Tuesday, 16 April 2013



Khushi immediately walked a little forward  to the sit out that was away from the drapes and to the centre of the hall,cornering Rane in such a way that he was forced to turn so that his back was to the drape behind which Arnav was standing!
She said,"Namaste! Baithiye."( Greetings! Please have a seat) showing him a sofa in the sit out that was farther from Arnav!"
He sat and Khushi sat facing Arnav!

"Humka Bijju Kehthey hain Rani Saa! Bahuth dur sey aapsey milney aaye hain!" He said!
( they call me Bijju Your Majesty! I came to meet you from far)

Khushi looked at him! He was 40 ish with jet black hair a long teeka on his forehead and was dressed in typical style, pyjama kurtha and a Nehru jacket! But what she did not like about him was his leer! He was staring at her and she felt uneasy! The man did not have any manners!
She looked above his head and found the crack in the curtain and was assured Arnav was there!

"Haanji tho boliye!" ( Tell me) She said raising her chin up!
There she goes thought Arnav! He knew! Khushi did not like the fellow! He did not like him too as he was facing him, standing behind the drapes, when he entered and could see him and his face clearly! The man who walked in was not only crass but had the aura of a reptile something creepy which Arnav's experience with people told him!

Arnav felt like wringing his neck when he looked at Khushi! Khushi did not have enough time to set her dupatta properly and so just left it loose in front and tucked it behind into her lehenga, and it was a white and  a sheer dupatta! And the man was leering at her waist!
But his Rani saa was quick in her recovery! Oh yes! The chin came up and now the fellow is in for trouble!He  thought smiling at his lady!

"Kahiye!" ( Tell me) Khushi said a tad irritatedly!
"Kuccho nai Rani saa..." ( Nothing Your Majesty) he said staring below her shoulders!

"Tho aap bin bulaaye aur bina humaarey ijaazat key humaara waqth zaayar karney chaley aaye ?" Khushi asked! 
( So I assume you came uninvited and without my appointment to waste my time?)

Arnav's chest rumbled in suppressed laughter!He admired her for her courage! Men like Rane intimidated women by their sheer callousness and instead of being panicky and unsettled, she was giving him a verbal wacking! Go my girl he thought!

"Ohho! Suna tho bahuth tha aapkey baarey mein! Darshi mein dekhney naahi mila per aap waaqey hi cheez ho!" Rane staring at her from head to toe clearly meant to insult her!
( Oh! I heard a lot about you! Could not get a proper idea at darshi! But I must say you are something!)


tanmay said...

go girl :)

thts khushi n mrs asr, all in one... she is rt... she is more than arnav.. she is a jethwa raizada :)

as of rana... well atleast he hinted enuf to b cautious on holi...

more on 2nd read..

waiting fr next one di...

Lakshmi said...

What a pride!!! i' proud of Rani Saa..i liked the way she handled that guy alone without our ASR...LOVED IT..

Kaushu said...

Wow! Rani Sa at her best. She can give Arnav what he deserves. This guy is nothing before Arnav! excellent.

Prabha L said...

sick man i felt like beating him black n blue...loved khushi a lot i hope arnav rip's his nerves during holi sequence..hey nice update...

GoldenHaze said...

Thank you so much for your continued support and patient reviews...

aquariuslp said...

Totally loved it :) such an admirable character Khushi is. But I don't want this incident to strengthen her Keep-Arnav-Away mission.

Farheen Sufi said...

Fabulous update... Khushi proper showed rane his place and hopefully this time Arnav will be well prepared to thwart any attack on Khushi which can ruin their holi celebrations.


jyothi parsi said...

Amazing update...well done khushi...I'm sure Arnavs presence gave her so much courage....so ....lots hapenning for holi...
Hope khushi has fully recovered by then....
What a romantic ...political thriller...hats off ANU ...well done
The plot getting more n more interesting each update...waiting for the next

Paramjeet said...

Awesome !!! Rani Saa at her best... but look at the guts of that man he threatened her..

diya bansal said...

really feeling so much proud on rani sa

go girl go khusi rocked today

di i hope you will update soon as like today

scared about holi now :(

arghhh hope they will not harm arshi .... :\

simply2smile said...

Nice update, but i think nothing happened in this chapter....i thought they will meet again...but she felt the venue....brakes failed she jumped out...n shree n neel go to look for her...i wanted to know more after a week long wait....:-(

Nonie said...

You are an excellent writer. I just finished reading Mirage And the pursuit . It's been very nicely plotted and after every chapter it keeps me thinking .

You have portrayed Khushi's and Arnav's character very well .

I loved the way Khushi was in the rani mode and showed the MLA his position . Though I feel she is bit harsh on Arnav, not that I blame her, but she is being very adamant and fixated on saving the world . But she has the responsibility of her kingdom and her behavior to some extent is justifiable . Arnav is so very patient and trying to tame her is surely a tough job for him .

Thank you for the wonderful story.

Disha said...

As Khushi was conversing with that stupid asshole ... all of Arnavs thoughts were running in my mind as well !! he he