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The Whisper Valley-7

She was falling and she closed her eyes in fear of the inevitable! She dropped passed the final boulder and was falling into the valley below...
But she fell into a net that was put up and as she bumped and wobbled up and down because of the impact... 

Nets? ...for what! She was zapped and then she saw the ropes that were secured all over the periphery!
Oh so it was common for people to fall at that place and so the Valley administration had arranged for the nets! She could not but admire their adept arrangements!

She caught the ropes and walked to the rocky ledge and saw that they were carved for footing again with rope ladders to climb up and she did the same!
But by the time she moved up the final step, she saw that the procession has passed and Mahesh and car were not in site!
May be he thought she went with the procession as is the custom!

She looked to her left and then to her right! There was a middle aged woman walking on the street and she asked her," Where is Masaniamman Temple Ma'am?"
She smiled and showed her finger to the left!
"Thanks" Khushi smiled and walked in search of the temple and then she heard it! The chime of the clock! It was one 'o' clock!
Oh no! She asked Mr. Foggy Two eyes to be there at the whisper Rock!
She looked around! People were busy dealing with their jobs! The Whisper rock was nearest to the Casa Willows!
She chose it deliberately as she did not want to wander off into the woods and cause trouble again!

She walked now in the opposite direction! Her bag and mobile were in the car but Mahesh would have to wait! She began to almost run and by the time she reached Whisper Rock, it was almost half past one! It was the terrain that made it difficult!

Whisper Rock was a laid back place in the town which was at the foot of the cliff on which Casa Willow was perched, but was to the back side of it! Khushi could see the huge fort walls of the Casa and its turrets from where she stood... on the road before the signboard that said Whisper Rock!

She took to the mud road looking back every few seconds to gauge the distance from the main road as well as the direction! Finally she reached the deserted Whisper Rock! There was a huge boulder that stood at the center of deep woods that were so thick, that there was an air of foreboding fear when Khushi walked the few steps to its base!

All around was dense forest, but with paths made by feet…suggesting human habitation and movement! A bird chirped somewhere and Khushi walked round the rock!
No sign of him! What did she expect?

Who ever it was...why would he come?
... coz she called him!
She felt a tide of indignation sweep her gut! She felt a mixture of anger and disappointment and her pride... it took a beating! She looked around and called...You there?

How silly! Why would he be there! And he actually asked her to get lost very civilly!

She sat on the small rock on to the very right of the rock and looked at it! It stood looming into the sky, ten feet above her! It was not even shaped oddly! It was just any other rock! But its topography was slightly different! In the midst of deep woods it was the lonely rock that stood erect and heavy as if daring the gloomy woods!

Tears started rolling down Khushi's eyes! She wanted to meet him and unravel the mystery but he ... just ignored her request! She stared at the sky which was visible only there as the path through which she came had such thick vegetation on wither side of the path made by people walking, that one could not see the sky!

What had whisper valley in store for her! Why did she come there! Oh!
Her head felt dizzy and then she understood, it was past lunch time and she had had an early breakfast!
She got up to leave and the corner of the eye registered a flutter somewhere!
She jerked and turned to her right and there she saw it!

A paper and a Red Rose and a  small something kept under a stone!
She ran and picked it up...
It was a paper that just read ‘GOOD BYE!’

It was hand written and the hand writing was if someone very old had written it!
The rose was fresh and very beautiful and was in deep red!
Khushi saw a draw-string purse in pale blue silk tied into a bunch!
She opened it and gasped in delight as she pulled out a scarf! It was a surf blue scarf with orange and pink butterflies printed on its borders in bold and it was so exquisitely sheer and soft that it could be packed in a draw string purse!

She looked around! There was no movement at all!
Everything was utterly still!
She closed her eyes and whispered," Thank you!"
Then as an after thought she got up and said loudly looking all around!
“Whoever you are thank you so much for this wonderful gift! Thank you I shall treasure it! I am sorry I am late! I just fell off the cliff and...”

There was a thud and someone landed in front of her!
“What did you do?” He asked her!
She was so scared that she let out a scream but she recovered quickly and asked “…whatever did you jump on to me like that for!
Can't you come like a man?”

He shook her by her upper arms asking “What were you saying just now about falling down from the cliff?”
“I er....fell off the cliff when the goddess was being taken in a procession and...

