Wednesday, 14 August 2013



Pic Credit:SSNAIR

Deepthimaan walked towards the west to just get some rest before he did what he planned for!
Khushi was in danger! It irritated him! It enraged him! And Arnav had done all this to cut the long story short he knew! But at what cost! If it misfired then both Arnav and Khushi were in danger! Oh! GODDDD!!!!!
He had to act fast and before Arnav did!... so that, he could reduce risk! For both of them! How he wished Shyam Manohar Jha was there too! His brains would have been definitely handy! He would start tonight itself! Let the Holi get together be done with! Not that he did not suspect that it would go without any intrusion! But well...

...he walked past the Majhla Darwaza to collide into Megha who was rushing in with a tray! The impact made her fall on the floor with pieces of ceramic cups scattered all around her!


Disha said...

Urrghh... i feel like shaking up Arnav... but then thats his personality ...he always wants to be in control and though his intentions towards Khushi are honorable the means to get there need to be rectified.
He should let her in !

Maan and Megha... these two are almost another Arnav and Khushi in the making i feel.

Megha was quite a handful in this update ! he he

Mithila Zahid said...

Another brilliant part
Loved it

jyothi parsi said...

Arnav always takes the advantage of the effect he has on her to pacify khushi... But using physical seduction may lead khushi think that that's the only thing connecting them ESP when he doesn't let her in ....