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"Jaipal?" Arnav asked!
"Jaipal..... I think I know him"Deepthimaan raked his brains but he could not recollect where he heard the name in the past! But he felt sure he heard the name before!

"Maan aap uthiye pehley!" ( Maan! Get up !) It was Khushi who spoke this time! She did not trust him with the chap!
She wanted him away from him! She knew how protective Maan was about what was his! Since childhood she saw him fending off for the sake of all three of them Sanju di, Jiji and herself! More over his being a Rajput did not help at all! He was absolutely fearless when it came to defending his honour or family!

Arnav And Deepthimaan became busy with handing over the thugs to the local SI who accompanied the villagers and Khushi.

As she spoke to the villagers, Khushi realised Sarsa was a small village and there wasn't any place for them to stop by! The Inn or Dhaba on the highway was the only decent place and they blew their cover already by getting into all this, just infront of it!

The village Sarpanch invited them to their Gram panchayat office which was converted into a make shift guest house for their sake!
Deepthimaan went in first and after he was convinced he allowed Arnav and Khushi to be given the single room on the first floor and he said he will use the one on the ground floor which was a longish hall used as a school in the mornings!
"Per yahaan... theek nahin hain aap bhi uper challiye!" ( Its not good! Come up with us) Khushi said!
"Nai Rani saa hum yaheen theek hain!" ( No Your AMjesty! I am fine here!) he said! "Aur phir I need to also go the Police Station to deal with these blokes that have attacked us!" Deepthimaan sid.But the SI said he will prepare all the papers and then call me!

He turned to SurPal who just reached and said "Sur Pal will be there... down here, with two more villagers and till I come back you two will not come down! Ok?"
"Per Humbhi chalengey!"( But I too want to go to the Police Station) Khushi said and Arnav said "Yep! I am coming with you Deepu!"
"And leave her alone here?" Deepthimaan tried to drill sense into Arnav!
"Yaar! I don't want you to do all of it alone!" Arnav could see Deepu's logic but he could see that poor Deepu was hurt and then this was tiring!
"No arnav you will be helping me if you take care of her! That will relieve me and let me concentrate on further arrangements!" he said admantly.
And added... "Anyway I am here for some more time!So relax!" 

Two ladies from the village came and said they got Khushi's clothes from the car and Khushi went up first to change as she was grimy with her jeans and Kurti full of blood, grime and dust... and was an object of interest for all the villagers!

"Deepu! Whats all this? Arnav took the opportunity to ask Deepthiman!
"I wish I knew !" Deepu said! "I really dunno what to do? Arnie we need to sit on this! I need to !" He corrected himselves!
"No! You were right the first time! We need to!" Arnav said! "And I am going with you to the police station as I am the witness too!" He said.
"You guys had had enough for a day! Just take care of Khushi! Just see to it that she does not get into a wacky mood coz it will last for ages! Trust me! You can fight anybody! But not the Rani Saa of Ranpur when she is in one of her moods!" Deepthimaan said looking at him mock seriously!
"Seriously yaar! How did you manage all these years! I mean you still do!" Arnav said easing the tension between them! He owed it to his friend for literally standing between him and death!

"Don't worry!" he said "aadat hojaayegi yaar!"( You will make a habit of it) Deepthimaan was laughing sitting on a wooden bench! So easy it was for him! How did he do that? Take so much of pain!! Arnav thought... and still smile!
Arnav shook his head in exasperation while Deepthimaan said," I can see that you are sold out buddy!"
"What? Are you kidding me?" Arnav said irritatedly.
"I am not!And you know that!" Arnav said.
"Just look at you!" Deepthimaan guffawed making Arnav angry!
"Whats with me?" Arnav said with his hackles raised
"You are gone Arnie!" Deepthimaan smiled and said..." humaari Rani saa hain hi aisi!( Our princess is such[not your fault]Whatever happens! Please take care of her!" He added grimly!

