Monday, 29 April 2013



Pic Credit: SS NAIR

"Ye kya bath hui?"( What's this now?) she said unable to think of anything wiser!
"You think my patience is eternal?" Arnav asked her in a low menancing voice.

"Magar... "Khushi was tongue tied! What would she say? He was right!
He took the packet from her as she was clutching it as if it held her life in it wrapped and crushed!
"There is a limit to everything! And I am at the end of my patience which is actually non-existent!" Arnav said.
Khushi was not sure where all this was leading to but she realised onething that things were no longer in control! Neither his nor her!

"Ei Babu Choodiyaan dilwaavo na thari lugayi ko..." ( Sir why don't you buy bangles for your lady?) A vendor called on to Arnav and taking them for tourists said," Bangles! bangles!" in English!
Arnav pulled her to the small shop which was a make-shift like all the otheres in the mela!
Khushi immediately liked the Red bangles flecked with gold and with intricate design etched with stones... She made to grab them but suddenly sensed Arnav observing her and turned to him or his say!
Arnav watched the transformation in her when he said what he was planning to eversince he took her to Lakshmi sadan! This was being dragged way too far! He just wanted to restore normalcy in their lives and he had a strong belief that once they started on their relationship and became man and wife in the true sense everything would fall in perspective for Khushi, with all insecurities gone, who otherwise was vascillating between sense of duty towards him and her people!
He... knew she loved bangles and thought...let her get a breather after the finalwords he dished out! How amazingly simple she was! One minute she was scared like a doe and the next she jumped to buy bangles! And when she checked herself and looked at him for his approval even in a small thing like buying bangles, his heart was swollen for a second with some feeling which was half way pride half way the sense of possession and the rest ... rest whatever... a sense of belonging or something he concluded!

"Kya?" ( What?)he prompted!
"Choodiyan Arnavji" Khushi said, thankful for the diversion! 'Hey Devi Mayya otherwise she was in the direct line of fire from the Laad Governor!' she thought.

"Arnavji hum lein?" ( May I?) she asked him!
Arnav just looked at her and said," yeah carry on!"
"Carry on? App kya kariengey?"( What will you do?) She enquired.
"My?( Me?) I will pass time"
"Kya humey choodiyan nahi dilwaayengey?" ( Won't you help me in selecting the bangles?) She asked cursing herself mentally! 'Khushi tumney samajhliya ki Laad governor badal jaayengey!'
( Khushi you seriously think the tyrant will have a change over!)
'Angrez chaley tho gaye lekin unka raj inmey chod gaye!'
( The English have left India but left their attitude in him!)
'Mela ghumaaney jo laaye, tumney soch liya woh tumhaarey aagey peechey ghoomengey?'
( He got you to this fair and you have started dreaming that he would wait on you hand and foot?)

Arnav stood aside looking around! He had to keep a check on his involvement with this woman... his wife!
She was becoming addictive worse still... a habit! All these years he kept himself above and beyond emotions with one exception DI! Even with Di, he maintained a distance that she never dared to cross! But Khushi? She was getting under his skin! He just lost it a few minutes back! Openly declaring like that as to how desperate he was for her!

Khushi moved into the Chawni( Canopy) and sat on the foot stool that was there and the shop keeper asked for her size and as she extended her hand he caught it to judge the size and exactly at that moment Arnav's hand caught her hand and said "my bathaunga!" ( I will suggest)


tanmay said...

this is too much khushi... u still thinking on those terms !!! kyun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

n arnav... i seriously am with u.. n since i like u soo much.. if u insist on still pursuing khushi... i wud help..

though honestly.. if after all this.. khushi still continues with her seperation wish.. i seriously think u shud move on.. main to thak gai .. ek hi track pe atak gai hai .. :(

abhi achchi baatein akrte hain.. i said naa.. every demand of his, is actually very sweet :) i mean.. son/ daughte/ twins :) aaww :0 sooo sweet :)

n god is he jealous :) haath bhi ni pakde koi :)

n finally maan sahab agle me shayad aahi jayen.. comeon maan.. i dont knw wht ur sis is going to do.. bt i intend to hit u hard once... just once wud b enuf .. atleast to mk me feel better
think or ur frnd n the girl u love ... they really need u rt nw..

waiting fr the next one di....

Disha said...

So this marks an entry of Jealous Arnav Singh Raizada and i am dead ! LOL

The whole chudi scene was ultimate !!
My my how do you come with such awesome dialogues... ;)
"Humara kaam todna hai" like really!!!!! i am not thinking too much about what you may have meant by with this however i landed straight in the gutter !!
I am with you Arnavji ..its high time claim what is yours!!!!

Holi main kya hone wala hai writer sa :( ??????

tanmay said...

disha di.. kuch achcha to packcka ni hone wala..

ab itne time se padh ke itna to pata hai.. koi bhi bada function di bina koi dhamake ke jaane ni degi :) :)

n i totally agree with u on the choori wala scene ;)

waiting fr next di...

GoldenHaze said...

THanu ben and Disha ben Jai Sri Krishna! Aap kahein tho... Jethwas aur Raizadas ko badri-kedar ya vaishnavi matha bhejdoon holi key liye! Kuch likkhun hi naa baba! Uskey baad ka likai padhai kariengey!

tanmay said...

anudi.. :):):):) :D:D:D:D

n asfr ur suggestion... dont u knw di.. kismat n writer kisi ki ni sunte ;)
n wo achche bhi waise hi lagte hain :)

subani jayasinghe said...

where is da like button? Am gonna miss it yaar .. Super like to da update .. +

mindblowing dialogues.. Well written ..

"Bloody creep wants to hold your hand look at him!!" oh GOD ! Arnav is so possessive an jealous ..aneeee
And that son ,daughter & twins dialogue was soo swt cute and adorable ..hayeee !
And da last part well am nt goin to say anything jst read it after activating ..
gutter + perverted mind Lol..

Am so excited to c maan again ..
Waiting for the next update eagerly ..

Ranbir Singh Anand said...

Very possesive Arnav. And I liked very much, what he wanted from Khushi.

And Khushi still ...

Hmm what is Maan sis up to?

Kaushu said...

Chudi Scene was beautiful. Why does Khushi want to leave him inspite of him showing that he is capable of handling chandi's and others? If it is because she is not sure of his love, come on he showed it in many ways and an intelligent khushi should have understood by now.