“How dare you! I asked you to go didn't I?” He asked her!
Khushi got angry! He did not bother for her but was angry with her for not leaving!

“Are you not bothered that I... might have got hurt?” She asked furiously!
“No! I even arranged for a farewell gift Damnit!!” He growled...

“Who are you?” Khushi tried to take off the thick black mask he was wearing and he caught her wrists so hard that she winced!
“Don't even try!” He said menacingly!
“Why?” she asked him.

“Certain things ...lets say are better left... buried!” He said resignedly!
“What do you mean?” She asked again.

“Nothing!” He said and Khushi could not but admire his physique
He was very fit and was in jet-black jeans and a black shirt and looked like death personified!

“Why don't you want me to see you?” She asked him! He was still suddenly and regarded her with his blood shot eyes and said," Leave the valley! Please!"
There was a loud noise from behind Khushi and she turned and she could not find anyone but could here footsteps approaching! She waited for a second to find Mahesh walk into the clearing saying," Madam! You saved my job!”
She turned abruptly and found none behind her!

She again turned and asked Mahesh," Where is he?"
“Who? Madam?”Mahesh asked baffled…

“You did not see anyone here?” Khushi asked Mahesh!
“No!” He said looking around and looking at her weirdly!
“But... “She did not finish yet when he said “Madam its past two thirty I went with the procession when I didn’t find you thinking that you went to the temple! Then I searched for you and a lady told me she saw you asking for Whisper Rock so I am here... lets go! Its going to be heavy fog! They just announced on the radio!”

Khushi looked back and at the boulder as she walked with Mahesh!
Where did he go! Where did he come from! Where did he go! Was he for real!

The Whisper Valley

Khushi fingered the scarf and smiled as she stretched on her bed to read the photocopied Legend of the Whispering Valley!
She had come back and spent the afternoon with Nani ji and Aunt Rose went home early as she said one of her cousins was visiting her!

She read the next part...
“My Darling daughter!” William Jeremy Feathers hugged his daughter as she first courteousied him and then hugged him saying Papa! Am I happy to see you sir!"

“So! You have come my dearest!” William said as they had their supper!
Willow smiled and said," Did you miss me father?"
“Of course!” He said sipping at his drink!

“I shan't go away now!” She assured him pressing his hand with hers!
“HA! You will soon find a young man and well...” He smiled winking at her!

“No Papa! Never!” Willow was very determined.
“No my love that’s how it is…” He said and said...looking at the portrait of Isabella “ is to be lived my child!”

“You still remember her Papa!”She said with tears in her eyes!
“I never forget her my dear! To remember!” He said sighing!

“You loved her a lot!” Willow exclaimed....
He smiled and corrected her," I love her a  lot my dear! And I shall till I breathe my last!"

She looked at him and asked him," How lucky you both are Papa! To find such love!"
“That we are!” He said! And suddenly to lighten the moment said... I am sure... you too would!”

“I doubt it!” She said skeptically!
“Why?” William frowned at her!
“Well! You know your daughter sir! She wouldn't bow down to anyone and her spirit is inimitable!” Willow said with a flourish making both of them laughed out loud!

“Well I don't know about your spirit but I have heard that the children you are going to be a governess to,... are very spirited” William said gravely!
“Oh?” Willows suddenly was all business!
“Are they so difficult Papa?” She asked pouring some coffee into her cup!

“I dunno about them but the man of the house is what I term as impossible!” He said!
“Aaah! And he is?” Willow asked her father!
Sorry for thr delayed updates as I am tied up!


Russel Rodrigues said...

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Paramjeet said...

lovely update!!! good khushi is saved from falling into the valley however her savior is angry with her and he wants her to leave.. he almost pleaded her.. before khushi can find out.. he left as khushi's driver arrived.. he is mystery.. hope khushi is able to solve it.. loved the update..

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nice update! really liked that khushi is safe and is not hurt even if she fell off the cliff!!! her desperation to see mr. foogy two eyes is just so sweet!!! and even he was more than cautious to know her response and was waiting for some words to be aid by her... loved that he was concerned about her!!
the legend is getting more curious!!! where is willow going to be a it her saviors home??
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Story is getting really interesting, I am sure khushi is going to crack the mystery!!!!

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