Thursday, 5 September 2013

Ramblings 2

Golden Ramblings!

Hello friends! Its been one heck of a journey with you all and thought about just saying Hello! Pursuit is almost towards its happy ending while the teaser on  A DIALOGUE IN THE DARK got overwhelming response from you all already! I hope to keep you hooked! Thanks a zillion for your love!

VAISHALI has taken an interesting course and may I request all silent readers to give your reviews as there are many reads but few comments! Please! Comments do help in writing!Those who haven't yet read VAISHALI, may I request you to give ita  try and let me know how you feel about it!

DESTINY U & ME is being received well and I request all those interested to either send their Gmail Ids to or PM me at my IF ID anukat!Its  a limited reader blog and participation is mandatory and this story is intense and close to my heart!

Very soon I would start sharing Goldenhaze Goldenhand series, in the area of my expertise, which would be a collection of techniques and tips about a wide collection of topics ranging from training kids in concentration to techniques for couping with difficult issues for adults! Do let me know if you would be interested!You can convey your thoughts by commenting on this post! Let me see how many of you welcome my intiative and are interested to know more in this regard!

Last but not the least, May I request the readers who are not following the blog to click the follow button please! Its just to know how many people read my blog as right now there are 71 followers and I request all the silent readers and others to atleast do that as it would let me know how many readers I have got! I think the readers could do that much for supporting this blog! It really would be heartening to see my blog being supported in earnest!

A season of festivals to begin and wishing you all a very happy Ganesh Chaturthi! Keep commenting and connecting to GoldenHaze!

Enjoy and Express


Lakshmi said...

Anu i'm looking forward to ur Goldenhand series...bring it on...

Apurva Ahluwalia said...

Looking forward to it