Wednesday, 15 May 2013



Pic Credit: SSNAIR

Arnav held his wife with both his arms wound tightly round her! Big sobs were raking her body and his body heaved with hers! He let her cry! Coz he understood her concern, pain and hopeless now! It had happened one too many times... this... this kind of an attack! Khushi was gutsy that she cracked very late! In her place, any other woman might have gone off the rail due to pressure.Her drooping shoulders told him how wary she was!she stroked her back softly willing the spate of tears to ebb! After all not its not everyday, that you see your husband and your best friend badly mauled and you yourself almost murdered...! 

He took her face into both his hands and said," Listen to me Khushi! I promise you! I wil set everything in place! Just give me time!OK?"
Khushi sobbed louder and clung to him and he held her saying," I am sorry!"

Khushi heard him and felt defeated! What was his fault that he was apologising for?... and it really must have been tough that He-Arnav Singh Raizada had to apologise that too to her- his wife because of whom he was into the whole fiasco!
He got sucked into it and was feeling ineffective in protecting her! But She had warned him!Time and again! With that thought, her rage shot to her eyes making them glow a dark red!She told him to stay away and stay safe but he not only infiltrated into her home, but her heart and now held hers captive! Now she cannot let go and his life was at stake! How dare he messes up everything!

All the pent up frustration took the form of rage and she pushed his chest and growled," Kahaan tha na humney?"( Didn't I tell you?)
"Khushi? ...Kya" Arnav was confused as one minute she was in his arms and in the other she was shouting at him! Oh he could feel her heaving body much before the storm hit the coast! And... ofcourse her eyes, which were a dark red now...There it goes!!! he thought! Every time he made an effort to bring them together, their relationship strained a lil more! They were a doomed couple!


tanmay said...

i soooo love the khushi arnav conversation.. :)

i love tht fact tht she was soo engrossed in her feelings fr him, tht she was absolutely oblivious to her surroundings.. to the fact tht htere r injured attackers lying arnd.. tht maan is trying to sort thgs n is hurt still..

all she cud think off was tht she cant live without him any more :) ever :)

nw i just hope ki arnav n khushi ki kismat ko bhi ye baat yaad rahe ;) :P

as of pics... it seems to b pting to the time whn maan n khushi went to mela.. n assuming tht he hopes to tarnish her image with those, or hurt her relationship with arnav by them... i guess he is nt ready to face wht wud actually fall upon him by this :)

arnav fr sure is nt going to doubt khushi.. nt nw atleast... instead the chandi clan might hv to face a whole new level of ASR fr trying to do sthg like tht :)

i wud soo love to see this.. him trusting khushi over the stupid published pics.. n mking sure htt everyone.. rt frm chandis to the ones who clicked hte pics .. to the ones who published them.. hving to b 'personally dealt by him'

waiting fr next.. :)

tanmay said...

bt with the way maan is showing his protectiveness fr khushi.. she is soon going to notice n question his changed behaviour in such situations...

hmm... lets see wht kismat ji has planned fr them :)

Prabha L said...

I so luved arshi conversation i felt like huggng khushi she is damn cute n arnav is too adorable.... deepthimaan is a very good frnd hope he gets true luv awsme update jai ho writer sa ki

Lakshmi said...

Finally our Jethwa Pride cracked for her love....loved the update....she can't live without him...what a confession...loved the update...

Paramjeet said...

wow what a wonderful update !!! finally Arnav's Ms Pride Chin confessed her feelings for her husband.. but its bad Arnav is enjoying her discomfort.. but loved the update.. Khushi blabbered everything.. not leaving a thing about what she feels about him.. hope now they both give up their stubborn egos and give their marriage a chance.. Maan is a great friend who can do anything for ppl he love.. he loves Khushi but at same time he holds no grudges against Arnav.. ARSHI are lucky to have a friend like Maan. Superb update.. loved it..

subani jayasinghe said...

Wt an update.. i jst luved the conversation between arnav and khushi. Khushi is so cute.. I thought arnav would kiss her .. Jst imagine in my dream world o:) .. Bt hard luck ppl came and interrupted da romantic situation..
Luved hw deepu & arnav handdle everything..Man ! Deepu ws so pissed off..
About da pic i guess it may b khushi's 1 with deepu ?
Btw wt about khushi's carrier? Is it still going?
Luved da whole triller + romantic chapter.. & looking forward to c wt's arnav gonna do next ..

Disha said...

Omg Khushi was so utterly cute here...i swear when she was blaberring away ...and the way Arnav was reacting i was feeling the same while reading !! :)
After that heavy duty update this was a welcome change !

chandni vyas said...

finally khushi confess.. now i know maan and arnav will not leave people who hurt khushi..