favourite character to a sifferent plot! What say!

Please bash me if you want to but I need an honest feed back and do participate in the poll and comment with your reasons for supporting or not supporting!

May I assure you that this would be a future project and has nothing to do with the plot of PURSUIT! Please don't think I shall kill Arnav etc! No! As I said The scenario will be different! I would borrow Deepthimaan and Khushi's charectarizations!

All my readers please do participate as this is also an opportunity for the silent readers to get acquainted with me
Please use the comment box its easy! Just login through your gmail ID and comment!
I do not want it to spill to IF !

If you wish to write at length write to me at

or simply click on FB plug in and leave a comment!

Hope you will help me in this endeavour!... And help a writer quench her thirst...

Golden Haze


srishti said...

That is a wonderful idea! I am sure the story is going to be amazing. But please don't use names arnav or khushi, because i guess nobody can imagine Khushi without Arnav

Lakshmi said...

Anu. i would love to read ur no second thought in that....but same as Srishti said Arnav Khushi names will definitely be very tough to overcome ...waiting for ur decision...

tanmay said...

hey di... though i did tell u bt i wud like to leave my views here as well..

like i said earlier.. hd i nt imagined sanaya n barun fr khushi n arnav, i wud nt hv found it soo difficult to accept maan n khushi.. bt given the situation.. khushi n arnav without each other is nt a possibility in my imaginary world :)

so i wud still say, tht if possible change the name of khushi to any other name ...
again, i m nt asking fr a change of characters of their portrayal.. all i m saying is a name change.. u knw.. real life me bhi affidavit de ke ho jata hai ;) :P

n again i wud say.. tht ur characters r soo life like.. tht its nt very difficult to understand their thot process...

its easy to see tht khushi wud never accept anyone else in her life.. nt this khushi atleast..

i m soo in love with this arnav tht i cant even put to words.. accept fr the repeated phrase tht i use in my comments... tht arnav is the most mature, balanced n practical of all the characters in mirage n pursuit.. n so imagining a khushi without him, wud b really really difficult..

n then again... the final thg tht i believe in is.. this is ur story.. ur baby.. ur characters... so final verdict has to b urs..

as for me.. i might still read it.. bt tht wud b only coz i m a fan of ur writing, n wud nt like to miss out on a emotion filled story, i m sure it wud touch a lot of areas i wud love to read abt.. i mean ur views n ideas of those thgs..

my only mental block being... like i said..
though i dont believe in the concept of soulmate in real life.. bt the fictional comfort fr me is in believing tht arnav n khushi r soulmates... which means there can b none other fr them :)

Algol Betelgeuse said...

I liked the friendship between Deepthimaan and Khushi but I don't think I would like to see them in a romantic relationship. The most important reason is that I would not like to see khushi with anyone other than Arnav. And the other reason is that I think they are not compatible for each other that way. Cause, I can imagine them in love but somehow I can't imagine the passion in that love between them.

subani jayasinghe said...

well anu , as a writer u have all ur rights and full freedom to write wt ever u like.. And am an openminded reader so i hv no problem with that..
If we cn read ASR's (Not ARNAV) worst ,the extreme towards Khushi's character .. Y cant we c her with someones eles ..
If story needed it when u building it up sure no problem go ahead..
Ofcoz am ipknnd fan .. That ws the only hindi teleseries which i hv cn crazily and followed to the end..
so all the best for ur new story..
am looking forward to read it.. Keep writing & keep rocking ..

Disha said...

I would love to read the new story you have thought of with Khushi and Maan as themselves or even if you change the names !!!
So my vote is YES :)

tanmay said...

wht happened to the votes di??? there were 21 whn i slept last night.. its just 7 rt nw... total count ie..