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Pic Credit: SSNAIR

Khushi enjoyed the ride in the open! The sun was still there but a slight breeze made the evening perfect! It was almost half past four when they reached their destination and Khushi was surprised much to Arnav'a amusement!

He parked the vehicle and literally pulled her out of the jeep and took a private elevator!
"Kuch bologi bhi?" ( cat got your tongue?)he asked his wife who was just gaping at him all the time!
"Yeh tho... yeh tho, .... Rajgadh hain!" ( This is Rajgadh!) she said.
"Congrats Khushi! You know your geography!" Arnav teased her pressing the button for the top floor.

Khushi ignored his teasing and went on saying, "Yeh Raj Palace hain!" ( This is Raj Palace)
"Hmmm!" Arnav confirmed!
"Per aap yahaan aisey?" ( But you here and like this? [How come?]) She asked.

The elevator reached the top floor and Arnav took her into a richly carpeted corridor and unlocked a suit!
Khushi walked into a plushly decorated apartment and asked him the obvious," aap yahaan... tehrey hue hain??" ( Are you staying here?)
"Haan yahi tehra hua hun... jab sheesh Mahal mein nahi hun!" ( I have made this my base when I am off Sheesh Mahal) He answered and before she asked the next question, he just put the key in her hands and said," I bought the majority stake off from The Bhans! So its yours!"
"What?" Khushi stared at the key!


tanmay said...

ok... honestly khushi... sweetheart.. i think arnav is rt.. u hv too much of jethwa adamance.. or mayb u r a taurean too ;)

bt sincerely.. hd i been in khsuhi's place.. n someone told me.. tht though they dont believe in love, n can never tell me tht they love me, bt tht i hv a special place in his life, n tht i breathe life into him.. i wud hv myself never let htt person word the phrase "i love u"
i dont knw wht others feel, or wht khushi feels... bt i was soo touched by the way arnav askd her to b a prt of his life.. the way he is pursuiing her.. tht the word love suddenly seems soo small, n soo derogatory to the kind of love n care n affection he has fr her.

i used all 3 ie: love, care affection : since i feel there really is nt rt word to put the exact extent of his feelings fr her.

just coz a person has a shortcoming in one area, doesnt mean he is nt gd enuf..

i fr one, believe in accepting a person as he is.. nt wanting him to change fr me.. so this adamance of khushi .. tht he says n believes in love.. seems wrong to me.

wasnt him telling her htt she can mk him live, enuf fr fr her?? wasnt it a proof enuf fr her to see tht he loves her?? coz if it was.. she wud hv never questioned him tht he doesnt believe in love..
yes he doesnt.. bt he believes n has fr her, sthg far far greater than the mere love.

now anu di.. i m sure u might feel tht this too is nt my normal self.. bt kya karen.. raja saa hai hi itne cute.. ki koi unhe dukhi kare to hum bardaash nahi kar pate ;) :P

fun was the way arnav was back to his teasing self..
dont knw hw he managed rana's confession... bt only ASR can do tht :)

oh n the talwaar.. wow :) khushi losing herself in moments like these.. is really a sight to see :) here again, i wud like to pt out again, tht i dont read this story.. i actually see it happening infront of me..

arnav's anger at rana eyeing his wife, i can understand.. n though i can also understand n relate to khushi's pt of view abt htis too... i still find it soo cute tht he dealt with it in his way :)

i dont knw.. i mean if all this doesnt show his protective caring loving feelings fr her.. then wht does !!

y do we humans tend to b limited by mere words.. htough i knw its imp... bt they y is it so imp tp hear a certain phrase to b sure of thgs??

as of arnav not reacting abt rana, before ... well he never claimed to b in charity or social service.. n he is really very fiercely protective of whtever n whoever is his.. so i can understand his reasons too..

n i m amazed.. he managed all this in such a short time..

i love u too payal.. u seem to b getting in the league with buaji :) helping arnav.. n like i said.. raja saa ko jo bhi help karta hai.. wo humko bahut bahut achcha lagta hai :)

the entire sequence whn khushi threatens arnav with the spoon, n finds out her jiji is a GADDAR.. was tooo too realistic n cute :)
like i said earlier.. seeing this khushi is a delight..

oh n jethwa wali baat galat thi.. soo true.. so to galat thi :) imagine arnav's reaction.. he is expecting her to explode.. n all she finds wrong is dragging of her family name.. :) n tht too soo softly :)

as of being in his camp... u sure r khushi..

oh n i hv another complaint againt u rani saa..
aap claim karte ho tht arnav doesnt believe in love... bt aap to karte ho naa.. n u also knw htt u love him.. then y cant u b honest n tell him tht...
double fayda hai.. if u tell him.. it wud b easier fr him to accept his feeling, in ur expected words.. :)

waiting fr next...

stories.1408 said...

so finally khushi blurted out d secret to her heart.nw will shatir dimaag take up d clue remains to b seen

Lakshmi said...

Wow good one. Started with their word play but ended on a serious note.Both r in love, but he has problem to name it and she can't say it loud for other reasons....Arnav Khushi never need any enemies....they'll do those purpose too....loved this update...looking forward....holi episodes were good in ipk....i'm eagerly waiting for HOLI here now....

Disha said...

I swear writer sa their nok jhoks are to die for !!

Its like watching a rapid fire round!

jyothi parsi said...

So here they go again...onto the forbidden topic o bye bye Mela date...they will again end up verbal ARGUEMENT ...I think her confession would help...
LOVED ARNAVS revenge against RANA hope they will learn their lesson...not to mess with ASR 's wife...waiting for next update