Monday, 6 May 2013


Pic Credit: SSNAIR

Khushi went numb!!!! Where was Arnav? Hey Devi Mayya!!
Then as if in  a stupor she ran towards the car  yelling "Arnav!Arnav!!!",...but was caught by four men who emerged from nowhere saying Ma'am we will check sir out! Just wait!
It dawned on to her then that Arnav had the area covered! No wonder he was so much at ease with her gallivanting around the place...

"Nai! Humey Jaana hain!" ( No! I need to go) Khushi pushed them aside but they would not let her!
She somehow pushed and kicked and started moving towards the parking!
People started assembling and then she saw him! 
He was walking to her... 
She just pushed everyone and ran to him yelling," Arnav! Arnav! Nahi!Nahi! 
Arnav aap..." she just went and clung to him touching him making sure he was ok...calling his name over and over again!

"SHHH! Khushi ! Khushi dekho I am ok!"Arnav tried to tell her but she was hysterical!
Arnav held both her upper arms and made her stand still... saying "I am ok sweetheart! Just look at me!"
She stared at him...her gaze taking in his frame... every minute detail of it!

His shirt was covered with dust and blood and so was his hair! But she did not see any injury! "Hey Devi Mayya!!! laakh laakh shukar aapka!" She said and looked at him tears streaming down her eyes and then launched herself on to him and kissed his forehead asking," aap theek tho hain?"( Are you ok?)

"Wow! Pehley ka tho patha nahi ab bilkul... aur bahut zyaada theek hun Rani Saa! "Arnav tried to be his usual flirty self!Just to cheer her!
Khushi drew back and said," Hum! Aap.... kya kahain?" She just hugged him tightly and cried silently...tears streaming down her eyes!
Arnav made her walk towards the grounds with the security forming a cordon around them saying," Khushi my theek hun ok?"( I am fine Ok?)

She just clung to him refusing to let go! Arnav's mobile rang  and Deepthimaan's voice said "Arnie?"


tanmay said...

my laptop is still nt done di... so all i wud say before it goes off again...

loved it :) too much..
n arnav kya.. hum bhi kafi achche ho gae baad me to ;)

as of his changed ways with maan.. he needs to b practical.. he knew this all along.. he knew this whn he askd maan to tk cr of khushi if he isnt arnd..

so yes.. just concentrate on the issue at hand.. which is safety... rest can follow..

like i said.. 1 thg at a time..

rest on ph mayb di.. since my laptop is really acting weird fr the day..

waiting fr next.

Kaushu said...

Thank God (rather thank Anu :-)) they are safe! Deepu is so nice, His love is true, but I hope he finds love else where. What was Arnav thinking, he will take Deepu's help, but Deepu should not be around Khushi. He needs to be smacked to get his thoughts and priorities straight.

tanmay said...

well in arnav's defence ;) ( anudi u knw.. i m too much in love with him ;) to nt defend him everytime :P )

hw was genuinely concerned fr deepu, till he realised tht deepu had been in love with khushi all his life..
n though this jealusy thg doesnt go with the image of arnav i hd in my mind.. bt its till pretty human to feel tht way.
especially fr a person as possessive n protective as him

infact he had even tkn khushi to his place, inspite of knwing htt he loved her, n told her tht she shud hv called n enquired abt maan, instead of trying to push everyone away.
bt wht do u do.. whn u realise tht u hv no info of ur wife's life.. nt even superficial knowledge, while someone who has loved her practically his entire life.. knws every single thg abt her, her likes dislikes.. wishes.. probs.. choices.. every damn thg abt her..

u r bound to feel insecure n jealous.. even the might ASR, though he may still chose nt to accept it.

the gd thg is.. he still trusts both of them
i is nt doubting khushi atall.. as he knws she has no clue abt maan's feelings..
n he really is practical since he is nt even doubting maan.. he knws maan n khushi both r dignified enuf nt to do athg imappropriate..

bt then.. wudnt it hurt us if the one we wanted the most in our life, our spouses.. hd someone whom they probably trusted more, n who knew them more than us..

n to add to his misery, she hd been trying to push him away till nw..

waiting fr next di..

Paramjeet said...

Nice to see Arnav is alright nothing happened to him but could understand the pain Khushi went through for those few seconds before seeing Arnav.. awesome update.. liked Deep a friend who can give up anything for his friend..

Disha said...

Finally Maan has entered the scene again ! He was definitely missed!
But he is still not over Khushi ...
Which is kinda sad and makes me think how Arnav will react to their interaction of course i dont doubt that he does not trust them but i am sure he will be more of a rush to gain Khushi's trust fully now.

I hope atleast now Maan and Arnav together can think of some solid fool proof plan.

Also so glad that no one was hurt after the dhamaka .....

tanmay said...

dr megha aai hai disha di.. i m sure ab to maan khushi se nikal ke megh me khone wala hoga :)

n i agree.. i wish nw aranv n maan can think some big explosion of their own

btw .. i still feel tht someone very close to khushi is involved... n mayb maan hs some idea abt it..

jyothi parsi said...

Hey ANU...
Nice update...thanks for getting arnav out un scratched...
N please arnav behave n have some confidence in khushis love...
Waiting for maan n Arna talk..
N also holi update