Friday, 10 May 2013



Pic Credit: SSNAIR

"Sab theek sey rakh liya haina?" ( Have you packed everything?)Vaishnavi asked Sanjuktha!
"Haa maa!" ( yes mom) Sanjuktha said zipping up the last of the bags.

"Accha woh Khushi ka jo packet hain woh uper rakhna! Jaathey hi de dengey!" Vaishnavi said again!
( Ok! Khushi's gift! Please keep it handy as we need to give it the mement we are there!)
"Ji! Theek hain! Per ab in sab ki zaroorath hain kya maa?" Sanjuktha asked!
( Ok! But why all this now?Is it required at all))

"Haan beta!Hain tho! Ab taq hamesha holi hum donon parivaar saath mein manaathey aarahey hain! Khushi aur Payal donon bhi tum jaisi hi hain merey liye! haan ! Per ek bath rehgayi ki..."

 Vaishnavi stopped abruptly...

( yes! It is! Khuhsi and Payal are like my daughters! Till now, both our families have celebrated Holi together all these years! But thing that remained unfulfilled is...
"Sanju, Yeh waala chalega ya zarurath nahi?" Megha came in!
( ( do you think this will do? or shall I just leave it?)

"Haan yaar! No issues! laaley!" ( Of course ! get it) Sanjuktha encouraged Megha to get an extra pair of jeans!
"Waisey tum ladkiyaan wahaan pehnogi kahaan?" ( By the way where will you girls go dressed up like that?) Vaishnavi asked smiling!
"Kya maa! Bahar jaayengey jab pehnengey theek hain!" Sanjuktha said flabbergasted!
( We shall go out of the town! Ok?)

"Na  baba naa! Wahaan theek na hoga! Keh dethi hun Sanju! Khushi aur Payal ko dekha hain kabhi jeans mein?"
(No! It won't be appropriate!I am telling you Sanju! Have you seen payal and khushi sporting Jeans?)

"Kis sadi ki ho maa?" Sanju asked exasperatedly.
( To which century you belong to mom?)

"Isee sadi ki per jahaan jaa rahey hain wahaan key log aur unkey tour tareekey alag hain! Dekho beta khaamokha kisibhi baat mein math padna!" Vaishnavi cautioned both of them!
( This very century! But the culture there is different! See child don't unnecessary get into trouble)

"Ji Aunty  per Mujhey aapko thanks kehna chaahiye ki aap logon ney mujhey holi key liye invite kiya!" Megha said.
( I need to thank you aunty for inviting me over for Holi)

"Arey kya bol rahi ho bitiya! Aap ke Mummy Daddy ne Sanju ki kitni acchi dekhbaal ki thi?... jab usey house surgency ke liye Gorakhpur jaana padaa?" Vaishnavi reminded Megha
( What are you saying my dear! I cannot forget how your parents took care of sanju when she had to go to Gorakhpur)

"Aur yeh alag baath hain ki agar wey yahaan hothey tho aapko kahin jaaney ki kya zaroorath hain!"Vaishnavi said hugging Megha!
( Its a different matter that had they been around, where is the need for you to go anywhere at all?)

"Haan aunty! Woh Maa aur pithaji Euro-trip pey gaye aur wahaan taaya ji ne rok liya unko holi key liye aur Bhayya aur Bhabi tho Bhaiyya key sasural gayen hain! Maa zid pey hain ki mujhey wahaan nahi jaana hain!" Megha said making a face.
( Yeah aunty! My parentshave gone on euro-trip and are stuck with my uncle who stopped them to celebrate Holi there! And brother has been invited by his in laws! Mom does not want me to go there!) 
"Wahi jo gadbad hua tha shaadi mein uskey liye?: Vaishnavi asked!
( After that ruckus in your brother's wedding?)

"Haan aunty! Bhai poora trip cancel karney waale they aur Bhabi was upset. with me for that.. per Sanju is so sweet she invited me to Ranpur solving the problem!" Megha said smiling "Thank you Sanju!
(...and my Bhabhi is upset coz Brother was about to cancel the whole thing! )

"You are welcome Megha anytime!" Sanju smiled.


tanmay said...

devi maiyya must really love khushi... bechari ke liye do do bhej diye :) hw to handle :)

bt come to think of it.. khushi dear.. wo dono bechare hain.. dono mil ke bhi aapko handle ni kar pa re hain :)

kaun aaya arnav se ladne?? kisne follow kara unhe??

deepu n arnav hv a very cute bond :) they fight better than gf-bf :) :) n they work better together than spouses :)

waiting fr the next one to figure out ki kaun hai daoor pe...

Kaushu said...

O my god! who is at the door. Arnav is so right, he has to make sure his equation changes with Khushi. Wonderful one as usual Anu. I loved Arnie and Deepu's nok-jok. :)

Lakshmi said...

God , Anu u left us with a cliff hanger...I loved reading these three equation....i really feel bad for Maan . He literally worshiped her...the way he gives order that to with love, aslo he knows everything like her bacterial allergy too...I'm sure Arnie will blow Maan's head...But they u share a enduring bond...quite abnormal...they are not enemies & buddies?????

jyothi parsi said...

God ...another cliffhanger ANU....must praise u for being able to come up with most interesting n nail biting ones every time...since past few updates.....
Now what's with the intruder...?
Even more important.....what's with the news n this Raj Sanghvi?
Lots n lots of intertwined plots....
Don't understand how will my dear sweet n sour ARSHI will ever get an Oppurtunity to lead some quality time together...

Paramjeet said...

awesome !!!

Anonymous said...


Well written as always.

Arnav and Khushi's relationship has come sooo far. Its not been an easy journey to say the least ... but they've held on ...

Khushi is always tring to protect Arnav and he her. These two are made for one another. She's had a very difficult life in terms of things she has witnessed. Courageous. Fighter. Brave.

As for both friends ... well I see Khushi's point :D They were talking simultaneously. The same thing. In the same tone. Bless them.

>>> Uh-oh :O what'll happen now ... :S