Saturday, 1 March 2014


Anniversary Special

Fun Post!

What do you do when people send you greetings and pledge their lives to your blog but do not put one single line in the comment box?
You go crazy and irritated and ignore evrything and write a Fun post for atleast those who make a difference!

There were so many hits... but so few reviews for THE MASQUERADE...that I thought why not just chill! And not write an update today and dedicate it to my Beloved DYM readers...

Guys you rock! Before I post while I post and after I post you guys force me to Update!  Your comments are bang on ...and on time! Yes Sir!!!!!ROFL!!!!!

Its a pleasure writing to you guys as I enjoy the instant responses and your reviews, analyses, stalking, threats and requests and above all... the way you guys make it up to me( read it as get to me) for churning out an update after update everyday! Oh god!
Here are some of them!!!I would like to share on this anniversary special post!

People might have seen comments but such variety?
NO WAY!!!!Just read these and they are a few coz I am hard pressed for time to fish them out as everyday I update and the coments hit my commnet box at such speed that sometimes I just think... these might even come ahead of a!

Just look at how the DYM Goldenhaze readers (ill)treat me!!!


The conversion ones...

Finally caught up the story, and I have just one word "WOW". This is seriously really good, I frankly had to force myself to start reading it. But once I started, I started liking Maan. Yes, I do still miss Arnav, and everytime he is mentioned it makes me sad, but thats more because I have read Mirage and most of Pursuit. However, once I began to separate the works, imagining Khushi with Maan was not that difficult. Now coming back to the story, I really like the way you have handled Khushi's insecurities, I'm pretty sure they will emerge again, but Maan will handle that. Also, the entire mother-in-law and daughter-in-law angle was well taken care of as well, I expected her MIL to begin hating her, but everything was sorted out. And yes coming to the villians, I absolutely hate Neelam, want to hit her on the head with something everytime she opens her mouth, but yes all of us have relatives like that. Maan better find out about Jatin, really want to see what happens to him. And finally, Rachna, well she is going to get into trouble soon, and I'm just waiting for the fun to begin. Keep up the great work, you really should be proud, you made a die-hard Arnav-Khushi fan, fall in love with Khushi-Maan. 
Waiting for the next update!

... share the same feeling of labiba. I recall when I started reading DU&M i wrote about missing Arnav but as the story progresses i fell with the charactor Maan. His love for khushi is so intense. I think we can't thank you enough Anu for bringing up Maan in this story. Your writing has been able to shift our focus from ASR despite being ardent fan of ARSHI.
keep it up Anu. 
Babita( Cheriebinny)


Poor khushi and her thoughts /feelings. She really is the jalebi bai of jethwa the way her feelings are swirling. . Maan is good and sensitive and understanding her predicament finally! ...doc why do u have to create a subplot when things arefinally going to be a bit clearer.
Anyway i will reserve my judgement when i read what u have in store. is it going to be a intense love story or you will create some intrigue n thrill n chane genre a bit? lets see!
Sarita Saigal

Hamme x-mas ka dhamaka chahiye!!!Khushi ne kaise manvaliya maan ko
dy r 1 wow js cant blv it Anu tusi grt ho!!!!!!!!fantastic updt

I swear i will go mad , i don't know what to say or think !!!U intentionally created this scene where we are as lost as khushi in the last sentence ...Did they really do it !!!Jo bhi tha it was just awesome ,,, made me shudder my self.Maan is true blue all male and what dialogues you write ,,,, dil aur dimaag dono ko bas hila kar rakh diya !!!I dont know what to make of what i am feeling after reading this update...I WANT TO KNOW THE HOW WHEN AND WHERE IN FULL DETAIL !!!
So the last line makes me feel its all real and you will go back to probably how khushi thought of making it up to maan which actually led to this making out..aur agar yeh dream nikla to bahut bada popat @!@!

Oh my god! she was going to confess her love…But how dare they call her raizada still.I want kushi and maan to give nose cut answer to them…

...and rants...

Aise kaise main point par aakar rok diya ! :(
But i am feeling its too soon for them to get physical as in even a kiss ... just
my thought .. but jo bhi hai hain i want to know and read more...

