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An Evening with U-23

Khushi looked at the designer who was trying his best to please Mrs.Wadera who was not at all happy with what he had in mind for her wedding dress!
"Look at the girl Vizzy! She is so petite! Perfect figure for you to do anything you please and you come up with these? The wedding is just two days away and Oh god!" She caught her head and flopped off on to the sofa!
Khushi called a steward to had over the juice he was carrying to her and offered it to her saying,"Aunty! C'mmon! Thats alright! I like the purple and beige one! Lets give it  a try!"

"No Khsuhi! You should look the best!" She said earnestly and Khushi smarted looking at the lady who always was warm to them! Too bad her son was made of different material!

"Why are you getting worked up dear! Its only a dress Aunty!" She said!
"Only a  dress?This is your wedding dress! How can you be so casual about it?" She asked incredulously...

"Aunty! I am as such er... not so particular about my attire!" She looked at Arnav's mother and corrected herself saying,"I mean I know its my wedding dress and all but...!" She sighed and calmed down and said,"Its ok! Everythng will be!"She knew she kept chanting it...coz there was no way out of it...

"No child! Had your mother been there, would she have been satisfied? She would have wanted the best for her daughter is it not?" Gayathri Wadera's words brought tears to her as she hugged her saying "I love you aunty thank you so much!"... and suddenly felt very conscious and excused herself and walked towards Arnav's bedroom and bumped into him as he was coming out of it.

"What the..." He swore....
He held her and refused to let go as she averted her face so that she wouldn't see her tears!
"What's brewing Marwah?"He asked and she shook her head indicating nothing!

"Look at me Khushi" He commanded!
But she kept her face averted!
He swore and crushed her tucking her frame into his taking the wall for support kissed her cheek saying " ...ummm...thats yummy!"... but stopped abruptly tasting her tears!

He went still and asked "What's wrong? Did mom say something?"
She looked at him surprised at his soft voice! He was not taunting or threatening her for a change and there was genuine concern in his voice!
"No! She is a sweetheart!" She said defending his mom.
"Then what is it!" He asked narrowing his eyes!

"It's just that! Arnav.... This...us... its not right!Thsi is not going to work you know?"
His grip on her waist tightened on her as he said..." Oh! Ok! Fine!Thsi is what I call normalcy! I thought you were missing home! You seem to be fine! Lets go and look at your dresses!"
Arnav listen! she said! Your people and mine! Its not right! We are ...uhhh.... its cheating yaar!"

"Is it? I am not cheating anyone! I want you and I am right royally marrying you! Any problems?" He asked her seriously!
Khushi looked at him thunderstruck!

"And you...are cheating... on yourself! Not anyone else. Let go off your pride Marwah! You like me! You want me so what's the problem babe?" He asked her!
"I..."She wet her lips  with her tongue and Arnav swooped down kissing her breath off her lungs,mumbling," Ummm... hell its so difficult with you"
She tried to extricate herself but he tightened his hold making her to wince and she said," Please Arnav!"

"Please what Khsuhi? Please yes?Or please more?" He asked delibertaely misunderstanding her!

"I... she was interrupted by a steward who said they were being called down by Arnav's mother!
He bent and breathed long and deep, inhaling teh scent of her hair,saying," Hmmmmmmmm!!!! I am dying to be with you and just get it into that thick head of yours! "

"But why?"She wailed! "Coz I am not!I am cured of you finally! I admit" she said.
Arnav went red in his face!"Oh don't you? Then why did you crash into the party? You said you wanted to be with me!Too bad your itch didn't last longer.

"Tha'ts not how you think!" Khushi argued.
"How it is! Tell me" He asked her!
"Oh god!What do i do!" She said as he swooped her up into his arms and whispered," However it is now, I fancy ya' and it would be bloody hell my way! Just shut up and marry me ...and before she said anything, dragged her down where Deepa also joined the crowd...

"Vizzy! My bride should look radiant!" Arnav's voice boomed crystal clear in the mammoth sit out of the Waderas'
"Yes sir!" The designer looked stricken to Khushi as she smiled at him assuring him she meant no trouble!

"What colour?...sir...." He asked shaking in his shoes.
He looked at her pensively and Deepa coughed discreetely winking at her at the interest her groom was showing in her an Khushi flinched! If only she knew!

"Ummm......Maa....is muave and off white fine?" He asked her mother.
Khushi stared at him stunned as Deepa and Gayatri mooned over!
"How perfect for her! " Deepa couldn't help exclaiming.

"Very very Correct! Oh you are the best Chotey!" Gayatri said hugging her son!
"Get that and lets see how it suits her." He said.
"...err...sir it has to be done... we need measurements... "...The assistant came forward..
"And the accessories....er...Deepa will you help out" Gayatri requested as she was looking at the lehengas.

"Sure Aunty" Deepa said going into the gallery...
"Sir we need Ms.Marwah's measurements "Vizzy mumbled...
"Ok!" Arnav stepped abck and the assistant stepped in.

Khushi suddenly felt cold. The assistant- a young chap was over enthusiastic and she smiled at him as she could see that he was nervous. She looked at Arnav without her volition and Arnav was glaring away for what! She did not understand...His eyes met hers and he sucked in his breath and said..." "Ok! I shall do that for my bride!"... much to everybody's surprise and took the measuring tape from the assistant!

"Khushi get used to this!" Mrs.Wadera took a break from her banter with the accessories team and said," My son is ultra possessive about whats his!"
"Dont worry aunty! I am not going to figure in his possessions!" Khushi said and at Arnav's sharp look... she immediately corrected herself saying," I meant I am a collector's item!"
"That you are!" Arnav said smirking at her! He muttered under his breath "...an item" as Khushi made an 'o' with her mouth.

