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The Whisper Valley-8/1

"He is the local authority and the head of the founder family of The Whisper Valley- Arnav Simha!"William said.

"Oh! Is he tough?" Willow asked scrunching her nose!
"Impossible is the word for him my dear!" William said shaking his head!
"He is impossible! And All of us have failed to pass through to his arrogant and very opiniated persona!"William said exasperatedly!

"Why didn't you all,... I mean the rest of the members of the Valley Governing Council vote him down!" Willow asked him wide-eyed.
William laughed and said,"... because we can't!"

"But why Papa? Our Governing Council is democratic! We elect our representative isn't it?" She asked him.
"Yeah! But we elect the Governing body! Not the Governor!" He said! "...And The Governor is Arnav Simha! His father actually... The great Padmanabh Simha..was the ruler of this place but he realised the ened for a new order and founded the Governing body!... but as he passed away... Arnav Simha became the Governor!" William explained.

"Oh so its still the traditional set up!" She sighed.
"Yep but with a difference! His father was an able administrator. He formulated the governing council and we are elected to it to upkeep the Valley safety and culture in lieu of mercenaries settling here and making it ever cosmopolitan!" William explained!

"So I am going to go to be a governess at the Governor's Palace!" Willow tried to cheer her father up who suddenly looked very broodingly calm!
He smiled and said," If it were not for sister Margherita's request, I wouldn't have allowed for it!"
"Oh! Why so Papa? Willow moved in her chair to hold his hand on the table!
William looked away and said," its just that I don't like him at all my dearest! And I am wary of his very presence!"

"Oh! I will steer clear off him sir! Do not worry on my account” Willow brushed her father's fears aside by a sweep of her hand !
"No! No! Lowey!" He said very affectionately! "Its something in him that makes my blood boil! I cannot put my finger on anything! But I am sure having taken after me in spirit and deed you too would feel the same and I do not want you to get into any trouble here at the Valley!" He concluded sighing heavily!

"Oh! Papa!" She got up went round the table and put her arms round his neck as he still sat and bent and gave him a peck saying," I shall teach his kids and that is all is there to it!" She said reservedly!

"I Just hope so my dear! I just hope so!" William said regarding her seriously!

"Chhhhhhkkkkk! CHhhhhhhhK!"

Khushi heard some noise in the passage! She shook her head and pulled her wrap tightly wround her shoulders! 
No way! None was going to distract her from reading the legend this time! Not even an earth quake she went on reading....

The Whisper Valley!

"And some daisies for my sweet ma'ma!" 
Willow jumped into the small landing unmindful of the slush splashing on to her baby pink shoes as she plucked a few yellow diasies! She looked at the bunch of flowers and goldenrods, that she had collected on her way to the Governor's Palace!
"That’s about it!" She said with satisfaction as she walked towards the old church!

She could hear the trot of a horse and just before she turned she saw a black beast flying past her and she almost lost her balance when the Knight rode past her making her fall to her left on to a Lanatana shrub! However he stopped turned around and said,' My! My! My! Ms. Adventure Feathers! Whatever are you doing here at this time of the day!"

"Good morning Sire!" Willow pressed the pleats of her soft pink frock with her hands and wished him sarcastically reminding him that he did not bother to wish her and then said," What I do and where I go is absolutely no business of any one sire! Good day to you!"
She bent and started picking up the scattered bunch!

The Knight got down and asked... " were going to the church I see! I am sure to pray for a wealthy husband who could keep you in luxury while you squander off his hard earned estate and honour!"
Willow stopped picking flowers and went stiff with rage! She got up looked at him and said,
"Sure... please suit yourselves with your wishes sir! I shall not reveal my prayers to all and sundry!"

"Why I wonder! Or is there some wealthy suitor tucked away in the Madras Presidency somewhere pining for you while you are here for a summer romance" He sneered at her observing her keenly!
She was dressed in a soft pink cotton gown printed with lavender flowers on it... with long bell sleeves! She wore a sheer Irish crocheted white scarf with a summer hat and a small cloth pouch dangled from her wrist!
What attracted his attention was slush on her shoes, mud on her elbows and chin and stains on her gown!He smiled! She looked like the little RedRiding Hood lost in the woods! Only thing was... she was not!

"How very rude of you sir to say such despiscible things to a young woman of no formal introduction or acquaintance to you! I shall consider this conversation over and I am getting late for my appointments!" She started walking!

"O...O...O! He said clucked his tongue in mock pity! So you re going to meet the man now! Hmmm! Pray! Why did I not think of this before!?" He said and contemplated loudly...
"Who can it be? The Saddington chap or is it Rajan Swaminathan! The fresh recruit to the British Council?" He asked her narrowing his eyes at her!

Willow was beyond herself with fury!
She stepped before him!
Wrong Idea willow! You cannot look down on him coz he is too talla nd even more so from close quarters! She mentally chided herself but spoke curtly nevertheless!

"I don't need to dicuss my affairs with you or anyone sir! But I shall have you know...just for the sake of making you aware of how unsavoury your thoughts are... that I am only visiting my Mother's grave before I go to join a new job! ...She paused as she was trembling with rage and disgust and then said...
"And now! Good day to you and hope you never cross my path in future!" She nodded curtly and left in a huff!

Arnav simha stared at the slender figure that disappeared into the woods and his face was inscrutable.

The Whisper Valley

Ms. feathers? A very baritone voice greeted her at the Church gate as she rushed towards the Governor's palace...
Yes sir! She acknolwedged the gentleman who she thought must be around twenty five years age!

"Greetings! I am Bertrand! Bertrand Lemaire" He introduced himselves! 
"Hello Mr.Lemaire! How may I be of help to you?" Willow instantly liked him!

He gave her a sunny smile and said," I have come to escort you to the Governor's palace!" He said cheerfully!
She raised an eye brow and said," why thats so nice of the Governor! But how do you know I am here Sir?"
He smiled and said," you see... the sun happened to shine brightly here Ms.Feathers so I found out you must be here!
The French youngman was flirting with her and she smiled and said," Aahhh! I shall take it as a compliment Mr. Lemaire!
Bert! And Yes It was meant to be he said!
Thank you she said as he helped her into a waiting couch that took them through the Long road towards the Governor's Palace!

Willow noticed the huge walls of the Palace the sprawling gardens and the fountains! The rose garden that was very famous and she inhaled deeply and Bertrand said," Its amazing isn't it! Thsi whole Palace is supplied with the Perfume of the Rose garden of the Casa Willow!
She smiled and nodded!
They got down and were received by a footman and then Willow found herself ushered into a huge sit out! Actually it was a hall with several sit outs which she heard the Butler call "Parlour"

She was awe struck at the beauty of the local architecture! The interiors were a treat to eye and the richness of the gold plated carvings on the ceiling made her gape at the ceiling... and she stepped back looking at it and faltered and fell on a stand holding a fruit bowl that splintered across breaking into a thousand pieces as all the fruit got scattered on to the wooden floor and she closed her mouth with her palm embarrassed only to look up into two intense eyes watching her curiously!
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What more do we want! Yeah the treatment would be different and also there is a twist which you guys would really would never be able to guess!!!( Boasts) sit back and enjoy!


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