What the... This is pure "Ramanchi". Earlier you used to leave us in between a situation but now you have started in between sentences. Anyways wonderful update. One thing Kick that mother-son combo on my behalf. I am loving the way Khushi is turning towards Maan. Please Khushi tell Maan about his snake cousin.Please please update soon
Subhanjli Saxena

See as I said you passed the flu to Kushi...:). Mann, now please stay and take care of your Raana. Kushi ji please control your tongue and stay quiet. Good that Beerendra gave some sense to Vaishnavi. Convo between Surpal and Mann is funny. I hope at least now Kushi opens up and tells Mann what she feels for him and wish Mann believes her with out thinking she is doing this just for his sake. Don't know when this hide n seek game will end between them :(.

Oh Wow!! So things are moving fwd in the right direction. Doc it was wonderfully written and as usual a visual treat too. I was holding my breath 
waiting for the kiss and suddenly decided to be mean(joking) n left us with a cliffhanger. Should i curse u or payal, can`t decide yet?So pls lets have their first kiss without interruptions!
Sarita Saigal

Noooooooo This is just not done. You always do this to us. Since morning I had planned to stalk for the update. But to my bad luck got very busy in work. So now I am getting time to read, after such long wait. At first I saw its 27/1. I thought okay its going to be long, I was so excited and thrilled. But later on i realized its already done. Once again you did Ramanchi and left us in between.But I want to say it's an awesome awesome update Anu. Really Dhamakedar. How had you written it? had goosebumps while reading. Mindblowing. Brilliant. Finally Maan got his love. I am so very happy for them.You should know how much we all are waiting for the next update. Love you for this.Thanks for the update and waiting eagerly for next.
Subhanjli Saxena

Of course people like Vaishnavi and Neelam exist!Honestly what ever you mentioned in you note is quite obvious even from your story and you have always made it clear from the very beginning this is a Khushi and Maan story!You really should not bother about people forming opinions because every one has a different view point and how much ever you explain if they don't get the jist through your writing its not worth it.I am sorry if i am sounding rude but honestly you already take so much pains in churning out updates regularly , you certainly don't need this extra stress!
Because in simple language Jo Na Samjhe Woh Anari Hai !
Sorry for the rant


I still have issues with the way their conversations are so incomplete,ithe sense that their feelings areneverfully comprehended. 

Hesistation, or overriding is the norm.Sometimes feel that the strategy of gun point should be used in all the situations for you! You are the writer after all!
Namendra shaz

They are becoming cute fighter day by day and you a cheater day by day. Ha ha ha.You know excatly where to stop.Nice update. I always love their chuha - billi fight. Eagerly waiting to know more about Rachna-chudail :-) ha ha ha.
Subhanjli saxena


Its nice Jatin has to know his limits and respect relationships 

Hey Anu, good going.. But don't let maan and khushi separate yaar because of rachana... Nice update...
Shwetha rajulapati

Khushi ab tho aankhe kholo apni isse zyada aur kyakehta bechara maan awsum updt Anu

Strategy to get Khushi to take him seriously....its going to be tough for Maan! 
But, I still feel he's going too fast.
Namendra shaz

First kiss.Beautifullywritten...Khushi taking babysteps...she has to take leaps to match Maan'semotions...Glad atleast she has moved a bit...

Here is my Doc with the innocent face but sinful fantasies back Here is my 
Doc with the innocent face but sinful fantasies back!! High time Doc! It was soooo beautifully written and as usual making us all panting for more just like khushi! Hahaha Just one reminder though. Let them have those 3 days before u decide to create a twist into this intriguing love saga!More power to ur pen!!
Sarita Saigal a description of their kiss...:)Mann keep doing whatever you are doing to make Kushi understand your feelings for her. Don't give up.
I am with you :)
Kushi, just stay quiet and follow Mann's lead and trustme you will be happiest girl in life with his love for you.

