Saturday, 13 April 2013



Pic Credit: SSNAIR

"Arnavji yaaney ki... Gulabo humaari poori khabar...Hey Devi Mayya! Khushi exclaimed!
( Arnav ji that means Gulabo had been transmitting all the info regarding my where abouts...)

"Yeah Khushi! But she is not the link!" Arnav said pensively!
"Kya? Wahee hain! Rukiye! Humey Mahal lautne deejiye kya karthey hain hum!" Khushi flared her nostrils in anger!
( What? She is the one! Just wait till I get back to the Mahal! She will have to give some answers).

"Nahi Khushi! Woh link nahi hain! Khali go between hain! (No Khushi! She is stand alone! Just being used!)
They are using her can't you see?" Arnav said.
"Kaisey?"( how?) Khushi asked.
"Kaisey?( How?) Well, She doesn't have any access to Bhairav and party you know?"

"Tho kya kehna chaahthey hain aap!" Khushi countered.
( What do you want to say?)
"Yahi ki there is more to it!"( Just that there is more to it! ) Arnav explained.

"Kya..." WHAT) Khushi was beyond herself with rage.
"Yeah! There are more out there... carrying info!" arnav said smoothly.

"Per gulabo Arnavji... woh... woh tho... Dayee ma ki bhateeji hain! "Khushi gulped in pain.
( Gulabo is the neice of my nanny[how could she?])

"True Khushi we dunno what made her do it! You never know!" Arnav did not like it that Khushi felt betrayed and was anguished!

"Phir ab kya hoga?" ( Now what?)She asked him.
"Well you are going back to Sheesh Mahal and I am going to wait the darkness!" he grinned!
"Nahi!" (No) She said.
"Nahi! Khushi said looking straight at him! Kisi aur ke liye aap aisey... woh bhi humaarey liye? Nahi aapko kya zaroorath hain aur yeh tho khatraa hain!Hum aapko aisa nahi karney dengey!" She said vehemently!
( Why should you go through this for me? I won't agree! I won't allow you to face all this for my sake)

"Nai Khushi its not so!" He reasoned.
Khushi caught the lapels of his shirt and said," Suna aapney? Nahi!"
( Didn't you get it? No)

"What makes you think I will listen to you?" Arnav challenged!
"Aapko sunna hi padega!" ( you must) Khushi insisted stubbornly.


tanmay said...

as expected.... khushi trying to protect him... arnav doing wht he shud...
n his analysis is gr8... gulabo is just a small piece of the big puzzle.. he wud hv to see more closely.. n mayb even closer... :)

n i did love the fact tht .. though rani saa forgot tht he still is the master, most probably due to the delicate way in which he treats her.. bt he hasnt.. :)

coz he sure is going to master a lot... she doesnt still seem to hv gotten over her stupid plan of asking him to go away n be safe...

waiting fr more di..

Lakshmi said...

good one. When will khushi let go her inner fears...waiting for that....

Algol Betelgeuse said...

I see that Khushi is trying to protect Arnav but now i think she is going overboard. She should understand by now that she can't make him leave her and what ever she is doing won't work on him. Arnav has every right to be angry now cause she is just being childish, refusing to accept what the situation is.

aquariuslp said...

Loved it... waiting for the day when she is gonna forget everythg else and confess her love to arnav.. :)

Disha said...

So sorry writer sa... weekend was super hectic so was not able to comment on time ..
though i did read the updates on time he he ....
Arnav and Khushi and their never ending arguments ..kya karein in dono ka seriously ..
though one thing i have noticed is of late with every argument nowadays in the end both are left with something to ponder about as to how they see each other ...
Today also Khushi was getting quite close to making Arnav spill out his thoughts for her but then end main that mayor tapak gaya ...
now lets see what this new drama is all about??

By the way i loved the whole duppata scene ... he treats her with full authority and haq over her but yet is always sensitive to their surroundings especially when khushi is there ... i loved it the way he shielded her immedialtely when that sevak entered to inform about new arrival ....

jyothi parsi said...

Great update... Bust again back to square one....both not giving up....