Tuesday, 7 May 2013



Pic Credit: SSNAIR

Aagaya? Accha usey rakho I will tell you what to do! Raj Singhvi looked at Bhairav and said," Kya hain usmey?"
( Its reached! Ok! Keep it safe I will tell you what to do!What's there in the packet)
"Kismet ki chabi!"( Key to destiny) Bhairav said dramatically!
"Paheliyaan math boojhiye! Bathaayiye!" Raj said irritatedly! ( Please don't talk in riddles! Tell me).

"Theek hain merey paas yahan aur ek hain Bathaathaa hun!" 
( Ok! I have a copy here. Let me show that to you)
Bhairav called one of the gunmen,"Aei, Bholu! Jaakey rajju se packet lee aa! Bhaag!"
( Bholu go and get the packet from Rajju! Quick!)
The fellow came with a packet! 
Raj Singhvi opened it and his eyes widened! And his lips parted on their own volition saying," Oh MY GOD!!!"

"Yeh tho bahut badaa lafdaa hoga!"( This is going to be a big scandal) he said thumping his thigh!
"Haan Akhbaar waale ho tho banthaa hainey?
( You are from the press! So you need this kind of excitement!)
"Thodaa bahut namak mirch daalke thoda banaana ooka... kuch!" Bhairav egged him!
( Just add some spice to it nd make it worth while!)

"Per idhar udhar ka kaam tho nahi haina?"( But its authentic![ not morphed] Isn't it?) Raj sought clarification!
"Ek dum Original hai! Dekhlo!" ( They are original)Bhairav said challenging him!
"Per..miley kahaan sey?"( Where did you get them?)
"Bhayya yaa tum naa poocho accha hum naa bathaavey tho badhiya!" Bhairav answered Tongue in cheek!
( brother its better you don't ask that and the best if  I don't tell you!)
"Theek hain per bahut dhoom hoga!" ( Ok but there will be a lot of ruckus)
"Haan tho honey do ney?"( Yeah let it be) Bhairav said indifferently!
"Aur mera kya?" Raj asked!( What about me?)
"Hum haina! Banwaari dekhlega tera Proteksan!"( Banwari will look into your protection) Bhairav assured!
"Bade log hain bahut khatra hain!" Raj hesitated!
( Bigwigs! So lots of danger in all this)
"Haan tho ooke vaasthey thaari madad maangrahbey hain! " Bhairav said.
( Yeah and thats why you have been commissioned for this job!)
"Ok! will do!" Raj said!
"Yaa hui na baath!" ( Now thats what I wanted!) Bhairav was pleased.


tanmay said...

i agree.. dont go back khushi.. he really needs u..

n maan.. since u do understand arnav well enuf.. pls see tht u can get thru him..

i hope the natural enemies dont keep themselves busy fighting in themselves ;)
they hv a bigger enemy to deal with.

n i agree too.. hw come khushi was oblivious to his feelings..
well.. mayb she was.. or mayb she was just being dignified abt it.. by chosing to ignore, whn she cudnt reciprocate the same..

in anycase..

waiting fr the next one di..

Paramjeet said...

lovely update.. the kind of turmoil all three are in... every one is correct in their own place.. hope khushi gives her relation with arnav a chance without any fear of losing him.. arnav should start giving his relation a name of love which khushi wants him to do.. she wants to hear that HE LOVES HER.. Deep god help him.. but on other side bhairav is planning something big on holi.. hope arnav and khushi are fine and have a nice holi... really nice update.. loved it..

tanmay said...

di the chapter was gd.. bt the song is out of this world gd :)

i forgot all the confusion running in the chapter.. all the self-thots.. all doubts, insecurities.. helplessness.. n all the feeling of loss..

i totally forgot all this.. just fr hte song..

pls add atleast 1 song per update.. u hv an amazing choice n collection :)

this is going to b my latest on loop :)

n though its a sad song.. i still m smiling like crazy listening to it :)

Disha said...

Omg what the f is in the packet ???

Maan and Arnav squabble like they are a bickering couple LoL ...

They all listened to the song and had various emotions running thru their minds however apne Anarvji to kamaal hai ....radio band hi kar diya baat khatam !!hahahahahahh

Kaushu said...

Beautiful song, very apt for all three of them. This night is very crucial for Arnav and Khushi. They should talk and clear out all issues, so holy will bring surprises. What is in the packet?

Ranbir Singh Anand said...

Hey I haven't been away that long, but when I came bk here, there were suddenly so many new updates.

Well I didn't mind I had a lot of to read and enjoy. And I really enjoyed reading Arnav and Khushi being together at the mela.

The bomb blast was a shock, but I knew, something will happen, but not that soon.

Maan is a true friend to both, but feel pity for him. The song was very nice and lovely. Good choice, also with the lyrics.

Keep it up.

Lakshmi said...

The song was beautiful....i read all the updates one go...the plot is too interesting now....Loved Teddy & Arnie's equation...best buddies who can't stand each other....very well said....I like Maan's character in Mirage I itself....it's really disheartening to see him finding it impossible to move on in his life...This guy always scores better at time than Arnav....i know no one can be compared with our ASR....but love the interactions between these buddies.. god forgot our Rani Saa...please don't go into shell mode again.. Poor girl everytime they come close, something or other happens....looking forward....