"Hey common ! Don't talk as if you are going to die this moment!" Arnav said looking at his sad eyes!
"Nai itnaa jaldi nai marunga!( I won't... not so early!) But if its required for your safety I don't mind!" Deepthimaan said very seriously!
Listen lets make a proper assessment and an action plan! And let me come with you now! Arnav tried reasoning it out!

"NAH! Please don't argue! Just go up... lock the door and lemme know if you need anything or you go suspicious of anything or person! We need rest before we move to  safer place!Till then please listen to me" he pleaded with him!
"Ok!" Arnav reluctantly left him.


"Jiji aap Vaishnavi Di ko yahin rukney ke liye kahiye! Haveli ka wiring abhi khatm nahi hua aur unki devrani keh rahi thi ki unkey sath koi mehmaan bhi hain!" Garima was saying to Buaji!
( Jiji ask Vaishnavi di to stay here! The wiring at their place is not done yet! And her co-sister was hinting at a guest who would accompany them)

"Aie Garima tab tho bada majaa aavega! Unhey yahin Sheesh Mahal mein Theheraa dethey hain! 
(Hey Garima!Then it will be fun! We shall ask them to stay at Sheesh Mahal!)
"Paayal aur Aakash bitua bhi aaney waaley hain aur Anjali bitiya aur Shyam babu jo baahar desh gayein hain, tho Naniji ko bhi Shashi babua ney nyotha diya hua hai tho saara parivaar ikhattey holi manaavegi Nand Kishore!" Buaji rejoiced at the prospect!
( Paayal and Aakash are happening and since Anjali and shyam have gone abroad Ahashi invited Nani also! So this time we shall celebrate holi with the entire family!)

"HAAAA!" Buaji suddenly put her hand on her head in her typical style and exclaimed! Hai reh Nand Kishore!
"Kya hua Jiji?"( What happened?)Garima asked her.

"Ei leo! Ab Garima tumhey doh doh bitian ki, aur doh doh Daa,mad ka khayaal rakna hoga na?" Buaji said rolling her eyes!
( You need to take care of two of your daughters and sons-in-law)
"Aap haina Jiji? aur ka ho sakath hain!" Garima said.
( you are there what else?)
"Hain?" Buaji widened her eyes at Garima's comment.

"Humra matlab tha ki kuccho gadbad kaisey ho sakath hain?"Garima corrected herself on time.
( I meant to say! when you are there how can anything go wrong?)

She then said," My Ram singh sey kehke kamrey theek karwaathi hun sab key liye! Parsun subah hi tho aavengey aur usee rath ko tho Jalsa hain!"
( I will ask Ram Singh to prepare rooms for them! they will come - teh day after tomorrow and that very evening we have the jalsa!"

She took two steps towards the Majhlaa Darwaaza and said, " Jiji! Per..."( but Jiji)
"Ab kaa hua Nand Kishore?" ( What now?) Buaji enquired.

"Khusi aur Arnav bitua aavengey na?" She asked!
( Khushi and Arnav will happen?)
"Aayengey Garima ji!" ( they will) Shashi Singh ji said walking in with his bag! 
"Abhi bath hui damaad saa sey! Woh keh rahey hain kal shaam taq aajayengey!"
( I just happened to speak to Arnav! They will be bk by tomorrow evening!)

"Per hain kahaan aapki Khusi ek phone bhi nahi kee usney?"
( Where is your khushi! She did not call even once!)

Garima was peeved with Khushi's irresponsible behaviour!
"Arey ooke pathi key sath hain! Kaunu akeley thodi naa gayi hai bitiya? Tum bhi..." Shashi ji shook his head in exasperation!
( She has gone with her husband! She is not on her own so just relax)

Buaji saw that things were getting out of hand and said, "aei Abhai tho nayi nayi shaadi hui hai tho ooko hum najar kahaan aayengey Garima?"
( She is just married! So do you think she should be think ing of us now?)