wow! That was Brilliant.. beautifully written.Khushi being khushi always think of others obviously she will do what ever nonsense plan suggested by maasa , that buaji or anyone else..sometimes her selflessness makes her ridiculously stupid...but that is khushi..thats her nature.we always luv the way she is.. Deepu has to be very careful on everything. Glad that he saved her on time...keep ur eyes open Deepu, looks like there r a lot to come.and i assume that he will be there for her like always no matter what.. Make her understand that u luv her..sure it may take sometime.. At the mean time make her strong enough so that she canspeak for her self too.. i believe luv can do wondrous things to people..Waiting for next chapter already..
dsbj( Subani Jayasinghe)

And one more from Doc Jayasinghe

Whoa! This is what i called , Passion with intent !Well i think they both must open up their hearts and say what they really feel for each other rather than showing atleast for sometimeI think Khushi's biggest problem is , she is afraid of loosing him.I hope Deepu will realize it soon. And She need to feel he luv him may be Deepu should show her those photos (their first marriage's) so she may understand everything..may be .. i luv this line "Rani saa my aur 
mera sabkuch aapka hain!Jo marzi aap karsakthi ho"
what Deepu did was wow! Surprising.. Such a luvly husband but i think khushi was right ,i too felt that if deepu's maa or that buaji got to knw this they will 
surely blame khushi.waiting to see what happen next..
dsbj( Subani Jayasinghe)

Maan too sensitive to Khushi, that makes him to react the extreme when something goes wrong. Don't know how will he take the fact about her fasting. N number of Rachana won't be able to Make Maan turn to their side even...but our Rani has big heart...He really need to cross the first step badly, her acceptance of this marriage....


I think this kiss was phenomenal. Even with Arnav, it was not described thus. Me thinks you are partial to Maan!
Namendra Shaz

Hmmmm What should I say about the kiss..It was breathtaking and exceptionally well described...It was not just about the body parts but I could feel the emotion in itt.....The only complain I had, why didnt you make it this special with Arnav...I MISS HIM...but this was pure magic..hats off for creating that...

Oh my god that was awesome... While reading i forgot to close my mouth..awesome dear.. and to be honest for a moment i forgot that its mann and not Arnav... I miss him :-(
Subhanjli Saxena

Oh my my! That was mind blowing ! Wt a kiss yaar ;) like the way they move their relationship forward day by day .. Its good that payal talk to khushi give some advice to make her understand..and also sunju, both elder sisters are doing a great job here.. Hey where is our all time favourite (madhumati) buaji? Miss her ..To me deepu is more like Arnav's shadow .. The way he kissed khushi's chin reminds me of arshi moments too.. Well looking forward to see what happen next eagerly.. 
Subani Jayasinghe

Blind faith

Meine abi tak pada nai hai But I can say that it will be awesome like always;-)
Shubi Gupta

Here you go Anuji love you and you are the best :-)
Anu Reddy

Hi anu,I am sure that writing a scene of Arnav's demise'll be very difficult for you. And to be honest I am also scared to read it. I know you ll do justice with every character and have faith in your writing skills. So bring it when your story needs it. Till then i ll enjoy with Mann & Khushi and ll become their fan too just like Arshi.You are one brilliant writer. Waiting for more updates. :-)
Subanjli Saxena
Thanks for the note Anu. It's been a very long time...I missed some updates too...Today planned to read. IT'S GOOD TO KNOW WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT YOUR CHARACTERS.....YOUR pov ALWAYS HELPS. I'm eagerly waiting for Vaishali.....I do miss that story and characters a lot....So come soon with a bang...

Doc I know you will do full justice to this story also. I am confident that you will weave your magic in such a way that we will be panting for more....
Bring it on doc. More power to your pen
Sarita saigal

Thanks for letting us read this story. Arnav takes some adjusting. The show closed on the premise that without him, the story cannot go on. You are taking the challenge head on. I agree that Arnav was dominating in pursuit2, sometimes overbearingly so, while Deep always respected Khushi. Interesting direction.
Namendra shaz

