Monday, 13 May 2013



Pic Credit: SSNAIR

Bhairav went up to Shikhar's room and as Bholu his gunman tried to caution Shikhar, he forbade him and as he walked in... found his son staring at a badly mangled photo, lying on an easy chair!
He went quietly from behind and flicked off the photo from his hands and said,"Ee KA?"( Whats this?)

"Bapu manney dei do!"( Give it to me Dad) Shikhar shouted!
"Na! Chorey yaa kaa chakkar hai hum bhi tho jaaney kaa maut kaa saamaan samet rahe hou?"
( No! Let me also know son that this time what suicidal plans you are hatching?) Bhairav said and looked at the photo and said in utter shock," Ee tharey paas kaisan aya?"( How did you get this?).

"Mhaarey paas tho tha yeh!" Shikhar said squaring himself against a verbal volley from his father!
"Kahaan sey mila?"( From where did you get this?) Bhairav enquired softly!
"Waheen sey jahaan sey thaarey  ko sab milaa!"( From the same place where from you got all your info) He made a face at Bhairav!
"Arey Naalaayak! Thu tho marwaavey kaa thaanli hain manney! Bus! Manney maar ney Khaatir janam liyo!" Bhairav yelled at him loosing his temper!
( Waste Fellow! You will get me killed one day! You bring my doom with you)
"Myney kaa kiya Bapu?"(What did I do Dad?) Shikhar did not understand!
"Yeh kahaan sey milaa?"( Where did you get this from?)Bhairav asked unable to control his anger!

"Thaarey ko oo sey ka?" ( Whats that got to do with you?) He retorted!
Bhairav lifted his leg and kicked the easy chair almost toppling it saying... "Bol bewakuf!"
( Tell me! Idiot)


Kaushu said...

Thank god! All three of them are safe. Khushi trusted him for the first time and let Arnav go out and check. Not a right decision but at the end of the day, all of them are safe.

tanmay said...

again a quick one...

i liked the fact tht khushi finally trusted arnav to handle it on his own, while she sits bak, as tht was the support he needed frm her..

i m obviously relieved tht the rod didnt hit arnav on his head...

the significant insignificance tht i wud like to mention is tht.. after cleaning up maan, tending to his wound the best she cud... khushi sought solace in arnav.. she knew she cud cry on maan's shoulder too.. she cud hv by all means.. since she is still nt aware abt his feelings so she hd no reason not to.. yet she chose to rush bak to him whn she needed supprot..

tht shows her trust in him, more than the fact tht she let him fight whn he wanted to, as he wanted to.

as of maan.. he sure is a gr8 frnd.. :) coz i chose to believe tht he wud hv done the same fr her, had she been only his frnd n nthg else..

n i tk a wild guess.. the pic has to do sthg with khushi... coz shikhar wudnt hv hd it fr 3 yrs otherwise..
nw the question is.. wht cud th pic hv abt khushi... tht cud possibly hurt her.. mayb one with maan.. bt then again.. more than wht a public response it wud call fr... wht matters is the response tht arnav wud hv to it..

n sthg mks me feel.. tht he wudnt lose trust on her... coz if he does.. wud he still say he needs her n cares fr her as much as he claims??? tht kind of depth doesnt come without trust..

so.. waiting fr all this to unfold soon... gggggggrrrrrrrr it seems to b tking ages :)

Lakshmi said...

Though Arnav and Maan got hurt, they are's disheartening to read Maan in any sort of pain for his Rani Saa. Love Arnav & Khushi hug....finally she's breaking down and sharing that with her hubby....too much emotions at the end...but loved this update....

Disha said...

Well for now thank god they are all safe ,,, but then kab tak they will escape like this ??
Both are hurt .. how will khushi react to this ,, will she retreat back into her shell ....

Arrgg this chandi and gang are not letting me sleep peacefully !!!!

jyothi parsi said...

Loved the rescue.......feel sad for MAAN..... But I want Arnav n MAAN to join forces fully n take the charge of security n planning.....want to see the opposition loosingreally bad...
Anu. Can I have a scene where Arnav saves khushi single handedly after good fight......I want khushi to see his full capability in protecting her.......n also wanaArnav to feel proud abt saving his wife all by himself....

Ranbir Singh Anand said...

That was close and thank God all three r not injured very badly.

Arnav and Maan teamed up when it came to save Khushi and both did well together.

subani jayasinghe said...

thank God they r safe.. That was so close.. :3
wt was that pic ?
Chapter was mind blowing..