"So tho hain Jiji! Naa hi aaye tho accha hain! Iskaa matlab hain ki Arnav Babua acchey se dekhbaal karath hain ooka!" Garima said more to herself than to Madhumati!
So it is Jiji! Its good if she is not reminded of us that would mean Ranav is taking very good care of her)

"Kaa patha kaun kiska ka karath hain!
( Who knows who is doing what!
"Apni Sanka Devi ki Sanak tho tum Jaanath hou!"
( You know the craziness of our Crazy queen)

Buaji said raising her eyebrows and both Shashi and Garima laughed loudly at her implication!


Arnav went upstairs to find a small room which was used as an Aanganwaadi center! It had woven mats covering the windows and the villagers had sprinkled water on them to cool the room! It was neat and also very bare!The villagers had put a hand-made mattress to sit... and as he entered, an elderly lady brought a vessel full of hot water and a towel for cleaning!

Arnav entered and the ladies left and he saw Khushi had changed into one of the lehengas they bought at the mela! It was a typical cotton one dyed in bright vegetable dyes of violet and orange, with a short choli and a sequened lehenga that accentuated her fair skin making her look very bright and absolutely stunning!

As he walked in, she grew stiff thinking... Hey Devi Mayya ab insey kaisey bachey hum!( Oh God! How am I going to dodge him now?)

Arnav wanted to talk to his wife since she confessed her feelings for him very indirectly on the road a few minutes back! But there was absolutely no way they could talk with so much going on!
Now was the time to consolidate on it,he thought before she slips away again into the mob and her crazy plans of seperation!

She did not turn back but as the silence stretched she grew tense and to kill the mounting tension she said,        "aap... ko... lagi haina tho...( You are hurt so...)

He deliberately misunderstood her words and said , 
"Lagee tho hain rani saa!"( Yeah I do need something)

Khushi who was preparing the hot compression with the towel, stopped midway but she refused to look at him!
"Zor sey lagee hain! Humney dekha tha!"( Its bad I know) she said! Two can play a game she thought! Laad Governor kaheen key! He made her blurt out her feelings and now he was gloating!

"Khushi tum meri taraf dekh key kyun nahi bath kar rahi ho? " ( why are you not looking at me and talking to me? )He moved closer!

"Hum ... kaam kar rahein hain!" ( I am busy) She blurted ...
"Accha!" (ok?) He caught her arm and swirled her to face him!She closed her eyes!
"Damn it! "Arnav swore under his breath!
"Khushi! Tum ney jo abhi kahaan tha,( whatever you said just now) Do you mean it?" He asked at last!
"Kya kahaa tha humney?" ( What did I say?) She feigned ignorance! "Haan! Woh! Haan! Humey maan key sath Station jaana chahiye!" ( yeah we need to accompany Maan to the station) she tried to wean the conversation away!

"You know what I am saying and stop doing that... and look at me" Arnav demanded!
"Kya?" Khushi asked him
"Bolo" Arnav insisted.

"Er..." Khushi hesitated!
"Mujhey chodkey nahi jaugeena?" Arnav asked turning her to face him.

"Hum ney aisa kab kahaan?"( When did I say that?) Khushi said smugly!
"Per tum hamesha mujhey jaaney ke liye kehthi ho! Ab nahi bologi naa?" ( You are always asking me to stay away! Now, you won't will you?)Arnav was not paying attention to what she said!
Arnav this time asked directly!

"You stopped thinking about that stupid seperation plan of yours right?" He asked again.
"Hum..".she gulped and turned away and resumed squeezing the water off the towel...
"Bathaugi ya nahi!"( Will you tell me or not?) He insisted.

"Bathaa tho diya nahi reh paayengey!" ( Told you... can't stay away) She said closing her eyes but still turned away!
"...Per issey kayi zyada aapki zindagi humaarey liye maayine rakhthi hain! Tho,... yeh aapney accha nai kiya!" ( But your life is much more precious! So you did a mistake)

"But my life is now with you why don't you get it?" Arnav asked her almost yelling at her.
"Zinda ho tho na Arnavji!Per humaarey sath rehthey aapki jaan... Aap kyun nahi samajhthey hain!" She said in exasperation.
( Thats when you are alive to live it! But with me if you stay your life is ...Why don't you get me?)
"Khushi tum mujhsey pyar karthi ho ya nahi?"Arnav asked squarely.
( Khushi do you love me?)

