Tuesday, 24 September 2013



Pic Credit: SSNAIR

Khushi looked at Arnav he was happily chatting away with her family! Hmm! Khud  tho aaram say hain aur humaare galey time bomb baandha hua hain! Aur woh bhi chey chey ka! Laad Governor Kahinkey! Kahaan say karien jugaad! She muttered!
( Oh There he is! He is happily relaxing and I am here with not one but six time bombs ticking away hung to my neck!)

She hit up on a idea! She called all the youngsters and said, "Hum log kuch karthey haina dhoom?"
( We should have a blast!)
"Antakshari"someone said and the others made faces! "Accha cricket khelthey hain" ( Lets play cricket!) the guys suggested and the girls vetoed! Khushi let them argue for few seconds and then said," Chits khelthein hain" and explained "Wahee passing the chit wala khel!! Parchi hum banaayengey!" ( I shall amke the tickets!)She offered! 
Everybody agreed! "Badaa mazaa ayega!" Ritu said while a  few volunteered to play the music and the rest for seating etc!
The game started and Khushi dragged Arnav into it! 
"Nah! Khushi I don't play such idiotic stuff" Arnav tried to back off! 
"Accha? Fir kya khelthey hain Business? Aap ko khelna hoga  agar humaari sharth poori karaani hain!" She said!
( Then what do you play? Business! If you want me to deliver then you need to pay!) 


stories.1408 said...

So very hilarious,really love friendship between maan and Arnie.awesome

Shubhanjli Saxena said...

hilarious.. ha ha Mohan kissed Arnav and he is not straight ha ha ha poor arnie... and def bechari Khushi.
Apart from that i want to kill Gulabo right now. And how come nobody else knows this secret stairway. OMG what is gonna happen now?

jayanthy said...

ha ha ha ha Arnav kissed by a guy on lips :).
Funny chapter.

subani jayasinghe said...

oh God! Khushi .. Lol ..poor Arnav
hahaha.. Update was hilarious..
What's this gulabo up to? Is she tryn to steal something?
Then what's with that chit? It's the same place which written on that chit ryt?
Waiting for next chapter eagerly.

Siri said...

Awesome update

Disha said...

Haaww,,,, Mohan the mithu kissed Arnav !! that was hilarious.

Khushi really had some brilliant ideas to win this bet but the last one backfired on her only !lol

But where did she run off to in the end... Yeh gulab is upto something nasty .,....:(

cupcakzdps said...

arnie ......... rofl
hilarious updt

Farheen Sufi said...

Ha ha ha, I can't believe that Mohan kissed Arnav on the lips, poor Arnav I can just imagine steam coming out of Arnav's ears, it was such a funny update, really liked it.