Hey Anu nice thought to clear doubts but you should not do this over again. As your big fan I want to tell you that DYM is going in a perfect track. Initially i also used to think that without Arnav how it ll be. But the fact now is that I don't want Arnav to come in between Maan and Khushi. I am waiting for them to become ManShi. I don't want Khushi to rem Arnav and get depressed. Maan is trying really very hard to bring Khushi out of her sorrow. I don't want his efforts to get failed.
I agree with you completely that people like Vaishnavi and Neelam do exist. And trust me that Maan is doing much much better job to save his love's dignity than any other person. He is strong and have courage to say what is right and wrong in front of his family. That's why we love him and have accepted Khushi and Maan with our whole heart.
Anu we have faith in your work and that is why we have not just accepted but loved Maan with Khushi. Hats off to you dear love you for your brilliant work. Keep us giving updates like this. Thank you.
Subhanjli Saxena

Hey anu don't pay heed to these people . we like the story. its so well written.its a good thing that you mentioned arnav briefly in z story otherwise it would have been difficult to accept the khushi maan pair. khushi's love 4 arnav was so deep its normal that she is taking time to accept another man in that way. I totally agree with u that there r people like neelam n vaishnavi .maan is a gem that'swhy we love him. I would say Anu , continue u r in the right track.
Cheriebinny( Babita)


Speechless ......simply beautiful. .I dont have any words to explain this love beyond my imagination. ...thank u di.....for this wonderful 
couple...who were not in our radar.....u just made them immortal for me....I will never forget grt this feelings that I have felt while reading this chapter...
Labiba sheriff...

Anu, lovely yaar......just can't stop reading.......can't believe I am reading a non arshi romance and liking it so much. Its so enthralling..... I am really hooked onto this..... 
Nadia almeida

Doc U have planned to kill us with this Deep! It was an awesome update, beautifully written, very romantic. I could literally see khushi blushing but i admire maan for talking things out and bringing her fears to ashes. Haaaye i am soooo ready to see this wooing!! Bring it on doc. You are my salvation. Thank you for giving us Deeptimaan, our fantasy man.
Saritha Saigal

Wow awesome update Anu!!!! Never knew bus ridecould be like this :-) waiting for Maan's revenge, and before I forget please update sooooooooon ;-) that last line was just for you lol!!!!
Anu Reddy

Oh My God!! I can never imagine the intensity of love between them. 
An awesome update dear. Thousand times better than what i had thought. For me also the best part was when Khushi realized the reason why Maan was 
holding back. In this update Khushi was a winner. She came out of her misery. 
Just loved it!!!
Subhanjli Saxena

Anu i can't agree more than what others have told....I'm speechless...Even i liked what Dish has pointed....his holding back for her acceptance and response.....I don't want to blabber more as no words can justify what i felt after reading this beautiful union of souls...both their characters intact...Your Maan has stolen our hearts too:)

Tender coaxing

Hey Anu.. Excellent update yaar.. I can't stop reading ur updates till u update again.. Wonderful..
Shwetha Rajulapati

Hi Anu, 
The battle of emotions is superb.. I loved the update..Waiting for next one.. Update soon..
Shwetha Rajulapati 

Really respect Deepthimaan....just a wonderful man.three stories that u have written cover all three of them one in each story.guess this is Maan's.mirage was Of khushi and pursuit of Arnav.plz continue pursuit soon.
stories 1408

Anu, it's getting more and more interesting...U 'vewritten beautifully abt Khushi's thoughts...This story is simple just the two main leads and the journey
towards their destiny as a couple. But you are making us addicted to their journey by adding spice to even small things .....I truly enjoy reading this....what's in store next?????

a riveting not fair.....update soon please......was waiting for this.....Maan coming to know about Jatin.......can't wait for Maan's reaction....
Nadia almeida

More direct

Waiting for next update?

Short and sweet Anu.. Now they r sharing their views which is good... Give the dhulayii update soon yaar... Waiting for that....
Shwetha Rajulapati

That's sooooo nice nd sweet im so eager fo next 1 
plzzzzz update soooooooon
Fiza Khan

U just read my mind...I checked today 3 see if u updated.and I wished for u to update..and now it came true..thanks dear...u dont know how happy I am...this is the only goood thing which happened to me today...btw...awesome update. hormones are running crazy..after seeing maan like that....god this girl is crazy..not only her..but the whole family. privacy. ..again dear thank u.....lots of hugs and kisses. . ;)
Labiba Sheriff

Happy Birthday Doc! Yeh hamare liye hot update tha ya apne liye B`day gift! This was an update full of promises and beautifully written!Now I am waiting eagerly for those promises to be fulfilled!