"Yeh kaisa sawaal hain Arnav ji?" ( Whats this question now)
"Yes or no!" Arnav asked straight.
"Matlab... kya.."( Means ... what) Khushi stammered.
"Haan ya nahi bus answer!" (Yes or know just answer me) Arnav said.
"Kahaa tho thaa" ( I did Tell you)she started unbuttoning his shirt and he scooped her up into his arms!

"Please Arnavji rukiye dekhney tho deejiye kya hua?"
( Please Arnavji! Let me atleast see how much damage has been done)
She tried to fend him off by swiftly peeling off his shirt and turned him round! There was a red mark from the blow the iron rod had left on his left shoulder which ran down his back!

Khushi gasped!It was a bad one! How many more blows will he take for her? She slowly brought the hot towel to the place and started rubbing it!
Arnav flinched but he noticed everytime Khushi pressed the towel on his wound she was flinching too and much worse than him!He found it funny!

"Chot aapko lagi hain ya humey Rani Saa?" he asked softly!
( Did you take the blow or did I?)
"Aapko lagi hain ya humey ekhi baath hain"( You or me, its one and the same) she said so simply that he felt his heart well up with emotion for his simple yet stubborn wife!

He said "aapney jawaab nahi diya!" ( You didn't answer!) 
"Kis bath ka?( for what?) Khushi asked although she knew what he was gunning for?

"I want you to tell me whether you... love me!" Arnav asked!
"Aapko jis cheez mein vishwaas nahin hain uskey baarey mein kyun sochey!" Khushi again dodged him! 
( Why do you have to think about something that you do not believe in?)
If he is thinking she will bare her heart, when he is going to stay stone cold, then thats his problem!

"Mujhey nahi hain tumhey haina?" ( I don't but you do) Arnav threw it back at her!
"Hoga! Lekin... jab uska koi qadr nahi hain tho..."Khushi tried to beat it round!
( I do but... when its not of any value for you then..)

"I want you to tell me coz I want your heart to be at peace!" Arnav stated his logic... and added the explanation, " Coz I forced you"
"Accha! Aapke dil ko shanthi" Khushi repeated his question and posed it to him!
( Did your heart gain peace? [Is it in peace]

"Nahi" ( No) he said!
"Kyun?" ( Why?) she was defensive now...
"Kyunki usey nahi patha... woh kahaan jaayein? Tumhaarey dil mein kya uske liye jagah hain?" Arnav said cautiously.
( Coz it does not know where to go? Do you have place to accommodate it?)

Khushi was taken aback by the question but she recovered fast and said,"Har seeney mein ek hi dil hotha hain Arnav ji! 
( every person has one heart!)
Jab kisi aur dil key liye jagah banaani padthi haina, tab unhey is dil ko apne seeney mein chupaakey apne dil ko wahaan bhejnaa padthaa hain! 
( when another heart has to be accommodated, then this resident heart should be exchanged with that!)
"Aapke dil ke liye humaarey seenemein jagah hain! Aur phir humaarey seeney mein jo dil hain uska kya? Uska koi thikaana nahi!"
( I sure have place for your heart! But what about mine! Its orphaned!

Arnav was shocked by her monologue!He didn't expect her to talk to him like that!He simply turned sideways and said," Give it to me lemme do it!"
"Nahi hum karengey" ( No! I Will) and when she spoke he realised she was crying!
He turned and looked at her eyes that were teary and humoured her saying," c'mmon Khushi, Jetwaa rani nahi rothey!"( Jetwaa queens don't cry!)
"Haan per Rani saa nahi ro rahi hain" she said turning back again and applying the compress! 
( yeah but... the queen's not crying)
"Phir?" (Then?) arnav asked...
"Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada!" She said in reply making Arnav tongue-tied!
Then she did something that was unusual she just hugged him from behind saying "Humey muaff keejiye humaari wajah sey aapko yeh sab..." and sobbed uncontrollably!
( Please forgive me! Because of me you had to go through all this...)

