Tuesday, 9 April 2013



Khushi just stared at Arnav! He was dressed casually in jeans and a cream coloured cotton shirt! She just extended her hand and touched him by putting her palm on his chest and he was there!
She shook her head in negation thinking 'No Khushi you are hallucinating!'

She just looked at the brass urn in her hand which was given by the Panditji to collect water from the Reva and as she immersed it into the flowing water Arnav's hand covered hers and he said "Lemme do it Khushi!"

She looked at him Then! He was indeed there and in person! 'Hey Devi Mayya! How is it possible!' Relief washed all over her mind and body making her feel light hearted! But along with it came the realisation that all along she was feeling him around! So he must have been... oh NO!!!

She turned to him sharply and he smirked...
"Aap... Aap yahi they?" she asked.
( Where you here? all along?)

"Kahaan Rani saa?" he asked very sweetly... too sweetly in fact...
( Where your majesty?)

Khushi felt all the pent up frustration in her taking the form of anger!
"Aap humaarey hi sath they aur humey pareshaan karthey rahein... aur hum..."
( You were with me all along and were troubling me and I was...)

"Humey aap ke sath nahi rehna tha?" Arnav asked innocently!
( Am I not supposed to be with you?).

"Nahi!" She answered.
( No)


Unknown said...

nice update yaar she is very tensed about his whereabouts so she mad over him but I like this jetwaa princess and her stubornness she is too cute

tanmay said...

i knew it :) 4am mera dimaag bilkul raja saa jaise sochne lagta hai ;)

love u buaji.. :)

n the new curiousity is... to find out y he did all this :)

i soo am with u khushi.. main hoti to maar hi deti.. sirf haath na uthati

n raja saa... kya khushi khushi kar re ho aap... batao bhi kyun kara aisa?? she was dying of worry fr u.. n here u were hiding ?? if u really wanted to b with her.. y hide atall??
waise i m sure ur destiny wud explain tht too ;)

waiting fr next one di...

Lakshmi said...

Arnav must have some reason for doing this ....But too bad yaar i'm also with Khushi here. She was worried..Bauji is with Arnav...love Arnav Buaji equation...in the show also it was endearing to see them....looking forward...

Kaushu said...

Khushi's anger is wellplaced. More than anger she is hurt. Lets see how Arnav will cool her.

MEG said...

Hello di...
first of all, Heartiest apologies..!
I know tht i disappeared all of a sudden...and for so long..tht too without any notice...So Sorry!
Well...it just happened...I had initially i had told u i would get bk in a few days...once my work load gets lightened...but i had no idea tht i will be so caught with it..tht wouldn't make it until today. Yeah...so much delay accounts to my exams too...wch just got over yesterday.
And honestly...since i hv entered the last phase of semester..icannot promise to be as regular...however...i promise to be more regular than earlier. :)

About the story tht i had missed so far...and just caught up with...Well...Di, u have made the duo come a long way in these last few chaps. and i'm glad tht to know tht Rani saa had finally begun to withdrew her reservations with him. And woah....the Realisation tht sheloves Arnav had already struck her.....Wow!! atleast one head got to it. about Arnav not accepting tht his feelings for her has nothing to do love...well he's truly thick-headed regarding this matter.... ;) will looks like he'll need a lot of coaxing and hard words to get it straight into his head...and offcourse time too...
i know he'll come around! ;)

Di...where's DEEPU??i m missing him so so much? eversince u started pursuit....u have mentioned him just once....tht too behind words and thinking... :( Missing my hero...wanna see him live here...in action! ;) I hope u do plan to make him come bk..and possibly with a grandiose entry...*reuesting on my knees...with puppy eyes*

Di, u have been balancing the story well...both good and bad things...
And oh...offcourse...the Bhaiya-Bhabhi Act.....Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Di...loads of slurpy MuahMuah to u....for those particular scenes...! :* :* :*

and about shikhar...well...the way u r writing his part lately....it makes me feel like he hit his head hard too during accident... hihihi! I m liking it..the way he's just gaga over Khushi...noticing and caring about nothing else.... :D

And Bhairav....well...even though he has some senses, only one in chandi family to have some..yet, he's too not really stepping bk regarding khushi....Well...apne liye hi gadda khod raha h...HIHIHI! :D
and the nonsense tht chandi's mother was speaking to Khushi...well...she's a crazy one too! :D she's talking abt stubbornness and no values in khushi...wat abt her own son...Stupid lady...!

and then...Arnav is doing really good job...convincing her. But...i had no idea...he's got Buaji in too....Badiya hai! ;)

In short...it was all an amzing read so far. :)

Disha said...

I did not understand the reason behind Arnav's actions ???
Just as she starts to get a little comfortable around him he throws a google !!!

tanmay said...

me neither disha di... bt i m sure uski kismat, n hamari writer di... jaroor explain karegi :)

aquariuslp said...

Buajii... you too Brutus!!! how can you do this to khushi(us)? along with khushi I was also missing Arnav like anythg and it all came to be only a trick?? so not fair playing with khushi's(our) feelings :P

Do teach him a lesson Khushi... :) seriously dii.. i never thought I would miss Arnav, but he was not there for one update and I realised how much i like this character :)

Paramjeet said...

God Khushi is so angry with Arnav.. had felt the same way that he is around her.. Arnav have to really work hard to manao his Rani Saa..

Wonderful update.. loved it.. nok, jhok of Raja Saa and Rani Saa.. at least they concluded pooja together..

Prabha L said...

As usual superb..yes Arnav has to be punished for his sweet torture and makng our Rani saa tensed