Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Pic Credit:SSNAIR

"Sanju is this looking good on me?" Megha asked dressed in Khushi's lehenga and choli!
Sanju caught her head! This girl! She was trying to set her up with her brother and this girl was doing and saying things that would definitely make her his worst sworn enemy! Where did she get these brains from!  Wait till her brother saw her in that and all hell would break loose! On the contrary may be he will just think the other way that she was... was ... more like Khushi!

"Megha! You look good but lehenga?" Sanju enquired just to find if Megha also was thinking like her!

"Well Rani Saa loaned me her lehenga and she said it would suit me and I didn't get any so well..." Megha said looking at herself! 
"Fine! Just plait your hair and you will look like a local belle!" Sanju encouraged her!



Allison Mark said...

Thank God! Short but sweet and torturous like ASR seducing Khushi! Hahaha! I have been waiting for this update which has set the ground for the showdown between the enemies. Way to go Doc!! More power to your pen! See you soon at the party!! Cheering for khushi tho to win Arnav`s challenge!!

stories.1408 said...

superb as usual..plz continue soon.asr is smart....seducing ranisaa to keep her distracted

Disha said...

Khushi is super lucky to have this hot blooded Arnav as her husband ! ;)

The party is going to create stirs ..i can feel it !!!
Tension running high !

Lakshmi said...

Yeah i too feel that something is going to happen....

subani jayasinghe said...

jst read this chapter.. I knw there are alot to catch up.. Luved the chapter..