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Hey Anu,

First of all let me congratulate you on accomplishing this fabulous feat of not only maintaining your blog beautifully since over a year but also adding new feathers to your hat timely in the name of wonderful and unique stories.

If i am not wrong i was one of the first accepted member on this beautiful blog and trust me when i say this , the comfort and companionship Golden Haze has given me throughout the year has been enormous.
There have been days where i needed something to look forward to, other than the routine which i was stuck in and this provided the right window to me.

If i am not wrong i was one of the first accepted member on this beautiful blog and trust me when i say this , the comfort and companionship Golden Haze has given me throughout the year has been enormous.
There have been days where i needed something to look forward to, other than the routine which i was stuck in and this provided the right window to me.

I feel like i have known you like a childhood buddy and have also had the opportunity to interact with different people on the blog.

I have been following your work right from Mirage until your latest DID and i am sure there will be loads more to come as your post suggests.

When i had read the prologue for Mirage , the whole aura of a Princess and her trials and tribulations had me hooked , along with that i have seen your amazing comic timing with Sargam IE.

With the Pursuit you took Romance to another level all together and then of course your best till date DYM.

How much ever I gush over it would be less ..and hats off to you for making a firm Arhi FF follower like me crazy behind a story which does not have Arnav in it ! 
And with DID you once again came up with such a unique idea. I have never read something like this ever before.

All your new ideas have me jumping with excitement.

I hope we are together to celebrate many more anniversaries for this blog !
All the best and hope all your dreams come true especially as far as your passion for writing is concerned.

Much Love ,

Hey Disha Thank you so much yaar! Well You were there from the beginning and thanks it means a lot to me!


When Anu asked everyone to share their views I was a little lost as I am not a wordsmith like her nor am I even good at putting together a witty comment so this task brought on all those English lit homework nightmares. I just wanted confess and let everyone know how addictive all her stories are... 

I started reading Mirage which was an amazing ride which made me walk through all the palaces of Rajasthan. Think about all the Royalty and their customs, ahh the marriage, the clothes, the people, their names everything the way you described was so good. RaniSa word in the story made me forget how cringe worthy it made me feel all the times Shyam said in IPKKND. 

Mirage was my first full-fledged story that I read on a blog, before mirage I hated reading any stories on the blog as they were a little tedious to follow and comment. Here Anu made it easy for me and the she went a step ahead and added a chat box (hopefully you are not regretting that decision) so that I can vent, beg, crib, bug and do anything to get an update out of her. I am so glad that I started reading Mirage as that led me to your site and all the other stories.

When she started DYM I was such a sceptic as I did not read any FFs that were not Arshi based but I trusted her (okay trusted her a little bitJ) then I started reading DYM ...boy did she make it easy to fall for Maan. If anyone is not reading DYM you all have to get on the Maanshi bandwagon soon as you guys are missing out on an amazing story. The romance is hot while Maan is kind, relentless, charming and everything a girl can dream of. Khushi is totally different from what everyone expects, she is still the RaniSa from Mirage but here she is totally vulnerable and you want to shake her into loving Maan. 

Now I look forward to the updates just like a kid who waits for toys on a Christmas morning. 

When Anu started DID I did not believe when I read the prologue but true to her word she is keeping poor Arshi in the dark, it is really very hilarious. Knowing Anu I am sure it is going to be a roller coaster ride, of all the stories that I read written by Anu Arshi in this story are the funniest. I just can’t wait to see how the story will progress, as they are going to date each other for 6 months without seeing each other, yup you all have to read it to believe it. 

I thought instead of putting together all my views which will be a short story and would need many chapters and would not at all be as entertaining as Anu’s stories. I thought I would confess how I am an uncontrollable GH addict and maybe help draw a map to check out all the signs if any of you fall in the addict category. 

Here is the addict check list:

• Wake up early so that I get some time before all the house madness begins so that I can check if DYM or DID is updated even though you have waited till late in the night for an update.

• Have an unlimited data plan on the cell phone to check GH blog is updated every half an hour.

• Read the updates in the office during lunch time instead of gossiping about other colleagues or husbands.

• Always stalk Anu by asking for updates in her chat box and then talk among other readers and ask her together if Anu is not there to answer you.

• Beg, crib, remind her about her moral commitment to the story, promises to all the readers and try to ask for the updates in many ways than one even though she just updated 5 minutes ago.

• Try to convince Anu that daily updates are somehow not enough as they are very small and she might have to give a maha update daily.

• Try and ask her about the characters and get agitated when the bad guy is not being punished and think of all the scenarios that this story could have gone.

• Saying awws an ooohs aloud when there is a cute or romantic scenario in the update.

• Turn into a fan fiction reading junkie and confess about it on a public blog and not feeling embarrassed that everyone is going to read.

If you have all the above symptoms you my friend are a Golden haze addict, sorry to tell you that there is no cure but you can only manage it by getting healthy doses of updates for your beloved stories from your beloved writer Anuji hehehe!! 

