Monday, 22 July 2013



Deepthimaan paused and looked at Arnav and asked," Are you sure you want to know about all this!... kyun ki, Now I feel there is no need nor! It will only bring heart ache and heart burn Arnie!
"No!" Arnav said determinedly! "I want to know! As far as heart is concerned, you know mine is made of stone!"

Deepthimaan guffawed and said," No my friend! You just erected a stone wall!! Your heart infact is more sensitive than most! Its just that you think you are invincible!"

"Thank you Dr. Rathore! Now can we proceed!" Arnav taunted Deepthimaan!
"Arnie please! Lets leave it! Its painful to recollect yaar! And I realised that it will only bring pain to everyone! Me You and Khushi! So why unnecessarily spoil it! Two days more and I am gone after your Jeejaji takes over!" Deepthimaan pleaded with him.

"So what happened after Khushi went missing?" Arnav was adamant!
"Tujhey samajh nahi aatha hai?" ( Don't you get it?)Deethimaan asked irritatedly!
"Nahi! And thats the reason for which I want to know! I can't understand many things!
How can you love her so much and do such a thing?
How can you let her go after that?
And most importantly, How can she not know? For god sake she married...ehem... Well according to the photos-to you and how can she...not know that someone loves her to his death!!! This is not done you know?" Arnav shooted a volley of questions!

"Well thats how it is! Another reason all the same for me not to reveal it, as you will not believe me! Hell none would! As a matter of fact!
"Deepu jaldi bathao!"( Tell me fast) Arnav barked.
Deepthimaan walked away and stood at the view point and resumed talking... "I asked Sanju and Payal to be at a place and went in  search of Khushi...


Disha said...

Looks like they mixed some sort of a date drug ..but still confused how she took pheras is she was behosh..waiting till next update !Sigh!!!

Kya hoga hamare arnavji ka ?:(

Lakshmi said...

Want to know what happened next???eagerly waiting like our far Maanis not t fault...unfold the rest too yaar...

MEG said...

Oh. My goodness! Doesn' t tht indicate it was all.a.misunderstanding? Yup....from all ht u jst revealed I m going to jump to conclusions..tht khushi drank the thandayi. Maan has plans to propose when he reaches to khushi.bcz he want to mke use of opportunity tht finally they r alone. Mhuhi drinks. He propose. She accepts. They end up around fire somehow. Maybe actually marry. And later khushi remebers none of it nd maan realises it nd it all gos the bad way for him.
Sorry di...much zyada hi excited ho gyi...hehehe! However still dginv in anticipatn for next update already...can' t wait to hear ol f the story.
But I liked the way u stRted.this.update. I liked how deepu corrected arnav abt having waals around his too sensitive heart. Tht was beautiful to read.
And then...I liked the fuming ayal in here. How everyone is sosfill wrap around the fCtthat khushi still remains blibd to maan's lov for her.
Really beautiful updTe. Oh nd offcouse....silently fuming Maan....haye..mera deepu! Everytime I read him....I fall in a deeper absyss.of loce for him. Kya hoga mera...agar main iss tarah fictional characters sel love karungi toh..*drooling ocer Deepu* Di u...and the Deepu! I lov u two....Bas! U FARQ me a lot! ;) muah!!!

MEG said...

Aur woh jo Depu ne Arnav se bola....u won't trust abt furthuer story..hell no one wil trrust me evr..woh part zarur hoda scary tha...I m wondering now..aisa kyqa h jo itna hurt kar skta h? :o but waiting in anticipation. ;)

GoldenHaze said...

Disha you are right! Through this story I want to caution every lady about these kind of drugs that can easily be mixed in drinks! And regarding Khuhsi taking a drink from a stranger, well thats what is where a 'little slip leads to so much part'!
He gave her hismobile and so she believed coz if he were really a goon then he would not alow her to call! Right? But there is something which I will fill up in next update! But thanks so much!

GoldenHaze said...

Megha! I know how adorable Deepthimaan's character is! He is a lovable person whose love can be cherished! Alas! destiny has other designs! Thanks so much for your fabulous review