Wednesday, 29 May 2013



Pic Credit: SSNair

Arnav raised both his palms up saying," Hey Chill dude!!!What have I done?" and Khushi yelled," MAAN!!!"

Deepthimaan took one look at Khushi's contorted face and swore," #$%%^" and withdrew the gun and left into the thicket in a huff!

"Arnavji Maan ko manaana hoga!" ( We need to pacify him!)  Khushi said!
"Now where did he go?" Arnav looked around as it was a veritable jungle for him!
"Humey patha hain aur humey lei jaayiye wahaan abhi!Kyun ki... kyun ki... Maan ko jab gussa chad jatha hain tho woh apne aap ko chot pahunchaatey hain! Bachpan ki aadat hain unki Khushi said nervously!"
( I know where he went! Please take me there now! We need to go as when Maan gets angry he tends to hurt himselves, which is a childhood trait!)

"Ok! Where to?" Arnav asked for which Khushi said," Wahaan ..."( there) And showed a place that looked like a dead end!
Arnav lifted her in his arms and carried her to the spot which when he reached abruptly opened into a slit in the rock,which led to a small open area that had a well maintained garden and it had a beautiful fountain in its centre!
Arnav Immediately understood that was the Beech Bageecha and the fountain that Khushi and Deepu were talking about!

Deepthimaan squatted on a rock and his fist was bleeding as he slammed it into the rocks that were jutting out of the hillock that formed the natural border of the garden!
Khushi went still Arnav noticed and said "Relax! Khushi... just speak to him ok? I will go and finish my calls take a shower and will fetch you... better still ask him to carry you back serves the %^&&*$ right for hurting himselves!" He said.


tanmay said...

nw wht was tht... shadi ho chuki hai???

as per his belief... of is there sthg tht khushi is missing.. or is he trying to lie n wud then try n prove it in future???

anyways... i still think arnav is the most mature, balanced, n practical person of hte lot..

though i do admire khushi's adamance fr helping her frnd.. bt i still feel sad.. if she comes to knw of the truth.. she wud never b able to b frnds with him either...

wht i lved abt the chapter is... tht it has no chandis :):)

waiting fr next.. mostly to understand wht maan means by shadi ho chuki hai

Prabha L said...

Omg wat was dat....i was waitng 4 dis chapter frm mrng....a much needed update luvd it totally but y did maan lie i mean khushi vil b hurt n she can b like b4 with him but she stil needs to knw da truth bcz she is da main reason of his dis condition....wel waitng 4 twists update it soon

Kaushu said...

Did Maan lie to Khushi. He could have told her the truth without revealing the name. That should have taken care of it.

Anu, I voted "no" before reading the chapter. But now, I don't mind you writing a full fledged story on Maan and Khushi. Just don't name her Khushi. You can keep the scenarios same, even the characters same. But don't name her Khushi please.

Lakshmi said...

hey Anu, new twist, already married or is he telling lies to divert her. Not fair u left us with that....Again Arnav stood tall in this update for trusting both Khushi and Maan....loved the update...

Disha said...

Wow ,,, that was fabulous though my Arnav ji was missing but then this was a much required update !!

Seriously my heart breaks for Maan how will he cover up this lie ... will he bring in someone to stage as his wife ???

tanmay said...

i love hw arnav lets khushi knw his extent of trust on her.. by suggesting to her, to ask maan to carry her to her room..

i love the way khushi is adamant to get thgs out of maan..

i love how maan .. though doesnt tell khushi tht its her... still he cant bear to listen to her cursing herself :)

n in all this.. i wud again mention.. tht arnav is simply the best...

waiting fr next one..

Raadhiya Sobti said...

yeh kya twist yar
maan ka shaadi????????????

pls update soon awesome update