Wednesday, 24 July 2013



Pic Credit: SSNAIR

Deepthimaan saw her from afar! She was wearing a peacock blue lehenga with a blue green and offwhite dupatta and was drinking thandayee! 
'Thank god!'he thought!
Khushi sipped the thandayee... it tasted heavenly! Her throat was parched as the sun shone real fierce although it was just spring yet! However, she was a bit wary! This handsome stranger was too sweet! But well, he looked educated and cultured! And moreover he seemed to be on his own and also gave her his mobile! If he was shady he would not have allowed her to use his mobile! More over, now that she has placed her call she was at peace! Maan- her saviour would be there in a few minutes! All she had to do was just hold on till then! Be polite yet not reveal anything!


Lakshmi said...

Finally the story of that mela unfolding...waiting for the continuation....

Ranbir Singh Anand said...

Hi Anu,

yeah bk after long time and as always I'm amazed by your updates.

I haven't read your latest update, not so much time, but I wanted to comment in any case after reading the previous part. So my comment is up to the previous one update.

Slowly slowly there is getting light into that darkness you had put us after the photos incident.

I can imagine, what happened know and also can understand totally Khushi and even Maan. But I'm eager to know, why Payal and Deepu's sis didn't interfere.

@Disha: U asked last time, how it is possible Khushi could do all this although she was 'behosh'.

These drugs are called roofies, also known as 'date rape drug'. You can surely get from its name for what this drug is used and it is obviously, what these men have planned with Khushi.

This drug doesn't make the victim 'behosh', but weakens your willpower and makes it easier for someone else to do with you whatever he likes to do. And in the end one as a victim has no memory to all that what happened to him/her.

Anu, it's really good, that you are making the readers, especially the female ones, aware of a such hazard and to be alert.

Well done and keep it up.

Disha said...

@Ranbir: ... i am sort of aware of the date rape drug...have read about it a bit but i didnt realise that the victim would be able to move up and about and yet not be in her senses...i always felt that one gets unconscious and is then violated without will. Thanks !

GoldenHaze said...

Hey ranbir!
Its a pleasure to read your comments as always and Thanks so much for certain clarifications! A few months back I received a pm from one of our If members about these kind of drugs cautioning all the women against such drugs and about drinking anything thats not sealed !....and that was when I decided I could spread the message better through my story and then concocted the twist!
Well, The guys thought she will faint but Khushi doesn't! You are right again! Just writing the next part! Its heartening to see how regular some readers are about their follow up( You included... so what if you are a tad late?). It gives me a lot of inspiration...

Ranbir Singh Anand said...

@Disha: I'm also not an expert, but once I saw a documentary on tv about this topic. And many victims have told, that they were in a disco bar and left their drink at place and went on stage to dance and when came back, they drank and didn't recognize any strange or difference in the drink. But afterwards, they started feeling hazy and then only remember, they woke up at some place with pains in the lower part of their body.

Witnesses who were afterwards queried mostly said, that they thought the victim was drunk and it was her boyfriend or like that, who helped her to walk out of the club.

So the victim doesn't faint and is still able to walk, even if not properly.

@Anu: A very good idea. Hope it will help in avoiding such case for someone.