Friday, 12 April 2013



Pic Credit: SS NAIR

Khushi was not affected by his anger! She just looked through him with her chin up!
Arnav said," Why don't you listen to me!"
Khushi had had enough! She said," Whatever you have to say cannot take the pain away, that I suffered because of your prank! I was half dead!"

Arnav just stared...He then pulled her hand and took her down to the waiting convoy! But he got into a different vehicle and drove in the opposite direction!
Where were they going? Khushi thought! But wherever it was, He was there with her so no problem! She sighed in relief! Arnav suddenly bent and fastened her seat belt startling her and she just gave him a cold stare!

"Is it against the Jethwa pride to ask where we are going?" he asked smoothly!
In reply Khushi stared out of the window and sighed. Little did he know that she did not ask him because, 
1. It didn't matter as he was with her.
2. Wherever they went was not a problem at all! His safety was thats all.

Arnav drove for the next twenty minutes in silence and when he pulled up a ghat section Khushi realised where they were going!
Chitragadh! Another of Rana VishwaManoharji's architectural splendors in makrana marble and still owned by her family! Babuji wanted to turn it partly into a museum and partly into a hotel as its upkeep was a major headache!

Wait a minute! How did he? Oh that meant even Babuji knew! Good! Let all of them shift to Shanthivan and live with the mighty ASR! She is comfortable in her own room at SheeshMahal!! She mentally cursed.

In a few minutes, Arnav reached the palace and the staff came to welcome them in the traditional style with tilak and aarthi! Khushi noticed that the Sarpanch of the Chitradurg village in which the palace was located, was not present! Strange coz now that she is the reigning royal it was a protocal for him to be present!

They were immediately conducted to the dining hall where a table was set for two and Khushi realised how hungry she was! It was almost 3.30 in the afternoon and she was famished.
Arnav and Khsuhi had  a leisurely lunch on traditional Rajasthani fare served in Silverware and Khushi thawed a bit!
The food was followed by a large glass of lassi and Khushi realised Arnav had 
arranged for all this in advance! But... why? She could not understand her husband! One minute he was dense the other as clear a a crystal! One  second he was a tyrant and the other a loving doting husband! Which of these facets reflected the true Arnav Singh Raizada she wondered sipping on her Lassi as Arnav finished with his coffee!


tanmay said...

yippie !!!!!!!!!!!!! see i was so rt... arnav ki kismat khud hi sab explain kar degi :) n wo bhi aise ki hum soch bhi na saken... n we r just left saying awww n yippie n wow :)

gd to knw tht they found the traiter atleast... the best part is.. tht if khushi thinks rationally, she wud b able to understand tht arnav can b a gd ally in fighting the chandi's, since he can think a little better than her, abt the conspiracies.. since she is tooo simple to suspect anyone.. n he is too experienced to trust anyone easily :)

i love his explaination... too gd..

plus this is a gr8 progress is fighting against the chandi's :)

n though i still agree with the way khushi was feeling, or is feeling... i cant deny tht arnav had a very very valid reason :)

waiting fr more di... more more more wala more :)

tanmay said...

oh... forgot to add... i love u buaji.. :) u r simply the best :)

more di ....

stories.1408 said...

all d jethwas have fallen for him.poor khushi kitna resist karegi......:-)

Farheen Sufi said...

Thank god that they managed to catch the traitor... I am just amazed at Khushi's resilience that how bravely she is fighting with her circumstances but she has to do one important thing and that is she has to make Arnav her strength rather than a weakness and work together for a better and peaceful life.


Lakshmi said...

Nice update...really glad that Khushi let Arnav to speak... they should talk....though they can go to any length for the other...they lack communication...looking forward Anu..

Kaushu said...

Arnav is worthy enough to be her ally. Once they join forces, there is no stopping them. Would be worth a wait to see that!

tanmay said...

another thg... beautiful description of various rooms :) n food.. yuuuummmmmmm :):)

waise nw i seriously think.. tht though khushi used to tell arnav tht he doesnt understand the extent of prob... bt it appears tht its khushi who doesnt understand the exact extent of of infiltration in her fort... arnav though seems to b doing a gd job with suspecting each n everythg.. except the obvious trusted ones...

Leena Rocks said...

aha!! Gulabo ki bachee ... teri toh abhi kachumbbar banayega Arnav!

Anu neasutiful description of the palace!!haa... feel like visiting rajastan after reading this FF of urs!! really ... :)

IF IF LeenaRocks

aquariuslp said...

Lovely update... Waiting for more dii.. :)

Disha said...

Yeh dono kitna ladte hai... i swear i feel drained out with them always at each others throat !!
ArnavJi ne acha kiya pehle pet puja phir kaam dooja !! :)
I am sure if he would have sat to explain her his side of the story before to she would never have sat patiently to listen !

Loved all this pics u put especially the "Thaali" he he ....