Saturday, 13 July 2013


Pic Credit: SSNAIR

"Deepu! Thu kuch bolega ki nai?"( Deepu Will you say something or not?) Paayal's voice brought Arnav back to the present!
"Lia! Yeh sab! I dunno yaar! Woh... my... chi!!!!" ( Lia! All this... I...Shucks!!!!....) Deepthimaan shook his head in self disgust and hit the wall with his right hand balled into a fist and kicked the wall in rage!

Paayal yelped and caught his hand which started to bleed saying,"Paagal ho gaya hai thu?"( Are you crazy?)
"Yeah I am crazy Lia! I am!!! I loved Khushi like crazy and one big mistake I did was, of thinking that she too loved me but did not realise it yet back then...and also that she had to be mine eventually! Thats the mistake I did and nothing else!" He said directing the last words at Arnav who was just staring at him!

"Nothing?"Arnav asked narrowing his eyes!
"Nothing at all! I would never put Khushi through anything remotely indecent" Deepthimaan said daring him meeting him eye to eye!

"All this and how come Khushi does not know?" This time, Arnav directed his question at Payal who was just standing coiled like  a spring out of tension!

"Arnavji Khushi ko kuch bhi patha nahi hain,"Payal pleaded with him! 
( Arnavji Khushi does not know anything).


jyothi parsi said...

Good many twists.... But was khushi truly married to Maan...? That question remained unanswered.... But why does khushi not remember anything...?
To what extent that their relation went..?
Why did Payal not reveal anything to Arnav prior to the wedding ? Can't wait for next update Anu.....

Lakshmi said...

TOO much had happened it seems....waiting to know abt that mela .....