Sunday, 25 August 2013


A Dialogue in the Dark


Hey Devi Mayya! 
Aisey kaisey?
She did not know who he was?
What kind of a person he was and...
 What he did for a living?
She never ever knew whether he was dark or fair!
Tall or short?
She did not know what he was...All she knew was he knew her inside out!
As any person can know the other!

Her heart! He could read her heart like it was written all over him!
Yet he could never fathom her deepest feelings for him!

He was her saviour!
He was her worst enemy

He was her worst nightmare
He filled her dreams

He was an impediment in everything that she envisaged
He was her biggest hope
He was her worst chance
He was there everywhere
He was practically non-existent in her life

He filled her thoughts
He was just a whiff of her wildest imaginations come true!

She could do best without him but he very much was THERE
He was her most twisted truth...
'Coz she never saw him

Bloody Crap!!!!

How did he ever get to this stage!
and fallen for a woman who he knew nothing about!
Nothing at all but strangely everything!

She was an open book to him yet a tough riddle!
Every single minute her thoughts haunted him
...and every moment he spent with her was an eternity!

She was the pain and the panacea!
She was the trouble and the sweetest part of his life!

She was a whim yet she was a reality
She was there everywhere but she was not to be seen
She was a beautiful picture painted on the canvas of his mind;
But with an invisible ink
She was with him yet never there

She was the most difficult reality of his life to comprehend she was just a figment of his thoughts
He could call her the most improbable part of his life as ...
He never saw her ever!!!!

They met and fell in love
They fought and made it up
They lived for one another denying each other's presence
They gained on love and lost on themselves
They struggled between reality and fantasy
They never got to know whats in store for each other in this strange coming together
They never saw each other!

As all they could ever describe their relationship was


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Golden Haze


Tanzila Tamanna said...

wow! awsm writing!
i like it very much! the way u dercribed the whole relation,they mean to each other is really heart touching!

GoldenHaze said...
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cupcakzdps said...

loved d prologue
simply amazng
lukng fwd fr DID

diya bansal said...

I just loved the Prologue .. its awesome :D .. I am going to read it for sure .. eagerly waiting for this story

kaajal chauhan said...

awesome... just loved d prologue ...
anu di... lovely.....
looking forward to read it regularly Wid comments...!!!

lots of love...

jyothi parsi said...

Very very interesting prologue....loved it...lots of puzzles....theyknoweach other...can read each other...lost themselves to each other...yet haven't met each other....

nimmi(aksuji) said...

amazingly written prologue......
m just confused that have they really met n fallen in love after going through hardships or all the thoughts expressed here r a fantasy??

Disha said...

You write I read !!! :)

GoldenHaze said...

Yes Ma'am Disha Ji

smart girl said...

its amaxng...
m so excited about it...
plzzz continue it...eagerly waiting 4 the first part....

if smartgirl9009

Lakshmi said...

Hey Anu!!waiting to read this too...

GoldenHaze said...

Wow Guys thank you for an overwhelming response! Hope I will be able to sustain the interest you guys repose in me and this FF

Sonakshi Mehta said...

Amazinn is d strt d ff jaldo