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Khushi looked at Arnav who was looking at her expectantly…
“Excuse me sir” A steward approached them.
“Yeah?” Arnav asked him a tad irritated.
“Sorry to bother you sir. But there is a call for you at the reception and the gentleman says he has your mobile with him and its urgent…” the steward said.
“What?” Arnav fished into his pocket and said,” Gosh! Did I drop my mobile somewhere? Let me check Khushi. Be right back” he said getting up and walking out of the restaurant.
Khushi drank a glass full of water and took several deep breaths.
That’s what they say ‘saved by the bell!’ Oh God! What would she answer if he asked again! She had to think fast. She simply closed her eyes in stress and she sniffed, as she could distinctly smell something.
Yes! It was the Valley of the Willow perfume. She opened her eyes and she saw Arnav seated in front of her and he somehow seemed a little flushed to her. His skin was all rosy and bright.
She just stared at him hesitantly as he said softly,” Listen my dear! Whatever people think or say. You and Arnav were meant to be. So just stop having doubts about the marriage.
“But Arnav…”she started only to be stalled by him as he said,” Just give it some time. But beware of the lurking enemy. His voice somehow seemed deeper and ominous to her as he went on, “…and Khushi at the valley fair never leave my side and don’t go out alone into the valley once we return.”
Khushi felt very odd and was alerted by his tone. She asked him, “Why so?”
“Just listen” he said impatiently. “I don’t have much time. But remember one thing. Not all that you see is the truth. Not always” He shook his head.
Khushi sucked in her breath and said,” But how do one not believe what is right in front of the eyes?”
He laughed then softly and his voice Khushi thought somehow reverberated around, making him look very different. He then said “ You know the legend don’t you?”
“Er… I do…sort of very peripherally…actually not much! I just started reading…”she defended herself.
“Even Lowey was so. She believed in what she saw rather than think and go between the lines. She did not trust what was glaringly evident and went by what she saw…” Arnav said frowning.
“But she was a darling. She also trusted her man-The Governor.” Khsuhi defended her favourite character.
“Oh She did alright!” Arnav said in such a way that Khushi smiled looking at the way his face transformed and his voice assumed the tinge of old world English giving him a vintage touch.
He suddenly bent a little forward and said,” That my girl was the only thing that saved her till the end- trust in her man.”
“Oh! I didn’t read further…” Khushi said looking at him. He looked very radiant in fact and happy. He again said, “Always remember to believe in your instinct. Do not get way-laid by people and situations that might take you away from your destiny. My Valley is the seat of treasures and what great treasure can a man beget than the treasure of true love. Lowey realized her true love and the great treasures of the Valley await you now. It’s heritage, and the unique culture. Please uphold them and then the Valley would shine like the bright sun!” As he was speaking, the steward who called him earlier passed by, and he smiled at Khushi but was surprised to see Arnav who smiled at him saying,” The call got cut. Did you fix it? Let me check” and walked out asking Khushi to bear with him.
What a man she thought.So much of pride in his Valley. But it made him endearing to her. A man who loved his granny, his land so truly would no doubt be a man with integrity who would love his spouse also with the same fervor she concluded. As she mused about it Arnav returned and said,” My phone was found lying on the pavement outside the hospital and a hospital staff picked it and they called up and enquired and finally got me. I arranged for Aman to pick it up.
“Oh!” Khushi said smiling. He looked subdued somehow. Not the same one who spoke to her with jubilance.
“What happened?” Arnav asked her noting the change in her.
“Nothing. Is something the matter?” She asked him.
“Nothing Khushi. Gran is recovering but still not out of danger. The Annual Ball is just the day after tomorrow and it needs to be taken care of. I have certain loose ends to tie in Mumbai. That reminds me. Your mom is going to be discharged tomorrow morning.” He said.
Khushi smiled. But she felt very guilty that in all the confusion she forgot about her mom.
“You are not happy?” Arnav’s question brought her out of her musings as she said,” Confused is more like the word”
“Ok. Tell me one thing. Are you …going to give…us a chance?” He asked her squarely.
Khushi did not know how to react. What should she be saying? She wondered. And was it the same man who bulldozed into a marriage? He never gave her any choice then. But why was he asking her now?
He looked at her expectantly and she said,” I don’t know!”
“Oh c’mmon! You cant be that bad. Why don’t you give us a chance?” he demanded.
Oh! He said the same thing a few minutes ago.
“I am willing to ….” He paused,
“Then that’s it! Lets be on that and…” he was ecstatic but she prevailed saying, “…but…BUT… I want to know what is all this.”
“What? He asked frowning.
“Why were they trying to kill me? What have I done? Why did you protect me, and that too under cover.”
“What has anyone to do with anything at the Valley? What is the mystery of the valley? I want to know Arnav.” She said firmly.
“Ok. Why were they trying to attack you? Coz they wanted to scare you away from the valley. You resemble the Willow Feathers- THE WILLOW FEATHERS!” Arnav supplied.
“So what?” She asked nonchalantly.
“So what? Don’t you know about the curse on the legend?” Arnav asked her.

She shook her head in exasperation and said,” that’s what I don’t get. Why is everything shrouded in mystery? Every damn thing It all goes round and round and in the end you don’t find any answers but questions and more questions.
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Radhika Sabnis said...

What curse??? Which curse???? Does valley people think Willow was bad omen..!!!!
Oh that makes some sense..!!!
Or marrying Christian woman..????
Now I think khushi will again start reading the may be we'll get to know more things about legend.. Hmmm.....waiting for more questions and hopefully few answers..!!!
I love mystery...!!!

Radhika Sabnis said...

What curse??? Which curse???? Does valley people think Willow was bad omen..!!!!
Oh that makes some sense..!!!
Or marrying Christian woman..????
Now I think khushi will again start reading the may be we'll get to know more things about legend.. Hmmm.....waiting for more questions and hopefully few answers..!!!
I love mystery...!!!

Shreesha Ramesh said...

Emo oka link missing phone call anni asr vellinappudu arnav shima kada vachindi ?? And Lowey .......thana story enti curse enti abba. Waiting for the secrets unfold soon totally superb akka I love this story a lot.

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sweetygirl28 said...

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uzma tarin said...

Thanx for a quick update I'm really dying of curiosity are there 2 arnav's one is real n the other ghost of the governor as when he came back khusi noticed that his accent was different n also his voice nhe was looking bright so does that mean ghost arnav also meets her n real arnav doesn't know.

jyothirockz said...

That was another update leaving me with as many new questions as the old ones are answered..I love the efforts Arnav is making to answer as many questions as he could at the public resturant..

Aaliya dev raichand said...

OH MY GOD......
I think the one who said khushi about lowey was not arnav .............
i think he was he was arnav shima............may be...........
but waiting for past to unfold further..............
and is curse related to lowey..........some how...........
it was an awesome update anu loved it..............
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shaliny giri said...

oh swt hell becoming mysterious n mysterious with every new chapters..

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fantastic swt update

angeldream 14 said...

loved it
so will he tell her wht the curse is all abt
n the Arnav who spoke to her to trust her man was not the present Arnav i guess
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Swetha Rajulapati said...

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