Sarita saigal

Yay me first, this proves my stalking works :-) Aww she bought him a ring!!! Loved the update Anu, thanks for updating daily!!!! Now that the dabbe raaz is out I am at peace and will leave you at peace for today and give my stalking a rest lol!!!
Anu Reddy

Ya kya tha....sapna ya hakikat....diii u are makin me crazy....what the heaven just happenedDiii update chahiya mujha kaaal ka intesar nehi hota....omg....u 

just jumped 5he bridge.....I still cant believe i5....It was .....I reread it 2 times just to make sure I really reading this and wept a couple of times to see if I 
missed some chapter where something happened
Labiba Shariff

Short and sweet

Fantabulous ,hot and sensual update:$

amazing update... feelings of both maan and khushi beautifully potrayed.
Neha Gupta

great part :)
Aditi Kaushal

Brilliant and splendid ... only these word for this update ..
Aditi Kaushal

Wow amazing update . So beautifully written 
Bob G

Wow!!! That's all I have to say and yes you are amazing writer :)
Anu Reddy

Very passionate...Mann is so patient

Stalking( CORE- specialized)

Nahiiiiiiin!!!!! How could you stop at that huh? :-) Khushi tries to move on and something or the other happens that she is taken back to the past!!!! Loved the update Anu as usual :-) cannot wait to see how they will handle the journalists, please update soooooooooooon ;-)
Anu Reddy

Nooooooo this is not done... You did it again. Khushi was going to express her love and that stupid press people came. Throw their cameras away and them also. Disturbing MaanShi at such an important time and that also with her past. Huh.... Hope her past does not come in between them. She moves ahead this time. Poor Khushi and Maan. I am scared....
Loved it... 
Please update sooooooooon :-)
Subanjli saxena

Hey Anu, stopped at major twist.. Atlast khushi realized her love and took the step.. Nice one.. Update soon..
Shwetha Rjulapati

Stalking( With a vengence & difference)

Hey, I'm the first!Wonder what is holding Maan back? Is it the truth about his love for Khushi from childhood? Loving DYM. You know the whole furore in IF about Arnav being knocked off & a new character being pulled in to be paired with went against the grain to accept such a possibility, & yet here we have a story showing how much we are loving it! Ironical, or do we credit you?
Namendra shaz

Honest queries..

Where were you hiding all these years without writing..I never read something like that...Ufff this was much more emotional union compared to Arnav Khushi..No Offense..I guess may be because Arnav was always claimed and Deep always tried to sooth her with his tender it

How do you know all these rituals & jewellery? I know writers do research before it factual or something you have visualised? All these scenes are so evocative of a historical richness, its beautiful.
Namendra Shaz

OMG!! Where the * have been hiding so long. Now I am even more determined for the GF thing ours. Holy cow! That was sooooo beautifully written and the passion was so esthetically portrayed! Hats off lil sis!
Sarita Saigal

... From the heart!

I would like to tell that u r a great writer.why don't u try to write a book. You describe emotions so well. U just lost in the story.another superb update. Am looking 4ward next soon
Cheriebinny( Babitha)

awesome update... loved anjali and nani
though i am ardent arhi fan... still want khushi to move ahead in life with maan
Neha Gupta

Haayeee that was awesome Doc! Atleast you took mercy on your readers. This was a fast paced, intense and romantic update moving things fwd in the right direction. Find a Deepthimaan for me too!
Wonderful flow, sensitively written, and yet managed to convey both Khushi`s confusion and Deepu`s passion. Bring it on girl! 
Sarita Saigal

wonderful chapter indeed.. Luved the way u building it up..u always describe each and every single ritual vry beautifully and the way u detailed Khushi's attire,with all her accessories ,that was awesome .. Nicely described their emotions in every chapter..
Well hope khushi will be okay soon.. Dont know what's that bua up to now. Waiting to see what happen next eagerly.
Subani Jayasinghe

My heart went for both Maan and Khushi in this update...they both deserve happiness and the best in their lives....yet the distance between them....hope they both cross this together.....