I just have to say that Anu you are an awesome writer and an amazing person. You have a very hectic asli duniya and you still take time and update without expecting much. Especially DYM even though you do not have as many readers as Mirage or DID you still update regularly just for your regular readers. After reading each and every chapter of your stories I truly have special appreciation for you and all the writers as I cannot for the life of me understand how you guys do it. 

You take time and interact with all of us not just on the blog but on the personal level too, thanks for everything. I appreciate all your hard work and hopefully you will get to celebrate a lot more anniversaries. Hoping that you will continue to weave these wonderful stories where everyone can escape their mundane routine for at least some time in a day. Love you and keep up the good work, congrats again on your first anniversary hopefully I will get to do the same next year ...See what you have done to me now I am looking 

forward to writing a review next year!!!!!!


Hey Is that the same lady who said she could not write one sentence properly? LOL...
Thank you! I am overwhelmed.
Guys you have  check list now!!! Better check it out...


Congratulations Anu ji !!!

Congratulations for completing one year of writing and May you celebrate like this every year !! ...

I am so happy that I found your story and so glad to be a part in your journey as a reader. 

I have been a silent reader since I joined IF ,as I can remember ,The Mirage is the only reason which turned me into a active member..

it's your writings that makes me comment always .. 
May be because I felt your sincerity ,hard work,efforts and dedication towards each and every chapter you post.

I feel that I truly want to appreciate it by commenting even a few lines .. 
The Mirage , 
The Pursuit ,
Sargam's inexplicable
Attraction ,
Destiny U&ME ,
A Dialogue in the Dark,
The Masquerade ... 
And many more TBC ? ;)

I can still remember and visualize the scenes of these stories in my mind...
...your stories are unique yet it has everything..
love all your works... cannot wait to see what you have in store for us in the future.. 
hope that there will be many more stories that will be written by you..

I cant thank you enough for giving us these beautiful stories..  you have my thousands of wishes.. I hope you keep writing and again Congratulations on your first anniversary!! .
Keep rocking !! 

Subani Thank you so sweet of you! A silent reader.... ahaa! And writes so well? Hmmm!!! Most of my readers give me a complex as they write much better than me! Tahnk you so much my dear!


Anu Reddy said...

Okay me first an this an addiction dammit!!! Awesome reviews Disha and Shubani!!!

Disha just wanted to add that found you my kindred spirited sister on this blog. You are too good with comments and the way you ask for updates I could never come up with those witty lines :-)

Thanks Anu for all the special effects and editing, you made the review look readable lol!!

Congrats again on the success and hopefully you will reach bigger milestones soon!!!!

Love you <3

GoldenHaze said...

Hey Thats only the bottle! The wine is potent! Believe me you all are giving me a complex! You write swell! anyways thanks and god bless

cheriebinny said...

great reviews.

Anu I just to want to congratulate you on this day. Hope we will more of your stories.

GoldenHaze said...

Thank you Babita!!!

Disha said...

Hey Archu !!!

You know this ganging up always makes up for double dhamaka and double fun !


Wish u loads of luck and loads of more readers "who comment" ;) !!

Anu Reddy said...

I know what you mean Disha it has been so much fun having you as my partner in crime lol!!!

If only WriterSa read the comments and gave us an update :-)

GoldenHaze said...

Likh raheen hun mathaaon! Shaayad update hi kardalun! Mujhey tho aaj kal sapna aatah hain ki Yamraj khadein hain aur bol rahein hain "chal!"
aur my bol rahi hun," Ek DYM ka update karkay aawoongi Maalik! Nahi tho gazab ho jaayega!"


Shubhanjli Saxena said...

Congratulations Anu!!! May you achieve more and more success and more FF's for us. We ll celebrate every year for you. Thanks for giving us awesome stories. Love you....
ps: don't worry we ll not let any Yamraj come in between us. You are precious :-)

subani jayasinghe said...

OMG! Blushing all the way from head to toe .. :$
So sweet of you anu ji .. Wow! What a surprise !
I can't believe I'm in your first page and once again wow! And thank you !! but noway yaar you are the writing queen .. I don't even know abcd of writing ..
Muje hindi bi nahi athi english to door ki baath hai.. Lol!!
Anu and Disha's reviews were mind blowing .. Cant agree with you more anuji they both write so well.. But definitely not me ..
Once again congratz !! Luv to read more and more of your stories .. Keep rocking !!

subani jayasinghe said...

Oopz!! My mobile is really giving me a hard time here.. It should be updated as comment not as a reply .. Sorry for that .. Me troll :3

Nadia Almeida said...

Hey Anu,

Once again Congratulations!!!You really deserve to be proud of your achievement. Thank you for giving us Golden Haze........

And wonderful wonderful reviews from Arshu, Disha and Shubani.....I think they said it all.....