Monday, 8 July 2013



Pic Credit: SSNAIR

Arnav searched for Khushi and he saw that she was with Deepu! He slowly walked towards the Khaas Chaawni and as he neared them he saw that she was sleeping on his shoulder! He did not know how to react as ... it was really a very simple gesture that told him how much Deepu meant to her that she slept on his shoulder without a care! But he was a little peeved that she felt so comfortable with Deepu!

Well! He had to live with that for the rest of his life! Suddenly it dawned on to him as to the fact as to why Deepu could never tell her about them! Trust! He had to choose between her trust and his love and he chose the former because without trust there is no love! 

And as far as he was concerned he did not believe in love so he chose trust and opted for her inspite of everything! Deepu or no Deepu, Khushi belonged to Arnav and that was it!

"Deepu" he hissed slowly so as to not to wake her up!
Deepthimaan looked up and it took him a second to focus on the world and he looked at Khushi and then at Arnav with a gaze that meant "what to do?"

Arnav simply said "Let me take her to rest!" And he slowly tried to lift her but Khushi's eyes opened and she simply caught his arms and said.".. hum... uththey hain" ( I shall get up myself) in a confused daze and she got up looked at Deepthimaan sleepily and said," Sorry!Thakur!! Hum so gaye!"( I dozed off!)
Deepthimaan just smiled in return winking at her which said 'Thats OK."

She got up and looked dazedly at Arnav and Arnav was lost in her eyes that were so sleepy and she resembled a child who was all mushy from sleep and very very inviting!
"Rani saa chaliye lets go"saying that, he made her walk and she protested as  soon as they passed Deepthimaan saying," Sab apki wajah sey!" ( It's all because of you).

"What? What did I do?" Arnav asked surprised.

The man saw that the woman and her husband were walking towards the Majhla Dwaar! He got up checked his waist band and slowly moved towards Majhla Dwaar in a parallel path!

"Aap ney humey soney nahi diya raath bhar!" Khushi complained! ( You didn't let me sleep all night!)
"Excuse me! I want to say the same!"Arnav smirked as she blushed!
" Aap ne humey jagaaya bhi"( You even woke me up)Khushi would not accept defeat!
"Hmmm! But you need to get used to that!" Arnav said enjoying her discomfiture.

"Kya?"( What?) Khushi tried to shake sleep off her eyes but they wouldn't listen! She stumbled and Arnav caught her saying," Lemme carry you... "for which she said "Nahi Arnavji hum khud hi chalengey..." ( No! I shall manage).

Deepthimaan looked at them and noticed from the corner of his eye a worker moving parallely and he suddenly realised it was the same form that he saw the night before and it gave him an uncanny feeling! He simply got up in a fluid moment almost throwing his lap top away and started walking briskly before the stranger crossed Arnav and Khushi and as they walked Arnav stopped and was saying something to Khushi!

The man noted their movement from below his lashes and he had calculated that when they cross at the Majhla Dwaar he would do the need full! He,... but was not sure as to how he would pull through the security and this was a child's play for him otherwise but killing the man and getting the lady was a difficult task especially when the building was a veritable maze! It took him one whole day to study it as he didn't have much time!

The man appeared too serious to Deepthimaan. He was walking towards the Majhla Dwaar! Was he the normal helper who came to do something  and then was going back ? Or was it.... anyway he cannot take  a chance and then he saw..." A bulge in his waist band...No! He had to check!

"Hum aapko uthaakey lejaayengey Rani saa"( I will carry you Your Majesty) Arnav said but Khushi said,"Khabardaar koi zaroorath nahi"( No need!) and started trotting towards the door to avoid him and Deepthimaan by now was running having pulled out his gun and as the man turned around the pool and so did Khushi, Arnav noticed someone was approaching! 


tanmay said...

arnav n deepu work gd in a team :)

GoldenHaze said...

Thanu thu yeh one liner comments sey mujhey daraawogi tho dekh kya hoga grrrrr

Lakshmi said...

Both men in action is a treat to read...Maan and ASR...don't know whom to choose....both are impossible to ignore for the qualities they are carrying...hats off Anu....

Paramjeet said...

loved the update.. arnav is right bhairav will not be quite as he have spoiled his plans.. loved the teamwork of arnav and maan.. good the packet reached the right hands.. lets see what is there in the packet.. loved the holi celebrations of Rani saa and how she was pushing megha on maan.. arnav too played holi with his khushi his rani saa after having a great night with her.. loved arnav and khushi & their romantic endeavours..

Disha said...

Ab us packet main kya hai ?????

Rani sa and Raja sa parts were toooo good..... loved every bit of those.

But i feel Khushi is pushing Maan and Megha a bit too much... with so much unwanted attention i feel Maan ka sabar ka baan jald hi tootega !

I was so glad to see Arnav realise the bond between Khushi and Maan and not take things negatively seeing her sleeping resting on him.

Bhairav ka kya bolu..just wasnt to see him finshed off ...bahut ho gaya !