Speechless ......simply beautiful. .I dont have any words to explain this love beyond my imagination. ...thank u di.....for this wonderful couple...who were not in our radar.....u just made them immortal for me....I will never forget grt this feelings that I have felt while reading this chapter....
Labiba Shariff

Hey Anu, wonderfully written about their union.. Marvelous no words to express...
Shwetha rajulapati

OMG such a cute chapter..D losing his sanity and unaware of this she hugging him TOOOO GOOOOD..I love this chapter soooo much...

My my writer sa , what an amazing update. I always expected something huge from you for the "cumming" (pun intended)together of Maan and his jaan but this has gone over and beyond.
I swear i am trying to think of writing something which others have not mentioned but i am coming out speechless.It was aesthetically and erotically written and the most important fact for me was of the emotions you poured into this both from a man's and a woman's point were just extraordinary.My fav part has to be her realisation of why Maan seems to be holding back , the simple fact that he wanted her to respond it was just beautiful.Great Job dear :)Well worth the wait !!!!

What an update!!! Now the game is on.....I liked the fact they talked to each other....her hesitations & fears, his expectation and her position in his life...that's a much needed one to start their journey....she may take time to reciprocate the same emotions, but Maan at this rate will make it difficult to take time. Khushi being selfless will isolate her so it's a good move from Maan to know his intensions clear....looking forward Anu...

YES!!!! FINALLY!! I'm ready will my popcorn :P can't wait to see what will happen to Jatin now...yippeee!!! Oye please don't make Maan think of something and let that creep go, please! please! please! ...i've been waiting for the end of this creep since ages... Great update, you've had me jumping up and down through all your recent chapters, i feel like i'm watching a very very very interested movie unfold...and i have no idea what will happen next!...which can get quite frustrating, just saying :) But on a serious note, i love how your story is unfolding, Maan has confessed, though i'm not quite sure if Khushi believed him, and we got rid of(even if for a short time) Rachna!....i was screaming in joy after that i've learned to read the updates only when i'm alone... keep up the terrific work, Obviously, i can't wait to see what happens to the creep. But part of me also wants to know what his mother will do, i was surprised when she figured out that her son had done on.



Anu you are such a darling!!!You gave us a treat on Shivratri. Happy Shivratri. I was really not expecting an update today. But I am thrilled and super excited after reading it. Maza aa gaya. Waah Maan Wah!!! Dhishum Dhishum. "Kaleje mein thand pe gayi" :-):-):-) I am really happy that Vaishnavi supported Khushi. I was fearing for that aur bua ki to aisi ki taisi. But I think this is not yet over. Maan is hurt that Khushi did not tell him before. Now its high time Khushi should show some love and affection to our Dear Maan. Thank you Anu for this beautiful update!!! 
ps: like you I also think that what ll happen when this ends. DYM is an addiction now. :-(
subhanjali Saxena

good going….
now what ?

Oh god this Maan is killing me !!!
Stupid freinds Abhi tapakna tha kya :(

What the helll did u said just no2 khushiiii...sariii raita fala diii
Labiba Shariff

I am not a camel yaar am a flower .. :-P 

Merry x mass to you too..@-}--
Subani JayaSinghe

This update reminded me of this song ...
Badi mushkil hai khoya mera dil hai , koi use dhoond ke laaye na , 
Karu toh kya karoon ,hasoon ya Royu main ! 
I was like Koi toh khushi ka mooh band karo aur ek hug de do!
Maans reaction was just too good.
Wonder what is the next crazy act by his crazy queen !;)

Nahiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnn WriterSa!!!!!!!!!! How could you stop when he was telling the story behind the big obsession of Rachna you are truly becoming ramanchi queen , atleast you did not say TBC varna your Stalkerazzi would not have liked it even a bit :-) I dont mind short updates as long as you keep them coming. Aww the update was sweet and cute, at last our Rani Sa is out of her sad episodes and they both are talking. I just wish Maan would tell her his plan truthfully without anything left out as you never know what our RaniSa will interpret. I am just hoping hat Maan's love will be enough so that there will be no misunderstanding between Maanshi. Okay cannot wait for the big story of how Rachna came to stalk Maan lol!!! For some reason her going to Switzerland feels like Darr movie hehehe!!! Phew that is a long comment maybe a first for me, what have you done to me Anuji :-)
Anu reddy

Ab aaya na uth pahad ke neeche !!!
That asshole Jatin and Neelam can go to hell !
Now khushi will have to go and manao her rootha piya ! ;)

First of all happy shivrathri Anuji!!! I was not expecting an update today so did not stalk the blog much!!! 

Muaaah what an update after me begging, cribbing and doing everything under the sun you give the dhulaayi wala update. At last I loved it, every bit of it!!! Maan hitting Tinnuji, really liking Vaishu and Beerendra today :-)
Neelam I still don't get her, but I guess your love for your kids makes you blind sometimes.
Who are those people who beg, bug, stalk and have gotten writer's bug award, I am not sure who you are talking about lol!!!!! ;-) 
thank god that supplier has become an addict, usually it is not good for buisiness but in this case chaltha hain :-) 
Anu Reddy


Haaye i am in deeptimaan heaven!! Poor khushi is so confused n i don't blame her. But i am sure deepu will clear her doubts. Very well written as always!
Saritha Siagal

Omg.....that was so adorable. ...this two will kill me with there cuteness. ..
Labiba Shariff

Kameeni buaji ko solid sunaya maan ne. She needs to be kicked out first.
But the first part was so adorable esp how u explained their guftagoo :)

oh khushi ye kya keh diya tumne 
ab maan ka kya haal hoga 
Maan rachna aur uske dad ko aisa sabhak sikana ki dubara aise kaam karne ki zurrat hi na kare


ab aur intazaar nahi hota 
nxt updt plz party ka ho
awsum updt

Hyyy..ham bhi maar jayaga....I dont how many times I said I love u maan....but u just can't make me stop...with each update my feelings for u grows more..and many things going on...but at a lovely pace ....thanks for the update dear....cant wait to see them in mumbai
Labiba Shariff


Many more! If I have missed any its purely because of the Readers as they have made my head pin in all directions lol...

Now for the million dollar question! What will you do when DYM ENDS!!!!!
Any guessess!Can you give me what you would do when fine day( or night) I say TBC is gone and write the epilogue

Now I am thinking what I would do...
Do crotia and make more shawls, scarves or whatever...?
Take back to back training sessions?
Take to aerobics to kill DYM writing time?
Eat lots of fresh fruits and drink more water to maintain good health to avoid heart break( oops read it as heart attack???)

Infact I am addicted too... so what will we do? You are free to suggest!!!Lol!

Let me see what you have planned for...when it all ends...!

Enjoy and Express



Disha said...

Hahhaha... this was so fun !!

I swear i thought i will picture in "pestering" wala comments ! LOL

What will i do after DYM ends ??

Simple baat hai stalk you for DYM season 2 !!!!!!!

Shubhi Gupta said...

Plz dont end dym
Ud ko pade bina nind bhi nai aati
How ll I sleep after the completion of dym

Anu Reddy said...

That was so much fun lol!!! I really thought I will be in writer's bug wala category hehehe!!!
I am with Disha you have to start DYM season 2 bas!!!!!!

GoldenHaze said...

Oye! Subhi, Dishu aur Archu yahaan bhi ab shuru hogaya? Hey Devi Mayya!
Season 2 tho tab hoga jab my season 1 lokhthey likhthey...kahin,...

Shubhanjli Saxena said...