"Ok tell me what to do' He said! 
"First we take the measurements..." The assistant went on and Khushi gulped hard as Arnav Sayan Wadera loomed over her.This was not so funny as she thought apparently!

He looked at the assistant who said "...er...shoulders sir!" 
"Oh! Arnav looked at the tape and the assistant. He did not get it!
Khushi looked at him triumphantly! So much for the Wadera brains! Ha!
Arnav turned to the assistant and said show me how and calling one more assistant.

Khushi's heart sunk into her knee...
He stepped forward and turned her, gently pushed her hair that was secured in a pony and spread the tape on her shoulder blade.Somehow that small gesture made Khushi feel very jittery...Khushi felt an odd flutter in her stomach! After all that has happened, her bloody heart wouldn't heal.

Arnav took her measurements quietly! When he spanned her waist, he muttered under his breath and as she looked up at him, he swore!She looked around! Everybody was busy! And he was quietly doing his work as if he was  a pro! Her head boiled... when he measured her hip size she moved a little in front and put both his hands on his chest! He paused and raised an eyebrow at her in surprise! She smiled.

Arnav knew she was getting back at him! He bent down on his haunches for the waist to floor size... Oh God! Feet! Tiny dainty ones! He fell in love with them when Maya walked into the party... he remembered and his imagination was his worst enemy...Khushi wriggled her toes as she was on bare feet. And as he looked on she placed her right foot on his little finger, as he touched the tape to the floor for the reading...

"What the..." He swore as she looked away as if she did not know!
Arnav stroked her sole and she jumped and he smiled and said," Beware Marwah!Don't play with fire..."
She made a face at him and he got up and said "...lets have the trial! In half hour!" He purred and said," Let me take Khushi out in the mean time! 

"No!" Deepa and his mother said in unison!
"Why not!" Arnav demanded.

"You guys are not going out!' They decreed.
"Why?" He asked...

"Coz its not a good omen Arnie" Deepa said!
"Says who?" He demanded!

"ME"... his mother prevailed...
"Arrrrrrgggghhh...." He groaned and said,"I wana take her some place mom...for an hour please!"

"No!" She said and Khushi silently crossed her fingers! Her nerves were frayed and were screaming under stress.

Arnav looked at her and she smiled at him again! She was clueless about what he was at! Now everything she realised,was beyond her control! she did not realise when and how she converted from a player to a spectator in her own life!

"Ok! Can I..." He ventured again...
"NO!!!" Both Deepa and Gayathri wailed saying," You can have her from saturday! Nowz our time" and disengaged her and took her for her appointment with a beautician who was already waiting in the other sit out!
An Evening with U

"A little towards the right?" Deepa was saying and Arnav's voice boomed saying," Nope keep it straight"... and Khushi jerked back panicking as they were trying her wedding dress on and he just coolly walked in...

"Arnav...shoo! Move...your butt out! Its a bad omen and... give her some privacy yaar!"Deepa chided him chuckling!
"To hell with all that!" He said skimming Khushi from head to toe and said," She looks yummy! Why don't you get me something to drink while I show my appreciation in kind!" He drawled...
"No Way!" Deepa was adamant! 
"Suit yourselves" He said walking in and this time Khushi gasped and said,"Arnav please! You can't!"

"Awe! Too bad sweet heart! But you look L...o...v...e...l...y!" He said rolling it on his tongue for the effect!
She went mute and looked away!

"Why is this hanging here?" He asked and the designer's assistant, showing a long trail...as he said," Its to be put on the head sir!"
"Then  do it" He said leaning on the wall!
She did that and he stood staring at Khushi for a long time and after what seemed like an eternity said,"Fantastic"
Khushi felt like throwing the slipper they were trying on her feet over on to his face...

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Pyaar said...

This was so far the convo which these two lovely couple even intended to be participative rather than dominating. I loved the part where khushi uses her abilities to torture him. Poor guy. Still there is an underlying thing about all Arnav's remarks. Which I think you will only reveal later.thank you for the update anu di

sangeeth bala said...


but when arnav going to understand khushi

subani jayasinghe said...

Beautiful.. Waiting to see how khushi going to make him understand everything .. Will he ever be able to understand her truly?? Waiting for next update already .

Aditi kaushal said...

Lovely .. Mrs wadera is such a darling .. treating khushi with so much love and warmth.. Arnav and khushi scenes are fantastic... hope all goes well between them

sweetygirl28 said...

Great update. Hope ur website works soon anu :)

Shalini_S said...

Oops.. Khushi should just enjoy the flow... Else Arnav is going to make it tough to resist..

Anu Reddy said...

Awesome update Anu!!! When will Arnav understand? Atlast Khushi used something to torture the guy lol!!!

vd danny said...

I know arnav is over possessive but i love his demanding nature. God I wish good luck for khushi

nice update
keep writing

arnaushi said...

really nice update!!
i loved the way arnav is playing pranks on khushi and is teasing her..
but looks like a big twist is coming!!

Jyogul G said...

Nice update. Can we have the previous updates

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Oh... God... Khushi lost her say and the more she is trying to control it.. The more it's getting tangled.. But Arnav is soo bull headed and I am waiting to see when he is going to loose himself to Khushi.., may be I am dreaming too much.. Will it happen or Khushi will just be forced into accepting the kind of marriage Arnav is proposing..

Siri said...

Fabulous..I am clueless as much as khushi is now

Sunandha said...

Wow... SO Arnav starting to feel for khushi ?

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Awesome update. ArNav is possessive. Pity khushi's condition though.