Sunday, 14 April 2013



Pic Credit: SSNAIR

"Kya karrein hain aap?" ( what are you doing?) Khushi tried to snatch her dupatta back!
Arnav just bent slightly back staring at her amusedly!

"Dupatta waapas kijiye!" she hissed.
( Give it back)
"Ab tho yeh tabhi milegi jab aap humaari bath sunengi"( You will get it only when you will listen to me) Arnav said!
"Arey?" Khushi was vexed.
"Yeah coz you promised me you will listen to me the whole week and you went back on your word!" Arnav reminded her.
Khushi stopped midway and backed away!
She suddenly felt conscious and turned her back and Arnav said very politely 
"Tell me yes or no!"
"Kyun aapko kya faraq padtha hain?" ( How does it matter[to you]) she asked him making him to dwell into his own reasons for asking her? Why did he ask her?
What if she said no! Would that affect him? How would he feel!
No he cannot bear it! It mattered! Bloody hell it mattered a lot! Infact he liked it when her eyes searched for him! When she worried for him! When she rejoiced on his return.

"I just want to know..." he said surfacing from his self introspection!
"Kyun? Aap ko in sab mein vishwas nahi hain! Haina?" ( why? You don't believe in all this?) Khushi asked him!
She missed him like hell! So much so that she felt lost for a little while when Buaji said there was no news from him! She got so angry when he joined her at Reva! It was out of pure frustration and sheer relief!
But he was pushing her to accept her feelings! And what about him? Did he miss being with her? Why should she accept? why can't he tell her about his own self! The chin came up and she turned and asked," Aur aap?"( And you?)
"What?' Arnav could not believe that she was asking him!
"Haan aap! Aap ney humey miss kiya?" She asked! ( yeah You! Did you miss me?)

Did he miss her? Oh God! What a fix! He himself did not know! All he knew was when she was around he just wanted to be with her not at a distance unable to see her properly or listen to the tinkle in her laughter or bear her tantrums! But nothing more than that! Yes!
Arnav took a deep breath and said "I asked first!"
"Koi bath nai! Aap jawaab pehley deejiye!" ( No problem! You can answer first!) Khushi said very matter of factly!
"Aisa nahi hain Khushi!"( Its not like that Khushi) He tried to explain.
"Kaisa nahi hain Arnavji? Aap ko kuch faraq nahi padaa?" She asked.( How not Arnavji?Did it make any difference to you?)


aquariuslp said...

arre yaar... yeh log kab sudhrenge? Mein tho soch rahi dhi ki abhi bolengey...abhi bolengey (not I Love You, but atleast I Missed You). Alas, both turned out to be as stubborn as rock :-\

diya bansal said...

wao itni jaldi updte? wait i am reading r a bapre di .. now i am feeling like "aab aya na oont pahar ke niche" thy both r akroo .. miss pride chin and mr akrro r a yaar mujhe laga yeh ab bolenegy i love u .. par bole hi nhi .. yeh dono kab sudhrenegy uff
and then again arnav chup gya rofl now yeh MLA kaha se tapka rofl ..lovely update di

Paramjeet said...

Arnav aur Khushi what will happen of these two stubborn heads.. why don't they get a point that in love its always best to lose then win.. God both are not ready to give up.. Arnav even though in anger sometimes do blurt out but khushi she remains always so guarded she never lets him knows but arnav singh raizada, the shatir dimaag knows all her weaknesses and just gets all the ideas what she is thinking and planning to do.. even in this update liked arnav when he barked the he wants her and will not let her spoil the things between them.. awesome update.. now why have this man come here to meet her?

tanmay said...

well atleast "i want u" tak to aae... n khushi.. pls dear.. b happy tht he tuk atleast 1 step ahead... responsibility se aadat to bane aap... :)

n rahi baat khushi ke kuch bhi kehne n accept karne ki... well raja saa.. u shud knw better :)

waise abhi kafi hua... dono me se kisi ek ko to aage chalna suru karna hi hoga... i mean one has to start accepting n tht too vocally, their feeling... only then can the other one feel comfortable in accepting his/her own..

n yes... hw does the MLA knw abt khushi visiting this place, whn khushi herself hd no clue abt it??

waiting fr next one di...

Disha said...

are anu i updated my consolidated comment on chapter 20 galati se instead of here ... please read there ...
sorry !

Lakshmi said...

Anu, when will these two talk their heart out....both are too stubborn and beating around the bush....Khushi knows very well abt him , she has to take the first step and letting him to know her insecurities....looking forward...

jyothi parsi said...

Finally Arnav confirmed he wants her...I guess that was all khushi would get him to confess...n never love,,,.
But she was far more stubborn....n did not answer his questions....

GoldenHaze said...

Yay Jyothi.... you are back... Dishu koi Bath nai! OOOO Thanu ruko... Pursuitwa mein bahut kuch baqi hain merey dosth!Lakshmi... If relationships were so simple then this world would have been a different place dear!
Diya bitiya Intezar ka phal hamesha intezar hotha hain( Goden Haze mein)

Param good girl you do understand Khsuhi my girl! You do! she cannot let go till her love reaches the proportion of madness....

Kaushu said...

Khushi is gaurding her heart like a hawk. Arnav should expect Khushi to reciprocate what he is giving her. Love the update Anu.

Prabha L said...

Whoa wonderful update i thought one of dem would confees deir does dat MLA came to knw abt khushi being dere...hey update it soon