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Khushi and Arnav went into a thambu( a tent) that cordoned off a part of the grounds and had  a dias made of mud-erected temporarily and a few chairs with the rest of the ground covered by mats and darris( carpets).
Arnav looked around and saw that the place was not only teaming with people but also with animals and worse still was covered in dust and still people were enjoying!
Had Di been there he thought, she would have captured it on her cam as it was not everyday that Arnav Singh Raizada sat huddled on the ground in a dusty make shift village theatre!
The actual nautanki had finished! There was a light hearted comedy that was being enacted in the local language and Khushi insisited they sit on the ground rather than buy the tickets for the chair!!

He sat there with her, observing her sitting with close... her fragrance wafting over to him... even in that din,he could hear her laughter like the chime of a bell, her nearness made him think of a valley of flowers... her hair flowing out of her band and covering her face just like the dark clouds on a rainy day...
He could not resist the temptation and tucked a few strands away and behind her ear and whispered in her ear," You look beautiful"

Khushi just turned and stared at him in shock with her mouth open! She never expected Arnav Singh Raizada to pay her an open compliment leave alone acknowledge her in the first place! The place was a mess! Strange odours, people and above all absolute din and hoots and shouts! How could he say such a thing amidst a few hundred people!
She was rewarded with a smile that slowly broke on his sensuous lips and she just gaped!
Khushi heard about the wonderful sunrise on the Kesini hills described by Buaji but now she knew how it must the smile on his lips that peaked out of nowhere but illuminated the whole world although it was not complete!
She immediately recovered and said "waisey aap bhi acchey dikthey hain jab hasthey hain!"
( By the way you too look good when you smile)


tanmay said...

u got them to talk openly :) u r just too gd :)

pls pls arnav.. pls mk her talk.. dont leave her nw..

use as many trump cards as u want.. mk her accept she wants u with her as much as u do :)

trust me . i wud never need u to say i love u to her, n she too wud understand the same :)

i love every single dialogue of his, the way he wants to wrap up his khushi :) the way they both realsie thgs in their onversation..

i just hope shyam n anjali r safe :) n maan seems to b doing just rt :)
come on maan.. its time.. lets play the more important game firsr... n then we can think abt the rest :)

thanks di fr mking my day so special :)

love u a lot
waiting fr the next one.. ( i love saying tht as much as i love arnav )
wud put in another comment kal..

jyothi parsi said...

Hmmm here she goes....again ANGRY on Arnav...HIS TRUMP CARD BACKFIRED...
What's with Raj singhvi...looks like another trouble looming around...hope ARSHI will be safe...
Loved the update overall...ARSHI...I tell u take 3steps ahead n go back 4 steps again in their relationship....hope they will patch up soon..WAITING FOR NEXT UPDATE

tanmay said...

i dont think they wud b moving bak this time... they opened up too much to do tht..

n khushi getting upset or angry over wht arnav said.. i think tht was the expected reaction... she wudnt hv replied to such a suggestion in front of 100 odd ppl, so she definitely needed to move to a more private setting..
plus she is too hot-headed to let it go in silence :)
though knwing the unpredictability of khushi.. she might :)

bt i still hv a feeling tht arnav has started understanding the probs n thots she has... n so he wud nt let it go easy...

well i atleast hope so..

go arnav... dont let her go.. i m with u :)

waiting fr the next one di.. arnav... i m waiting fr hw u proceed in the next one..

btw... though i do love the flirty arnav.. i think this chapter n teh conversation here .. needed the focused businessman, n he did do tht fine :) :)
so no matter wht u think.. this was perfect :) very very perfect :)

GoldenHaze said...

Thank you Thanu and Jyothi!

Its important for a writer to get feedback and take a bow for always helping me out with your reviews!
There are thousands of hits but I see the reviews going down! Well... I just say I am thankful to those who feel that their views matter!
Believe me! They do!

tanmay said...

i m sure ppl wud b sooo lost reading the chapters... tht reliving the chapter wud hv seemed more imp than a review...
nt their fault.. u write sooo well.. they r bound to feel lost :) :)

kaajal chauhan said...

i loved dat dey opened up... ArShi loved it....
n omg khushi is angry on Arnav.. but i think d card of Arnav isnt backfired he expctd dat... !

n who is Raj Singhvi....?!
n feeling bad fr Maan... dat he is handling all widout Shyam..!

n ANU di.. hats off to u... u r jst phenomenal by evry chaptr.. a ROYAL writer...!!!

lots of bear hugs.. n love di..!!

Disha said...

Khushi should take it a little easy...i did not see the need for her to get s upset over Arnav...he was just talking not really implying anything ..especially since under the circumstances of their marriage you cant blame either of them actually.

I hope they all are safe yaar..whats happening with MANN ...and who is this singhvi now ??

tanmay said...

y do i feel tht i hv read raj shighvi ka naam somewhr earlier...