Sunday, 18 August 2013



This Post( Arnav's confession( jhoot moot hi sahi) is dedicated to my dearest 
Thank you for just happening to me!
I am with you
Golden haze

"Megha tumhey akal hain?" ( Are you in your senses?) Sanju asked Megha as Buaji fumed!
"Sanju mujhey kya patha hain ki Thakur Deepthimaan Singh Rathore has a fan following in Sheesh Mahal and is not only blind but has a blind followers association attached to him!

Buaji put her plait on her other shoulder and that indicated combat mode!
"Dekhou bitiya shaayad tumhey nahi pathaa ki hum Deepu ko bachpan sey jaanath hain! Dekhna tho dur usey patha bhi nahi hoga ki tum is dharthi per hou!Ek dam Gau hain hamaara bitua!" Buaji spat making Sanju flinch! oh God! Whats brewing!
(See child, I know Deepu from childhood! Leave noticing you.... I am sure he does not even acknowledge your presence on this planet! He is a real gem!)

"Accha lets get ready for the party!" Sanju huddled Megha before all hell broke loose!


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