"Aap nahi jaanthey hum aap ke liye kitna pareshaan rehthi hain!" Khushi said!
( You do not know how much I am concerned for you!)
Something snapped in Arnav and he said getting up and pulling her to him," Do you love me? if you don't then why all this?"
Khushi was overwhelmed by emotion and she simply said," "Haan Arnavji per..."
"Pyar karthi ho na?" ( You do love me?)Arnav asked again
"Haan Arnavji!" ( yes) Khushi said.

"Fir kuch aur faraq padhna nahi chahiye... haina?" he asked softly.
( then nothing should make a difference isn't it?)
Khushi thought for a while! Yeah if she loved him nothing else should matter! Nothing does actually!
She nodded!

"Mujhey kuch nahi faraq padtha aaj kal Khushi! Kuch bhi nahi! Bus I am only bothered about you for you!"
( Nothing makes any difference to me anymore these days...other than you)
A tear trickled down Khushi's eye! He was trying to tell her something that he did not himself understand!

Arnav went on... "I do not believe in love Khushi! Don't expect anything from me of that flowery kind! But what I feel for you I have never experienced for any other woman! The closest one comes to that is my Di!I feel protective and possessive about both of you! And...I realised I cannot stay without you!That's about sums up my feelings for you!
Well if it measures up to you? Fine!If it won't , well you have no choice because you belong to me and I am not letting you go! Any which way!" Arnav finished and looked at her for her reaction!
Khushi stepped forward... and put both her arms round his neck and said," Usey hi pyar kehthey hain Arnavji!"
( Thats what is called Love)

"Tumhey jo sochna hain socho per tumharey liye pyar important hai tho is liye mujhey tum pyar karo yeh important hain "Arnav said smugly!
( You can think what ever you want but since love is important to you you should love me!)
"Kya?" Khushi took a second to understand that he was teasing her!
"Arnavji...Humney kahaan hum aapse..."( Arnavji I told you I...) Khushi tried to win over but he had had enough! He took the towel from her hand which she was still holding and threw it away and said... you will tell me that yourself Khushi! Just wait and houled her with one of his arms and as he lifted her, his face contorted in pain as he slumped on to the mattress leaving Khushi!
He writhed in pain ,"URRGGHHHHHH"
Khuhi flopped on to him calling him "ARNAV, ARNAV!"
Hey Devi Mayya! That blow with the iron rod might have hurt badly! It was across the spine! Did he get hurt deeper by any chance? Khushi's head reeled and she called out,"ARNAV, ARNAV" as ARnav Singh Raizada writhed in agony.


Lakshmi said...

Arnav again from Khushi....he won't leave this chance....but i really feel bad what all they have to do to lead a simple life....i admire Maan....his love for khushi is very pure....looking forward....

Kaushu said...

Finally they are talking. Maan is so nice and so strong and such true love. I hope Arnav is not badly hit.

jyothi parsi said...

Oh NOooo ...
Not a bad spine injury fo Arnav pls...I want him to be strong mentally n physically for khushis sake....n also for his self confidence...
In all this holi fiasco....I do want ARSHI maan to have far more upper hand than opposition....Anu pls don't make Arnavs injury bad....

Paramjeet said...

Awesome !!! finally arnav and khushi talked about their feelings.. khushi too got what arnav feels about her.. loved their love talk.. feel proud to have a friend like Maan.. ARSHI are very lucky to have Maan..

tanmay said...

di.. fr obvious reasons.. i m going to put both the comments fr this one along with the next..
bt didnt want to miss a chance of saying... after each chpter..

waiting fr more :)

Disha said...

Omg anu what a fab update .... i have to give it to Khushi this time she really answered him well and also asked the right questions !!
Khushi will herself make him realise how madly he loves her !!!