Hey anu,
It was really a fun fun post. Thanks for putting my name many times. I see that I have accused and complained as well. See what not we have to do to make you write more and more. I just loved seeing my name in blind faith. Thank you so much.
I have decided what to do if you plan to finish DYM. I am going to do dharna in front of your home till you decide to continue or season 2. I also agree with Disha to have season 2. So Anu Ji ;-) pull your socks up and continue. And no ramanchi.
Love you :-)

labiba sharif said...

so many of my comments are there...pat on my back...cant u make a 3rd sequel...there are so many things u can do...i dont know why a story should end just because they confessed their love.....being frnds and being hunband wife are diff...i really want to see a marraige everyday life which most miss out,,,,i judt got this idea from another ff...and thought of suggesting it to u,,,,but i am really gonns miss maan...u have made me addicted to him....will really miss this ff when it ends....i dont know how many times have i thanked for this,,,,thank u for making a character like maan,,,,and this story,,,love maan...and love u too my favorite author...sniff sniff...u are making me emotional...i will really miss those moments

labiba sharif said...

so many of my comments are there...pat on my back...cant u make a 3rd sequel...there are so many things u can do...i dont know why a story should end just because they confessed their love.....being frnds and being hunband wife are diff...i really want to see a marraige everyday life which most miss out,,,,i judt got this idea from another ff...and thought of suggesting it to u,,,,but i am really gonns miss maan...u have made me addicted to him....will really miss this ff when it ends....i dont know how many times have i thanked for this,,,,thank u for making a character like maan,,,,and this story,,,love maan...and love u too my favorite author...sniff sniff...u are making me emotional...i will really miss those moments

namendra shaz said...

A dedication to us - feels great to be included in your list of memorable comments! But truly, I think it is the quality of your story which elicited such comments.
Had always wanted to be judicious about what I & the posts deserved more, not less! Is this going to be the nearing of the end of DYM? That is something I am not looking forward to.

cupcakzdps said...

danq fr d anni spl...
im glad im a part of ur GOLDENHAZE FICTIONS

r u kidding gal.... endof DYM !!!!
agar tumne end bhi kiya tho phir ek aur naya maan r rani saa ki kahani shuru karo gi.... karogi naa??? pretty plzzzz vth a cherry on top

i made it 4 tms not bad...DESPERATE woh tho hai!!!

fun post tho de diye iske sath sath DYM ka shrt updt bhi de deti

cheriebinny said...

Am happy that my comments figure on your fun post. Anu what i can feel from the post is your love for your readers. Thanks for valuing us.
As far as DYM is concerned I think I will go crazy when it ends. season 2 or another story which will captivates us like DYM is my request to u.

Lakshmi said...

I'm sure Anu, you will be ready with another plot to kill us if DYM is going to end...

Nadia Almeida said...

hey Anu,

That was so much fun reading......I realized that there are some very good writers among the reviewers.....

coming to your question ......what if DYM ends......well does it really have to???

but ok I guess if you really have to end it then I would want you to write about a character similar to Maan......but will you be able to better it.......I just love Maan's really feel for him.......

but then I have complete faith in your ability that after arshi and can and will give us another love story....maybe something more scintillating.......

So Anu, basically I will read anything that you write.......

subani jayasinghe said...

Am I too late ?? Sorry anu ji ,..

OMG! OMG! This is really cool .. I had so much much fun reading lol !!! While reading I wonder under which category you might be put me into.. Lolz! What a combination yaar :p
Thank you so much anu ji .. luved this fun post and doc jayasinghe :p will always be here to comment what ever you write .. I know you rocks !!
By the way are you seriously planing to end DYM? Sansain ruk jayeinge yaar.. ( don't know whether I wrote it correctly ) :/
I believe in you and your writings.. so no problem I will read what ever you write ..;)
Happy Anniversary !! Keep writing .. You rocks !

GoldenHaze said...

DYm is not ending anytime soon! but its a daily and well someday it needs to end! so... well thought what you guys would do! Lol

Aditi sharma said...

Thank u so much..for the fun post .. As you have already said .. DYM is not ending soon .. hope that it goes on forever(I know that may not be possible he he..)
you are an awesome writer .. keep writing .. :)

jayanthy said...

Thanks for acknowledging my super comments :).

jayanthy said...

I will be reading your next master piece. I hope you won't stop writing.